Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


37. Who am I?

Harry’s POV

It’s been seven months. The doctors are worried that she won’t wake up and they are going to turn off the system. I told them give her some time. They are giving her a week to wake up. But the week has now turned into her final day.

Zayn’s POV

Carla’s still in her coma. I’m really worried she won’t make it but all I can do is pray.

Carla’s POV

I feel a hand on mine. I felt myself powering up. Voices came again. My eyes fluttered opened and I saw lights. More people, more moving.

“Miss Styles. You okay?” A man asked.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Your doctor.” He said.

“Who am I?” I asked.

“Nurse, get me the results.” He said. He looked at some files and was shocked.

“You have memory loss. You can gain it all back.” The doctor said.

“Can you tell me who I am?” I asked. The door shot open causing me to jump. That man! That women! But three other girls. Four men. They seemed so similar.

“CARLA!” They all yelled.

“Carla. I’m Carla. Who’s Carla?” I asked.

They looked at the doctor who told them everything that was going on.

“Hey Carla, I’m Harry Styles, your dad.” Long hair guy said.

“No, you are that man who let me fall so is she.” I said. They looked shocked.

“No, I had to help you both.” He said.

“They say I’m your kid, but I remember that I was in an orphanage.” I said.

“So can you tell me anything you remember?” The doctor asked.

“Um I was in an orphanage, these people made me fall. I think I’m friends with these girls. A massive fight in school. I remember a man named Zayn Malik. We would do everything together.” I said.

“That all?” The doctor asked. I nodded. “Okay well, we need to keep you in for a while and your body won’t be in much pain as you healed during your coma. You will experience a lot of headaches and pains in your head. You did lose a lot of blood and it will take time for more blood to pump around.” He smiled.

“Can they leave?” I asked.

“We follow the patients wish. Please leave.” The doctor smiled. They all left the room and I relaxed. The doctor bought me chicken salad and water. It sat in front of me as I just tried to remember everything.

“Hey. Can I come in?” A girl asked.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Hanna.” She smiled. I nodded and she came and sat next to me. “Want me to tell me about you?” She smiled.

“Yeah.” I sighed.

“Food first.” She said. I looked at it then shook my head. She was about to leave the room but I picked up my fork. “Thanks.” She smiled.

She started right from the start, I remembered going to perform for someone named Simon. He put me in a band. Fans, tour, brother, my stalker, breakdowns. I remembered the bad things only. “Stop!” I sighed.

“That’s the end anyways.” She smiled leaving.

I closed my eyes and lay back. A nurse came in and put a new pack of blood on connecting it to my body. In the other there was a medical solution connecting to my left arm. The door opened which made me open my eyes.

“Hey.” He smiled.

“Hi. You’re?” I asked.

“Zayn, Zayn Malik.” He smiled.

“Oh. I remember you a little. The Frappe things.” I sighed.

“You know that man, Harry Styles. He’s your dad and is out there blaming himself because of what has happened to you. He would never leave the hospital, he practically moved in here.” Zayn smiled.

“But he left me to fall. He saved that girl and hugged her. He forgot about me. That man done this to me or I would remember everything.” I sighed. He held my hand.

“Deep down, everything is still there. So are you. It’s just gonna take time okay baby girl.” Zayn said looking in my eyes.

“Baby girl? I’ve heard that before. Wait how old am I?” I asked.

“You’re 22.” He smiled.

“I’m so old.” I sighed smacking my head.

“No you’re not. I’m 26.” He laughed.

“You’re bold. I remember you with a nice black quiff.” I smiled as I said that.

“See they are coming back.” He smiled.

“The girl um, Hanna! She told me everything and I seem to only remember the bad things.” I said. He nodded and left the room. Three other men came in. We talked about everything and tried to see if my memory would come back. They then bought in two other girls. The people who let me fall came in with a little baby.

“Hey.” They smiled. I waved back.

“So how are you?” Harry asked.

“Could be better.” I sighed.

“Well give it time.” The lady said.

“What your name?” I asked.

“Sorry, I’m Hailey. This is Joshua, your brother.” She smiled. I just nodded.

“Carla.” Harry said. I looked back at him. “I’m sorry for this I should’ve been more faster.” He said.

“Look! I don’t want apologies, everything happens for a reason. I believe that you saved her first was because of her baby.” I sighed.

“She’s your mum, my wife.” He said quietly.

“No, I...I don’t have a mum!” I snapped.

“Carla, calm down it’ll take time to remember everything. My family are coming to see you tomorrow.” He smiled then left with his wife and baby.

I relaxed then heard the door open after a long hour. I looked up and It was a guy. “What are you doing here! What do you want? I don’t know you?” I asked.

“I’m Edward. How are you?” He asked.

“Yeah sure I’m great. So I’m gonna sleep. Why don’t you come back in the morning yeah?” I suggested. He nodded and left the room. I closed my eyes and lay there. Just hours of lying in the dark and thinking.

It was morning and the nurse came in she gave me a Frappe. I drank it and got out of bed. I took one step but fell on the floor. I groaned and tried to get up again. I sat on the bed and waited for someone to walk in. The guys came in.

“Well someone is up early?” Zayn laughed.

“I haven’t slept. Can you help me to the bathroom?” I sighed. He came and helped me walk and I done my business came out and Zayn helped me walk back to bed. “Ed...ward?” I asked as I saw his face. He nodded.

“How are you?” He asked.

“Yeah I’m calm.” I smiled.

“This isn’t like her.” He sighed leaving the room.

“ED COME BACK!” I yelled. I sat back in shock. Ed, headache, my headache. “I KNOW YOU!” I yelled. I remember that I would punch him and he would always say I’m strong. I got up and walked out the room. I grabbed him by his collar and pushed him against the wall. “If you don’t come back in now I will throttle you.” I dared. He nodded and came back in.

After talking a doctor came in. “Carla, you can’t keep leaving your bed unless you need to go bathroom because we can’t keep on getting new tubes and packs for you.” He smiled. I nodded and decided to sleep at 7pm. In the meantime everyone came and visited me. People I didn’t know. I asked for my phone but it didn’t survive my crash. It was almost 7pm. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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