Ghost Notes

"But how can you ever go back to living a life that no longer exists? Home is everchanging and nothing remains. I wander like a ghost, leaving notes for the ones I've lost along the way." | A collection of poems, prose, and notes written by Harry as he found himself far from the place he once called home.


5. 5.


T S H I R T 

I tried to stay away, I truly did.

But I saw him today, ran into him as I was running to the gym. Knew it was him the moment I saw his shirt. Well, my shirt. The old one that you kept because it was the one you wore to sleep? The one that I let you keep even though you said you wanted nothing to do with me anymore? 

I thought that—well it doesn't matter what I thought.

What matters is that I saw him and he told me you feel just fine. That was all I needed to hear to know, and I'm not wrong am I? I'm gone and now he's the one that's sleeping next to you.

I guess that's just life, isn't it?



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