Whats in a rant?

Whats better then a couple of rants? Ranting of course!!! This book is full of secrets and ranting about the people that make your life a living hell. From popular cliques to the teachers that may or may not made yours or someone elses life a living hell.
If you want to rant and would like some advice or like a ranting buddy, just message me. I know there must be people out there in the world who would want to rant.
Have fun reading the 'Whats in a rant?'

~Ash Caramel


10. 2nd last day of school

You know that feeling when you're departure (leaving school wise) is so near, and like you're wondering why time is going so fast. It feels like the last 7wks of school has gone in like 5mins. If you're wondering what on earth is happening, it is because I am leaving and graduating a semester and a half early then everybody else in my school. Why? Well besides fulfilling the requirements of actually gaining my high school certificate and whatnot, I also have been accepted into a chef apprenticeship... which, amazingly, starts next Monday... so about 4days left... And like tomorrow is my last day of being a high school student. Damn I feel old cause I am graduating early... Or something... I don't know what I am going on about.

I had an episode of crying this morning. Not a good feeling you should have first thing in the morning. Crying and feeling so out of place. But don't worry, I did this crying in my room. Cuddled up in a ball. Rocking back and forth. Listening to sad songs. With a blanket covering me, so I look like this weirdo with a wet ugly face.

That's not the worst part though. I even woke up with a headache. Why does my brain hate me so much? Nothing can be done properly, and I wasn't able to read the time properly for 5mins... Those 5mins was honestly one of the most sad 5mins of my life...

But on happier news, I had naps during my first two classes today. My teachers literally left me alone and didn't disturb me at all, that was an absolute... idk... blessing? That they didn't. Cause my hair is wild today and I look like a witch. So I probably have scared them off to not disturb me during my sleep. Then it was one of my best friend's birthday today, and we didn't greet her cause us girls set up a birthday surprise during first lunch. We had cake, drinks, candles, everything... So when she arrived, her face lit up. And that just warmed my heart. I knew she was kinda sad this morning cause we like ignored the fact that we haven't greet her yet. But I love her, its sad that I wont see her that much anymore...

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