Whats in a rant?

Whats better then a couple of rants? Ranting of course!!! This book is full of secrets and ranting about the people that make your life a living hell. From popular cliques to the teachers that may or may not made yours or someone elses life a living hell.
If you want to rant and would like some advice or like a ranting buddy, just message me. I know there must be people out there in the world who would want to rant.
Have fun reading the 'Whats in a rant?'

~Ash Caramel


4. Friend-ly Competition?

For those that want to leave their problems behind... Good on you... But think about it though. Leaving problems to the back of your mind will come back biting at you in the future. So what is better? Facing the problem now? Or facing the problem later? Problems can be problems, and that is what life would give you overall. Life with no problems would truly become a dream come true. But learning and facing those problems does make life more understandable and easy to go through life. For every person out there, you can fix those problems. But yes, there are gonna be problems that can not be fixed.
People can also be problems. Lets talk about someone unusual behaviour yeah? They are your bestest of the best friends, without them, you just feel like you lost the other half of you. Inseparable. Nothing can take you two apart. But one day, they stop being with you. They have found someone else to be close with. Just like you two were. What has happened? I may not be some helpful doctor, but to be completely honest, something bad has happened...

Lets talk about another issue.
Girls. Girls are amazing but deadly. I am a girl, but I bet some girls too and boys, if I am not mistaking, have insecurities too. Have you ever thought to yourself 'what would happen if someone takes the attention off me?' I know that sounds really vain, but seriously have you? Think about it, new people have come into your grade/school, and of course you welcome them with open arms (of course checking out to see if they are alright and I don't know, decent?)
Days turn into months, and months turn to a year, and slowly ever so slowly, all of sudden there is tension rising in the air. What the hell happened? If I could be frank, nothing can be more irritating then someone trying to be better then you when their presence is already enough. Have they ever thought that some people don't really care what is wrong with you and your body or what bloody achievements you have achieved in your previous school?

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