The Red Scarf : Poetry Novella

“But . . . but Mummy would never leave”
“If she could have stopped it, I know she would have Hannah”
“No . . . NO! I refuse to believe Mummy did that”
“Hannah, please, you need to understand, she couldn’t have stopped it”
I wanted her to come back
I wanted it all to be one bad dream
I just wanted to wake up from it and run back into her arms

But all I could do was keep sleeping


5. last "I love you"

“I love you, Mummy”

“I love you too, Hannah. More than you’ll ever know”

Every night when she tucked me into bed

It would be the same, almost never changing

I never thought it would change

Not until it was too late and I couldn’t say it anymore


I just want a time machine to go back to that night

That night so many years ago

So I could change it all

So I could change everything and have it all back


It would never be our last night together

It would never be the last night I'm tucked in to bed


And that would never be our last “I love you”

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