The Red Scarf : Poetry Novella

“But . . . but Mummy would never leave”
“If she could have stopped it, I know she would have Hannah”
“No . . . NO! I refuse to believe Mummy did that”
“Hannah, please, you need to understand, she couldn’t have stopped it”
I wanted her to come back
I wanted it all to be one bad dream
I just wanted to wake up from it and run back into her arms

But all I could do was keep sleeping


3. a present

I always remember the night

Playing on repeat again and again,

Like a never ending film reel

The night where I first saw it,

I saw the present she was making for me

But, back then, I never knew  . . .


I never understood


That it would never be finished before she did

Or be the very last thing of hers that I have left

The very last memory I have of her

Forever locked away in that godforsaken box

That box that I can’t open . . .


No matter how hard I try

No matter how hard I try to open it and move on

So that I can finally look forward through the fog

Never having to look back at this dead forest

Filled only with grief and a thousand locked doors

Locking out the ones who were there for me

The only ones who ever understood

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