Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


49. We’re here for you

Carla’s POV

There was knocking on the door which made me get out of bed. I walked downstairs and opened the door. It was the police. “Hi officers, can I help you?” I asked.

“I’m officer Rose, we have been given a statement about you now we must clarify it’s true.” She said.

“What statement?” I asked.

“You getting raped.” She said. I froze, I couldn’t move. Who done this? Ed and James wouldn’t they couldn’t. Would they?

“Edward and James!” I fumed. They came down and stood by me.

“What’s up? Hey.” Ed smiled.

“Who! Who told them that I got raped!?” I asked.

“Carla we wouldn’t do that. Never ever. We promised you and we would never break it.” They both said.

“So it’s true?” Rose asked.

“What are you gonna do?” I asked.

“Well moral support, help and we are gonna get help for your family so they don’t experience the same thing. We will take you in for tests and track down whoever done this.” She said.

“I did get raped but I was 21 then. Do you really have to bring it up?” I asked.

“Ma’am rape is serious so yes it’s important we solve this crime so that person can get punished.” She said.

“Dad! He heard!” I clocked on. “He never left. He knew I was lying because he knows I smile largely when I lie!” I said.

“Yeah he came in very upset and broken. We will have to get support for him as well as this seems to have shocked him. Did you tell anyone but them two?” She asked.

“No. What if I know the person who done it?” I asked.

“Well tell us right now!” She got out paper and a pen.

“It’s my first boyfriend. Ex boyfriend now. Joshua.” I whispered. “I know where he lives.”

“JOSHUA!” Edward and James yelled. Zayn started crying so I ran to him rocking him back and forth in my arms. Then Alex walked in.

“Carla I’m so sorry...what’s going on?” He asked.

“Well, um, the police have come here because of rape.” I said.

“Who got raped?” He asked.

“Me.” I mumbled.

“What...when who?” He couldn’t even speak. He was crying on my shoulder. “Why didn’t you tell me?”He hugged me and never let me go for a while.

“Calm down.” I whispered soothing him. He stopped crying and the police took all the information and went to get Joshua. The man I once loved. The man that raped me.

“So who wants food?” I asked.

“Carla don’t you think it’s best we call Harry over?” James asked.

“I hate it when you guys are right.” I huffed. Dad was fast when he heard everything. He held my hand not letting go. “I’m gonna go bathroom.” I said. I went and done my business knowing I’ve started my period. Great! I walked out to see Joshua there. I froze where I was. I was like a statue. I snapped out of it and went to Delilah who was now crying. I changed her nappy before she fell back asleep.

“Carla! Tell them it’s fake.” Joshua pushed.

“No. Joshua why make it worse for yourself. You know what you’ve done.” I said getting closer to him.

“Carla please I’m sorry.” He cried.

“Carla stand back.” Alex said. I didn’t stop walking towards Joshua.

“I’m sorry that our relationship wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted to have sex but I obviously weren’t ready. When I came back from tour you had the chance to meet me because I got out of a relationship. I trusted you again and you deceived me by grabbing me and drugging me. You drugged me and when I woke up I was naked and you were on top of me.” I explained to him again. “You weren’t drunk. You were mad that I was closer to Alex.”

“Sure I was! But I DESERVED your virginity. I always loved you and everything and I still do but I have married Amy now. She’s never happy unless she’s got me there. I’m becoming a dad in five months and you’re not bothered.” He snapped.

“NOBODY SPEAKS ABOUT MY STUFF LIKE THAT! I deserve to have given my virginity to a person I truly love. You took it without my consent. I let you off and let you live your life but you still try and harm me. Just face you punishment.” I said. I was now face to face and I had a hand on his cheek. “Please do it for your kid.” I said.

“How long will I be in prison?” He asked.

“Fifteen years.” Rose said.

“Wait no...just do five years. Amy can tell your kid that you’re on a business trip. You can see Amy give birth. Just don’t come back into my life.” I said.

“Ma’am we cannot do that.” Rose said.

“Then take the charges off.” I pushed.

“We will do five years.” Joshua and Rose said. I smiled and nodded. When they left I sighed. Finally I can breathe. I went and got drinks for everyone. Alex grabbed my hand pulling me up into the kitchen.

“Why?” He asked.

“I’m sorry. I was scared to tell anyone Alex.” I said. He sat me on the counter him in between my legs. “I have a match tomorrow, dad and Hailey are gonna watch the kids are you coming?” I asked.

“Yes but don’t change the subject. Don’t be afraid to tell me anything and I’m sorry for saying bad stuff about the kids they don’t deserve it. I was just tired and my mum got ill and nobody was home so they took her to hospital where she was diagnosed with the latest stage of cancer meaning she’s gonna die in a few days.” He explained. I lifted his chin to make him face me.

“I’m always here.” I whispered. With that we kissed and made up. We walked back to find the boys smiling. They obviously knew we made up. I sat next to Alex my legs on his lap watching TV. Dad was asleep first, Edward feel asleep then James did. Me and Alex were wide awake watching TV. I decided to take the kids upstairs and feed them because it’s been a while since they’ve been fed.

“Bring Delilah.” I whispered to Alex. He nodded and I slowly went upstairs with Zayn in my arms. I got into their bedroom and sat on the sofa to feed Zayn. Alex came up once I was done feeding Zayn meaning I could feed Delilah. He passed me Delilah and I fed her then putting her to bed after. I took him downstairs and woke up Ed and James.

“Go to bed.” I said. They nodded and walked off. I went to dad and stood him up. I put his arm around my shoulder and helped him walk. “Go to sleep in here.” I said. He changed into jogging bottoms and went to sleep straight away. I went downstairs to check if everything was fine and see if everything was locked. It was all done. I continued watching the movie, Alex joining soon after. We both fell asleep in each other’s arms tangled up on the sofa.

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