I Promise I'm Fine: My Savior McGonagall

Book One in the I Promise I'm Fine series.
At the end of Harry's third year at Hogwarts, Harry seems downright terrified of returning to Privet Drive. Ginny Weasley performs an investigation, and the truth about the Dursley's comes out. When Ginny goes to Professor McGonagall, the Head of Gryffindor decides to take action. Upon arriving at Privet Drive, McGonagall finds the situation more dire than she ever could have imagined.



2. Chapter Two

The train ride back to London was uneventful. Harry borrowed a book on Ancient Runes from Hermione to read, and he and Ginny read it together. Harry discovered that had he been allowed to show his full potential, he would be quite good at Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy, and he found them both fascinating. 

Ron fell asleep, and Hermione was reading a book on Muggle Studies. 

Harry kept his wand with him, instead of putting it in his trunk like the others, because he doubted very much whether he would be allowed to touch his trunk once he returned to Privet Drive. 

The students got off the train, and set about collecting their things. Harry kept the borrowed books and his wand with him, wanting to be able to have them with him. Hedwig was flying ahead, so maybe she'd avoid being locked up. 

"We should see you this summer," Ron said, "The Quidditch World Cup is this summer, and you can't miss it!" 

"Maybe, yeah." Harry agreed. 

Hermione hugged him. "See you soon, Harry." 

"Yeah, you too." Harry said, hugging her back. 

Ginny hugged him the longest, and the tightest. "We'll get you out of there." she whispered. "If anything goes wrong, I want to take the Knight Bus to the Burrow, got it? And don't forget to write. Don't even try all that 'i'm fine' crap you give the other two." 

Harry chuckled weakly. "Don't worry, I won't. And I promise." 

Ginny released Harry. "Let's go, then." 

The four friends walked back through the barrier, where their families were waiting. Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley were just outside. 

"Hurry up, boy." Vernon said, before turning and striding away. 

Harry picked up his trunk and began to drag it after him. Ginny touched his shoulder. 

"Remember, you promised." she said. 

Harry nodded. "Yeah, I know. See you all soon, then." 

They nodded, and Harry dragged his trunk to the Dursley's car. 

The moment they arrived at Privet Drive, Vernon took Harry's trunk and locked it in the cupboard under the stairs. He then dragged Harry up the stairs and locked him in his room. 

Harry sighed, and lay back on the bed. It was no less than he'd expected, he supposed. At least he hadn't hit him. Yet. 


Over the next week, the treatment Harry would be given became apparent. He was given a very long list of chores every morning, and only given a few slices of bread each day. Once his chores were finished, he was locked in his room around the clock. 

But one day, barely two weeks into the summer, Vernon came home very late. And very drunk. Apparently, one of his best clients had issued a lawsuit against Grunnings for some reason, and Vernon blamed Harry. So he stomped up to Harry's room, and did something he'd never done before. 

He raped him. 

Afterwards, Harry was beaten, for hours. Bones snapped, blood spilled, and Harry eventually fell unconscious. 


When Harry woke, he didn't know how much time had passed. Vernon was gone, and so was the car, so the entire family had gone somewhere. Harry pulled on his clothes. Hedwig was there, so Harry decided to write some letters before he finally solved a problem that should have been attended to long ago. 

The problem of his life. 

Dear Ron,

How are you? Are you guys doing anything fun over the summer? 

I'm fine here. I mean, obviously a little bored, but nothing too bad. I've read through the books Hermione lent me, and they're really interesting. I'm thinking I might ask McGonagall if I can switch electives. Divination is pretty boring, don't you think? 

Nothing interesting has happened at all. Isn't Hermione with you guys? Didn't she go strait home with you? Wish Dumbledore would let me, but he seems to think he gets to control my life. Tell Hermione hi... since she's there with you, just let her see this letter. 

Write soon. Hedwig will find me. 


Dear Padfoot, 

It seems you've kept out of sight for a while. If the Ministry hasn't caught you, then you're obviously doing something right!

It's pretty boring here, but it's all fine. I might go to Ron's for a bit later in the summer, something about the Quidditch World Cup. Maybe you could come as a dog? 

