Whats in a rant?

Whats better then a couple of rants? Ranting of course!!! This book is full of secrets and ranting about the people that make your life a living hell. From popular cliques to the teachers that may or may not made yours or someone elses life a living hell.
If you want to rant and would like some advice or like a ranting buddy, just message me. I know there must be people out there in the world who would want to rant.
Have fun reading the 'Whats in a rant?'

~Ash Caramel


1. Play and Break

The meaning of play and break for me, is to actually play and break. People play and break people, and you know the occasional use of the person. That hurts you know? I've been on a constant game of 'Playing and Breaking,' with a guy. Yes, at the moment I am gonna rant about a guy. What has he done you may ask? Well, it all started a couple years ago where him and I flirt. Yes, I used to like this idiot of a player, but the heart took over and maybe a little of my mind. We were in music class together for half the year and he would hug, kiss me on my forehead and just like you know gives the feeling that you feel safe... The feeling that you get when you ACTUALLY get hugged by your crush, and you're just like 'OMG IM HOME!!!' Yep, that's how I felt the whole time. And what an idiot I was to fall for him. Months later, he asked me out... Well technically his friend asked me out for him, no I did not say yes. I said to his friend that if he (my little excuse of a crush atm, he is still my crush till this day. I know, sad right?) wants to ask me out, he would have to say it in my face. In my culture, you have to court the girl and then ask her in person. Well this guy is the same background as I am, and he DEFINITLEY did not ask me himself. Next day? Word was spread out that him and I are dating, pretty much peeved me off.

Fast forward the next year (2016, yeah I know. not that long ago was it) He started to act like a total douchebag, swears at me like a bloody baboon, and yeah asked me out 2 more times (trust me he was eager to catch me, but he doesn't realize I have wings hahahahahaha) even though he was being ABSOLUTELY RUDE AF!!!!!! Honestly, he never gives up and I always ignore him.

 This year comes.... and oh god, he became worse. not only did his haircut become like a feather duster he turned into the true definition of a total idiotic bastard (excuse my words of choice). Every single bloody time I walk past him he has a comment. I would repeat the words he sometimes say, but damn I would take him down and kick him to oblivion if I said it again.

So... After he called me and my friends names a couple days ago, something has to be done.. And it is called 'Playing and Breaking.'  He has hurt me so many times it is not even funny anymore, I always have ignored the feeling but no. Enough is enough.

I have hatched a plan to get him back, and I hope it is effective. This is the pay back of every single thing he has done to me and my friends a total living hell.

He better watch out, cause he wouldn't know it was coming...

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