The Hauntings

There's a family that live in a big house in the middle of the woods. Paul and Georgia are married and have 3 kids, James, Jade and Peter. James, Jade and Peter are always exploring the house and trying to find out about it's past. But, it's not safe to mess with the paranormal world, and the family is kept afraid and have to deal with the most teriifying hauntings ever without any help!


2. Who's there?

Paul set up the beds. A bunkbed in one room that Jade and James chose to sleep in. While Paul set up a single bed in Peter's chosen room. And Paul put a double bed for himself and Georgia in their room. Everyone fell asleep straight away. However, James couldn't get to sleep. He just saw what looked like a huge shadow move in the doorway as the door was open. 'Jade, wake up,' whispered James loudly to his twin who was sleeping on the bunk below him. Jade woke up. 'What do you want?' asked Jade. 'There's something that scares me about this house. I just saw a big, dark, shadowy, figure move,' told James. 'No there isn't anything there. It's probably dad going to the bathroom. You just need to settle in and then you'll like it here,' said Jade. 'I'm a little scared,' said James. 'Oh, you're just being silly. We'll talk about this in the morning, because we need to get to sleep. It's a busy day tomorrow,' said Jade. James and Jade both went back to sleep. James was still really confused about the shadow moving.
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