Whats in a rant?

Whats better then a couple of rants? Ranting of course!!! This book is full of secrets and ranting about the people that make your life a living hell. From popular cliques to the teachers that may or may not made yours or someone elses life a living hell.
If you want to rant and would like some advice or like a ranting buddy, just message me. I know there must be people out there in the world who would want to rant.
Have fun reading the 'Whats in a rant?'

~Ash Caramel


9. Technology takes away special moments

I don't know about you. But I think technology has slowly, if not, quickly, taken over our lives. Taking away those real true cliché and cheesy moments of romance (like in person), to actually communicating with people face to face. That is when something is wrong in my opinion. Kids as young as 13 now, have grown up in an environment where looking pretty is wearing make up. This is my opinion of prettiness, being pretty isn't wearing the most expensive makeup out there from Mac or Sephora, or where your clothes come from, whether it would be from Topshop or Versace or other expensive clothing stores, it is about how you bring yourself to people. How you truly show yourself to those you surround yourself with. That is the most expensive thing about you. Young teenagers are influenced to look like they're probably 20 when they are most definitely not. I am not against of make up or clothes that they have at their ages, but they shouldn't abuse the things that are given. When I was 13, all I had was some weird pyjamas, no expensive makeup in sight, and don't get me started with my clothes. I didn't have a single designer clothing in my wardrobe, my make up was probably those cheapy but amazing at the same time for young girls like me. Bright pink and purple eyeshadows. And I don't know about you, but I played with a Tamagotchi during my spare time and had a nokia phone with the coolest ringtone ever and it had Tetris. Again I am not against anything, I am just clearly expressing my opinion and if you want to express yours then tell me. Its just that kids now have the things that my generation (16-18yr olds) would wish to have. A few days ago, I saw a year 6 with an iPhone 7... Like WHAT?! I didn't have a phone till I was in year 7, which was a nokia and then I had an iPhone in year 8 when I entered high school. Heck, it was a bloody privilege to have an iPhone, and that was when being able to communicate with people was very vital... cause you needed friends. But years past by, and I am in my last year of high school, and it definitely taught me a few things. I didn't have a phone when I was in year 9, and then again in the last few months of year 10, but it does let you look on what happens around you. You pay attention to things that you never paid attention to. You notice the true colors of some people on the way that they socialize or something. Being able to actually experience the real world is not just staring at a bright screen in the palm of your hand, it is about looking around to experience REALITY. Because you never know... It may hurt when crossing the road without looking both ways...

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