The Red Scarf : Poetry Novella

“But . . . but Mummy would never leave”
“If she could have stopped it, I know she would have Hannah”
“No . . . NO! I refuse to believe Mummy did that”
“Hannah, please, you need to understand, she couldn’t have stopped it”
I wanted her to come back
I wanted it all to be one bad dream
I just wanted to wake up from it and run back into her arms

But all I could do was keep sleeping


4. growing

Night after night, day after day,

That scarf would grow longer

Like a tree growing taller and taller

And every night I would ask the same question

“Mummy, is it done yet?”

And every time I asked, the response would be the same

“No Hannah, not yet”

But every night I still asked her,

Even though inside I knew the answer would be the same

Even still, I always hoped one night the answer would finally be




I always wanted to hear that word

Just a single “yes”

Then I could finally understand it

Why it was so long

Why she would never tell me what it was for

But I can never hear it now

I'll never know what it was for

It will never be completed


And now . . .

I can't even bear to see it again

Even if it's the key


I just can't unlock the door

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