The Red Scarf : Poetry Novella

“But . . . but Mummy would never leave”
“If she could have stopped it, I know she would have Hannah”
“No . . . NO! I refuse to believe Mummy did that”
“Hannah, please, you need to understand, she couldn’t have stopped it”
I wanted her to come back
I wanted it all to be one bad dream
I just wanted to wake up from it and run back into her arms

But all I could do was keep sleeping


10. complete

At last, I'm here. And I can finally let go

Let go of all of it and hit the reset button

“Maybe you can finish this up . . . there”

I unlock the beaten wooden box. Opening the lid revealing  one thing

The red scarf, the present she could never finish

I pick it up, gently like the petal of a rose

Letting it unravel, falling from my hand, grazing the wet grass

I grip tightly onto the end, tears falling like the raindrops around me


Then . . . I finally let go of it

I finally let go of the past


The rain stopped, the storm clears

The lights finally turned back on

I finally wake up from the nightmare

I’m complete at last


“I love you Mother . . . more than you will ever know”

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