Sophomore Experience

This Book is dedicated to those of you that have yet to experience the Roller Coaster ride that is HIgh School.
(basically a diary with a gucci name XD)


1. Aug. 10th, 2017. [approx. 8:20am]

hello everyone c:

you all know anything you need to know about me already..

well, most likely.

anyways, before i bore you to death..

this is my online diary.

the place where i will share my day to day experiences with you.

so then, you all will know that i have NOT died (lol).

so, let me get straight to the point

basically, yesterday i wrote a super cheesy, cringe-worthy note ..


and i had my friend (i will not use their real names, for privacy reasons)

JB (ill use first and last initials) give the note to my crush, TB.

on our way out of 5th period Math, to 6th Period world history.

so, TB read it in 6th and tapped me on the shoulder (since he sits behind me) and my friend JB turns around (she sits in front of me) and winks. i started to blush. so TB goes "Mackenzie, is this from you?". even though i clearly didnt put my name on the note, nor did i give it to him. i was so confused as to how he figured out it was me so quickly. so i just said "i have no idea what that is or what you're talking about." and TB goes "okay i believe you" but obviously he didnt so he wrote on the same note and gave it to my friend JB to give to me and it basically said, "i like you too" and now its the next day and im nervous and dont know wtf to do, someone give me some advice AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


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