Younger and Way Less Lucky: If You Can't See Where it Keeps It's Brain

Book One in the Younger and Way Less Lucky series
Let's say, just for a minute, that Lily had given birth to a second child just before she was murdered. Let's say, just for a minute, that Harry had a younger sister, Rose.
Rose Lily Potter is the younger sister of Harry Potter. Born on June 30, 1981, she is almost exactly a year younger than Harry, and in the same year as Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, and has Severus Snape as a godfather. The two children live with Sirius Black, with both Severus and Remus as frequent visitors. Rose's first year is much more traumatic than Harry's was, but, as the leader of the Silver Trio, she and her friends will make it work.


3. Chapter Three

It was the first Christmas where it was just Rose and Ginny. To be honest, the lack of boys made it kind of depressing. There was much less noise. Of course, Sirius, Remus, Molly and Arthur didn't think so. Rose and Ginny made enough noise just the two of them to make up for the lack of boy noise. 

"Paddy," Rose asked on Christmas Eve. "Why couldn't Uncle Sev come?" 

"Because..." Sirius hesitated, and seemed to be communicating silently with Remus, who finally nodded. "Because, Rosie, Severus thinks that someone at Hogwarts is trying to hurt Harry. So he wants to make sure nobody can." 

"Who wants to hurt Harry?" Rose shrieked. "Why would anyone want to hurt Harry?" 

"Because of what happened when you were both just babies." Sirius said. 

"You mean when he made moldyshorts disappear?" Rose asked. 

Rose had always been strangely unafraid of Voldemort. She had never had any problem saying the name, and often came up with names, like the one she demonstrated just now. 

"Er, yes, that." Sirius said. "Someone wants revenge on him, so Severus is making sure Harry and Ron stay safe." 

"Ron's a butt." Rose said. She left it at that, and ran off to play with Ginny again. 


"PADDY!" Rose shrieked, running through the house. "MOONY! MOLLY! ARTHUR! IT'S CHRISTMAS! GET UP GET UP GET UP!" 

A few floors above, Ginny's wild footsteps and shouts could be heard, echoing the same thing. 

Finally, everyone was gathered down in the sitting room. 

"A present for Paddy, a present for Moony, a present for Molly, and a present for Arthur." Rose said, distributing the gifts she'd bought. 

"One for Sirius, one for Remus, one for Mummy, and one for Dad." Ginny went next distributing presents. 

"Why don't you two pick a gift to open, too?" Molly asked. 

"Look, Ginny! It's from Fred and George!" Rose squealed. 

"I found one, too!" Ginny shrieked, holding up a package identical to the one in Rose's hands. 

The adults considered the packages to be suspiciously flat and oval-shaped, but didn't say anything for now. 

Rose and Ginny ripped the paper off, stared at the present for a moment, and began laughing so hard they couldn't breathe. Remus rolled his eyes, Molly facepalmed, while Sirius and Arthur also laughed. Finally, Rose and Ginny calmed down enough to exclaim, 


"Just like they promised!" Sirius said, holding his side. 

"They said they were joking!" Molly said, pinching the bridge of her nose. "They told me they were joking!"

"Relax, Molly dear, it's a Christmas joke." Arthur said soothingly. "Besides, look how happy it's made the girls!" 

Rose and Ginny were still laughing. 

Finally, everyone calmed down, and returned to present opening. Harry had gotten Rose a large box of chocolate frogs, while Ron had given her a large box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. Ginny had given her a photo album, full of pictures of them together and with their families. Rose had given Ginny the same thing, and they shared some laughs about that. 

Rose picked up a box from Sirius that was rattling ominously. Ginny had picked up hers from Sirius, and it was rattling, too. 

"It's not going to bite us, is it?" Rose asked cautiously. 

"Only if you provoke it." Sirius said. 

Rose and Ginny looked at each other, and carefully lifted the lids of the boxes. 

"A PUPPY!" they both shrieked. 

Sirius had gotten them both a tiny Yorkie puppy. 

"Are they boys or girls?" Rose asked, cradling her puppy. 

"Both girls." Sirius smiled at their excitement. "I overheard you two talking about how much you love these kinds of dogs, and both wanted a pet, and I thought it would be the perfect Christmas present." 

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" Rose and Ginny squealed, scrambling up to hug Sirius. 

"I'm going to name mine Isabelle!" Rose sighed with contentment, sitting on the floor and hugging her. 

"Oh, that's what I was going to name mine!" Ginny giggled. "Great minds think alike!" 

"Well, now who gets to name theirs Isabelle?" Rose asked. 

"What if you both named them something short for Isabelle?" Remus suggested. "One of you name theirs Izzy, the other Belle." 

Rose and Ginny looked at each other. 

"I CALL BELLE!" Rose shrieked, at the same time Ginny shouted, "I CALL IZZY!" 

"Well, there you go!" Molly smiled at the two girls. "Now why don't we have breakfast?" 

Everyone agreed, so the two families headed off to the kitchen, Rose and Ginny carefully bringing along Izzy and Belle. 

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