Write soon, and often. It would help with the boredom. 




Dear Ginny,

You asked me not to lie, so I won't tell you what I've been telling the others. I'm not fine. Vernon took things too far last time he came home... bit more than beatings. Ginny, I've been completely violated. I can't do it anymore. It'll get out into the news, so don't bother telling the others yet. Act like you didn't know, I guess. I won't be seeing you, ever. I'm sorry, but I can't do it. 

Thanks for being there for me these past few days. It's really meant a lot. 



Harry tied the letters to Hedwig's leg. 

"I might not be here when you get back." Harry said, trying to force back the lump in his throat. "Just go to Ron, okay? He'll take care of you." 

Hedwig hooted dolefully, and took off. Harry watched her until she was out of sight, then turned. 

Vernon hadn't shut his door properly. He could get out now. 

Harry took a deep breath, and went downstairs to get his wand out. 

He was finally going to end it. He would be free. 


"Ginny!" Ron shouted. "There's a letter for you!" 

Ginny hurried down to the kitchen and took the letter from Ron. It was from Harry, so she ripped it open right there, instead of taking it back to her room. 

"Are those from Harry?" Molly asked, looking up from the stove. "How is he? Is he able to come- Ginny, what's wrong, dear?" 

Ginny had turned an ashen color. Without speaking, she hurried to the fireplace, and grabbed Floo powder. 

"Ginny, what is going on?" Molly asked again, but still Ginny ignored her. 

"Hogwarts!" she shouted, throwing down the powder. 

"Ginny!" Molly exclaimed, but Ginny was already gone. 

She came out of the fireplace in McGonagall's office. Luckily, she hadn't gone home for the summer yet. 

"Miss Weasley!" McGonagall exclaimed. "What on earth-" 

"Professor, something's wrong with Harry!" Ginny shouted, interrupting her. 

"Miss Weasley, what do you mean?" McGonagall asked. 

Ginny shoved the letter at her, and McGonagall read it. She turned pale. 

"Miss Weasley, I want you to return home." McGonagall said. "I will go to Privet Drive and attend to Mister Potter." 

"But Professor," Ginny began. 

"Go home, Miss Weasley!" McGonagall hurried to the fireplace and took the Floo to Privet Drive. 

"Mister Potter?" she shouted. There was no answer. She found him upstairs in a room, his wand pointing at his head, about to cast a fatal curse. 

"Mister Potter!" McGonagall shrieked, grabbing the wand. 

"Professor?" Harry asked, bewildered. "What are you doing here?" 

"Miss Weasley sent me here!" McGonagall said. "Mister Potter, what on earth is going on?" 

Harry stared at her for a few minutes, before cracking, and telling her everything, right up to waking up in his room. 

McGonagall's eyes were rather wet, and she hugged Harry firmly. 

"Harry, I am taking you away from here." she said. "You will come with me to my home." 

"But then what?" Harry asked. "If I leave, then he'll just be madder next summer!" 

McGonagall sat on the bed next to Harry. 

"Harry, I am not letting you go back there." she said. "There are many families that would be willing to take you in. I'm certain the Weasley's and the Granger's would be thrilled to have you as a part of their family, especially once they understand the situation," 

"I don't want pity." Harry muttered. 

McGonagall continued so readily that it seemed she had already thought of this. "Then you could come and live with me, I won't pity you." 

Harry stared at her. She was talking so casually, he could hardly be sure of what he was hearing. 

"My home is large enough, and it's quite boring and quiet there, a teenager may liven things up." McGonagall continued. 

"Are you... are you serious?" Harry asked. 

McGonagall smiled at him. "Completely. Your parents very nearly made me your godmother, Harry, and as neither Alice nor Sirius are in a position to take care of a child, I would be more than willing." 

Harry looked at her, before smiling a little, too. "I would love that." 

"Then let us leave this place, and we will talk to Amelia Bones about officially transferring guardianship." 

"How are we getting to your house?" Harry asked. 

"Apparition." McGonagall said, extending her arm. "Hold tightly, Harry. And I must warn you, it is quite uncomfortable." 

Harry nodded, grabbing her arm, and with a crack like a whip, the two disappeared. 


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