The Red Scarf : Poetry Novella

“But . . . but Mummy would never leave”
“If she could have stopped it, I know she would have Hannah”
“No . . . NO! I refuse to believe Mummy did that”
“Hannah, please, you need to understand, she couldn’t have stopped it”
I wanted her to come back
I wanted it all to be one bad dream
I just wanted to wake up from it and run back into her arms

But all I could do was keep sleeping


2. happiness

I try to imagine it,

Imagine the days when I was happy

When we were a complete, happy family

When we read bedtime stories at night

When we baked delicious cakes, muffins and pies

I would always show her my badly drawn pictures

Always sitting in front of the fireplace

Wrapped up in blankets like a cocoon

Those were the happiest days of my life


But now they're gone

Gone like the smoke of the fireplace

Drifting up higher and ever further away from me


I just want them back

All I want is to turn the lights back on

All I want in the world is for my happiness back

Not just these constantly fading memories

Forever stained with the rain of the present

The present that I want to forget

That I just want to leave behind

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