Younger and Way Less Lucky: If You Can't See Where it Keeps It's Brain

Book One in the Younger and Way Less Lucky series
Let's say, just for a minute, that Lily had given birth to a second child just before she was murdered. Let's say, just for a minute, that Harry had a younger sister, Rose.
Rose Lily Potter is the younger sister of Harry Potter. Born on June 30, 1981, she is almost exactly a year younger than Harry, and in the same year as Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, and has Severus Snape as a godfather. The two children live with Sirius Black, with both Severus and Remus as frequent visitors. Rose's first year is much more traumatic than Harry's was, but, as the leader of the Silver Trio, she and her friends will make it work.


6. Chapter Six

September and October came and went very quickly, until quite suddenly it was Halloween. Rose and Ginny spent a lot of time writing in Tom Riddle's diary. 

"Come on, Ginny, let's get down to the feast!" Rose exclaimed. 

Ginny didn't move. 

"Ginny? Ginny, what are you-" Rose became suddenly light-headed. "-doing...?" 

Rose black out. 

She came around a while later, in the girl's toilets. She was standing at a sink, washing something red off her hands. Ginny was right next to her, doing the same. 

"Ginny?" Rose asked. 

"Rose?" Ginny responded, looking down at her hands. "Rose, you're covered in blood." 

"So are you, Ginny." Rose said, studying her friend. "Gin, what's going on? Why are we here? I thought we were going down to the Halloween feast!" 

"I don't know, Ro." Ginny said, biting her lip. "But I don't like this."

The two girls finished washing up, scrubbing the blood out of their robes, and hurried to find the others. They knew Harry, Ron, and Hermione had gone to Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday Party, and assumed they'd have gone to bed. So they headed up the stairs to find the entire school packed into one corridor. 

"What's going on?" Rose asked Percy. 

Percy just shook his head, as Dumbledore was speaking. 

"This is written in blood." he informed McGonagall, Lockhart, and Snape. "Chicken blood, it may be, but we must still be on the lookout. There is dark magic happening around us." 

Argus Filch suddenly appeared. 

"Mrs. Norris!" he wheezed. "Where is Mrs. Norris?" 

"Isn't she with you?" Harry asked. 

"Would I be asking if she was with me?" Filch snapped. 

Lockhart was rambling on and on about something or other that he'd done, while Rose stared at the wall. 

"Ginny," she muttered, "That's what was all over us." 

"I know." Ginny whispered back. "Rose, I'm scared." 

"Let's go." Rose muttered. 

Percy gave the girls an odd glance as they hurried away, never looking back. 

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