Whats in a rant?

Whats better then a couple of rants? Ranting of course!!! This book is full of secrets and ranting about the people that make your life a living hell. From popular cliques to the teachers that may or may not made yours or someone elses life a living hell.
If you want to rant and would like some advice or like a ranting buddy, just message me. I know there must be people out there in the world who would want to rant.
Have fun reading the 'Whats in a rant?'

~Ash Caramel


8. Boy problems

Honestly... Every girl's worst problem to face is having the 'boy problems,' well I don't have any boy problems per se. But I think it needs to be discussed. Boys are complicated creatures. They are beautiful majestic creatures, but very complicated to decipher. Sometimes its hard to sink in, that boys can move on so quickly from a crush/relationship then later on feel the emptiness that us girls feel, on the first stage, which they experience on either the middle or last stage. Though... It just really depends on the guy, if he is a player, then gosh he is definitely missing out. Players are the most complicated ones. But once they find the girl for them, he would not give up. You would see the true courtship of his efforts to win this girls heart. It really is the most beautiful and cheesy thing a guy could do. Is to court the girl and express his true feelings for her, rejection could be taken to heart, but for the effort and courage he has to make to express those feelings for you, is the best thing ever and you can not love him for that.

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