My Sweet Alabama

Welcome to the beautiful town of St-Albert and this is the story of Leslie and I just moved here in a small twon in Alabama. If you're asking not I'm not happy to be here cause I'm from New York.


1. Welcome To St-Albert's town

Before reading this I suggest you listen to the playlist on spotify named (Relax & Unwind) please. It just makes the reading more enjoyable and can help you live the story. But if you dont have Spotify I'll suggest you put some calm and warm music that calm and transport you to an adventure of welcoming people from St-Albert

From your author and guide

Welcome to St-Albert my friends

Oh just to tell you the picture for the cover is actually little herbs from my front yard that grow for like no reason and that really looked like the top of a forest so now you can enjoy.

-Well this is great my battery is dead!! I say tired and mad for seating in the car for two days. I start to think that this was a bad idea to choose to live with aunt Zoeh. I should've stayed with dad at least we're not going to live in a mosquito town. I just want to find the nearest Starbucks so I can charge my phone and frink a green tea to relax. Auntie Zoeh leaves the gas station with taquitos in her hands and Slurpee from the food section. At least my hunger will stop bugging me. I help my aunt to open the passenger seat , she enters the car and make a sound of relief when seating to her chair she look exhausted. She looks ar me happy don't know why but who cares she opens a plastic bag from the gas station and start giving me food like a chicken sandwich with a salad and my taquitos and my Slurpee. I look at her confused it seems like their is something missing and then I remember so I ask her.

-Hey did you buy the coffee?? With a calm voice

Her facial expression change to a annoyed face and she hands me a bottle of Cappuccino from Starbucks that I like to drink before going to school. I thank her and smile at her then start the car and drive off to continue our journey to St-Albert. As we drive through the freeway I listen to this playlist called (Relax and Unwind) from Spotify in my Jeep. The trees,the humidity amd the bad weather reminds me of that scene on Twilight when Bella arrives at forks. It's so cliche but at the same time I like it actually I always did like that scene even if I think that the movie serie was really a waist of my bored time. If you're bored the best movie to watch are the Twilight Saga not be rube it's just to over the top and overrated for my taste. I look at Zoeh just to ask her if she needs to pee but seems like she is sleeping so I just continue driving listening to Riley Pearce's song Brave wich I've heard before and I really feel like I'm in a movie. I drink my coffee to stay awake. After a few minutes I see a sign saying "Welcome to St-Albert's town" so I guess we're here it looks cute. The trees changed but the weather is still rainy and grey it's less cold then New York but still cold. I look at my left to see a giant lake and people running around trying to catch a frizbe and swimming in the water. We arrive at a small town with a lot of people walking down the streets and talking to each other's, kids running through the gazebo in the middle of the town wich gives me so much Stars Hollow vibes. I park my car on a open parking space and wake Aunt Zoeh so we can ask people where to find the address we need to get to our new house. A man tell us the direction to go and we follow those informations very well cause we actually didn't got lost. We arrive in front of the house were there's moving trucks I guess they were waiting for us to arrive early. Aunt Zoeh looks at me and say.

-Welcome to your new home Sweetheart.

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