Loki's children

There was a surprise waiting for me behind that door. He wanted me to meet them. Loki wanted me to meet his children.

Gina has joined Loki and left Dakota on earth. She's living a quiet life with the God of Mischief, hidden away from the rest of the world, but then Loki brings home three visitors.


1. Loki's children

This was unbelievable.
I was a little bit mad at him right now. I had left Dakota, my sweet child, on earth with my parents so she could grow up and have a normal life. I had joined Loki, followed him everywhere and now had a quiet life with him in this hidden world, not Asgard.
Every day, he gave me a present, because he loved me, missed me, will miss me when I die in this futile human body. And the sex was great.
Normally he would bring me flowers, fruit or a dress. Heck, even a horse, he always wanted to surprise me and went bigger and bigger.
We lived outside a humble village in a castle sized house. We were almost like a stereotypical American family.
Loki left early in the morning. In the evening he came home and dinner was ready. But there were no kids, except the ones from the village who came to visit me often. They liked to run through the halls, read the books from Loki’s library.
I was a doctor back on earth, I will always be a doctor. In this village I had to improvise, but it payed off. Not in money, no, in friendship.

Now, a normal day had passed. Nothing dramatical had happened. Loki came home and said with open arms: “Princess, Gina, I have a surprise for you!”
I excitedly hopped towards him: “What did you bring today, Loki?”
“I, uh, well, because… I know you miss Dakota, but, yeah…”
“Loki! Just say it already!” I said with a big smile. He stood in the doorway, not knowing what to say. Then, he quickly closed the door. I trotted towards him, my kitchen apron still around my waste. He bend forwards and kissed me.
“A surprise that makes you insecure?”
“Yes, outside. I brought visitors.”
“Are they going to stay for dinner? I made enough for everyone. Why don’t you introduce me to them?”
He gave me this look, the troubled one, which he made not so often since we found this place. I frowned, placed my hands on his cheeks and waited for him to explain.
“They are… special. Not like the villagers.”
“I’ve handled worse.”
“They are… I am…”
He sighed and took my hands away from his face.
“Loki Laufeyson, don’t push me away. Just say what you want to say.”
He immediately fixed his mood. He lovingly wrapped his arms around my waste and pulled me closer.
“I am a god, I’ve lived for many years, and I will live many mores. We’ve already talked about this.”
“Yes, go on.”
 “There have been other… lovely, and not so lovely women, and children. I want you to meet three of my other children. I’ve neglected them for so many years, they never really had a father. There have been family issues, and I recently discovered a way to fix this and today I think I might actually fix it.”
I held my breath for a sec, stared at the door and back at him. He had never talked about the other children, or women, before. Most of them were… monsters, chained up or locked away. Had he freed them and brought to our house for dinner?!
“Gina, don’t be so nervous. They will like you,” he mumbled in my ear. His lips touched my earlobe for a moment and he played with my hair.
I was angry. He hadn’t even tried to build up a proper contact with my baby girl Dakota. And now he brought some others to the house, not even nice ones?
“Great,” I stepped backwards. My voice hardened, “it’s rude to keep the guests waiting. Let them come in.”
He smiled like a teenage boy who had finally managed to buy some candy with his pocket money.
“Thank you, princess, you’re the best.”
He quickly kissed my forehead, then opened the door and pronounced: “”Welcome to my humble home, children! My wife made dinner!”

They entered one by one.

A giant wolf with huge teeth came in first. His claws scratched the floor with every step. The fur on his back was long and messy, there were bald spots with scars. The chains still hung on his legs. He greeted me with a sniff.
“Gina, Fenrir. Fenrir, Gina,” Loki grinned satisfied. The wolf continued to the living room. I let him pass, stiffened by fear.
Next, an enormous, chubby head slushed his way inside. After the head came an even more enormous tube-like body that fit through the door with only a few inches to spare. Luckily, we had a bigger door than the standards. The eyes were… whatever. I was speechless when the snakes tongue slid at my waste, touched my breast and returned to the venomous mouth.
“Gina,” Loki said from my left, “this is Jormungand.”
I gasped. The snake slithered his gigantesque body over the tiles in the hall and finally disappeared into the living room.
The sound of heels echoed in my ears. I turned around again. At the door stood a young woman, skinny and with black, messy hair. There were dark circled around her eyes, her skin was pale and she looked fragile in the big door. Her green dress dragged behind her as she continued. The huge collar and cape contrasted the small hands. Her chin proudly pointed up and she didn’t even greet me when she strode her way further.
“This is Hela, Dakota’s only sister. Don’t worry, they will never meet, I hope. She has a very unpredictable mood. Don’t provoke her. Don’t provoke any of them.”
Loki and I were alone in the hall now. I could breathe again. I wanted to start screaming at him, punch him, pull his fabulous hair. Instead, I asked: “Who’s their mother?”
Loki closed the door with a snip of his fingers. The other arm lay on my shoulders and he guided me gently through the hall.
“Angrboda, one of the things I regret most in my life.”
“Good to hear that.”
We entered the living room. The trio had taken place at the dinner table.
Hela sat on the chair at the head of the table, the one who always stayed empty, because everybody felt too modest to sit there. Yes, even Loki never sat there. He prefered to sit opposite me and look me in the eyes when he explained me how his day had been.
Hela was… over the top. I wasn’t even worthy to look at.
The wolf, Fenrir, he had already started eating. He must have been starved. He was chewing on a huge piece of meat that was supposed to be shared with everyone.
Jorgunmand, the snake, had curled himself up next to his brother. He was patiently gazing at me with the creepy eyes. The two didn’t need the chairs, Fenrir was even drooling on them as he tried to swallow the piece. They took in the whole length of the table. They were huge.
I hesitated and grabbed Loki’s coat. He pinched my shoulder softly in response, whispered in my ear: “I know you are angry at me right now, but they will leave soon.”
“Just… promise me… never introduce me to the rest of your family,” I sighed and continued to walk to the table, with a smile.
“You must be very hungry. Serve yourselves, there’s plenty of food and wine.”
Hela arrogantly held up her cup for the wine. I walked to her side of the table and poured her some wine.
Then I sat next to Loki, in front of the wolf and the snake. This was happening. A family reunion.

Tonight, Loki was definitely sleeping on the couch.

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