Younger and Way Less Lucky: If You Can't See Where it Keeps It's Brain

Book One in the Younger and Way Less Lucky series
Let's say, just for a minute, that Lily had given birth to a second child just before she was murdered. Let's say, just for a minute, that Harry had a younger sister, Rose.
Rose Lily Potter is the younger sister of Harry Potter. Born on June 30, 1981, she is almost exactly a year younger than Harry, and in the same year as Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, and has Severus Snape as a godfather. The two children live with Sirius Black, with both Severus and Remus as frequent visitors. Rose's first year is much more traumatic than Harry's was, but, as the leader of the Silver Trio, she and her friends will make it work.


4. Chapter Four

"ROSE! HARRY!" Sirius bellowed up the stairs. "HURRY UP, YOU'RE GOING TO MISS THE TRAIN!" 

"I'm already ready, Paddy." Rose said. She was sitting on the bottom step of the stairs, trying to get Belle to drink milk out of a bottle. Belle was not impressed by this. 

"Do you have a basket or something to put her in?" Sirius asked distractedly. 

"I've also got toys and food and treats, yes." Rose nodded. "But Harry's still getting dressed. 

"What?" Sirius asked, looking frazzled. "HARRY! HURRY UP!" 

"I'm ready, I'm ready, stop yelling!" Harry said, emerging at the top of the stairs. 

"Can you manage your trunk?" Sirius asked him. "I've got to help Rose." 

"Yeah, I'm good." Harry nodded. "I'll just take Hedwig out first."

"Oh, can you take Belle?" Rose asked, handing him her basket. "I'm helping Paddy with my trunk." 

"Fine." Harry sighed, accepting the basket and leaving the house. 

"Lift on three, Rose." Sirius said, stooping to grab one end. "One, two, THREE." 

Together, Sirius and Rose guided the trunk out the door, across the square, and into the trunk of the car. 

"We're meeting the Weasley's just outside King's Cross, in, five minutes." Sirius said. He looked stressed. "We'll be just a bit late." 

Harry claimed the front seat, so Rose sat in the back alone, with Belle. 

Once they arrived at King's Cross, Rose and Ginny hugged, eyes shining with excitement. 

"Quickly, five minutes until the train leaves!" Molly moaned. 

Percy, Fred, George, Arthur, and Molly and Ginny were through the barrier. 

"Harry, Ron, you two come after us, alright?" Sirius said, grabbing Rose's hand. 

The boys nodded. 

"Come on, Rose, through the barrier," Sirius steered her towards the wall, keeping an eye on the clock. "Hurry, now," 

Suddenly, they were through, and Rose was staring avidly around at everything around her. Of course, she'd already seen all this, last year with Harry, but it somehow seemed different now that it was her turn. 

"On the train, now, Rose, on the train," Sirius helped Rose lift her trunk onto the train, hugged her quickly goodbye, and held her hand as she stepped onto the train. 

"Bye, Paddy!" Rose shouted out the window, as the Hogwarts Express began moving. She stood at the window and waved until the platform was out of sight. 

"Let's go find seats." Ginny said, and the pair worked their way up the train, until they found an empty compartment. 

Rose sat down, fiddling with her necklace. She looked up and saw Ginny doing the same. 

"You still have that?" Rose asked, laughing a little. "I didn't think you would!" 

"Don't be stupid!" Ginny said, also laughing. "I never take it off! It's my prized possession!" 

"Where's Izzy?" Rose asked, opening Belle's basket. "Belle misses her." 

Ginny released Izzy, and the two dogs curled up on an extra seat together. 

"I told you she missed her!" Rose laughed. 

Idle chatter filled a few minutes, until Ron was mentioned, and Ginny suddenly grew concerned. 

"I've just realized, I didn't see either of the boys before we got on the train." Ginny said. "Have you seen Harry?" 

"No." Rose realized. "We probably just missed them in the chaos, they're fine." 

"Yeah, I suppose..." Ginny said. "Oh, I've been wanting to show you. I found this in one of the books Mum bought me, it's a diary, and it talks back to me!" 

"What?" Rose gasped. "It talks back to you?" 

"Yes!" Ginny's eyes shone with excitement again. "We've had loads of conversations, and it's amazing, it's like a friend I can carry around in my pocket, want to see?" 

"Yes!" Rose said, in a 'isn't it obvious?' tone. 

Ginny pulled a small, leather-bound book out of her bag, and handed it to Rose. 

"Here's some ink and a quill, talk to him!" Ginny said, so Rose dipped the quill into the ink and wrote. 


Hello. With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking, or in this case, writing?

I'm Rose Potter. I'm Ginny's best friend. 

Oh, yes, Ginny has told me all about you. 

Rose closed the book. 

"That is so cool!" 

the two girls talked about the book, and all sorts of other things, for hours, until Rose fell asleep. She awoke to Ginny prodding her, saying, 

"Rose, look! We're here! We're at Hogwarts!" 

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