Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


19. We'll be back soon.

Carla's POV

"Simon wants us in to decorate the tour bus because we are leaving earlier." I said as we all walked out the house.

"Shall I drop you off?" Zayn asked.

"Nope I've got my own so it's fine." I smiled getting in my car.

"Okay. Stay safe." He jokingly warned.

"Bye." I smiled then drove off once we all packed the car. When we got there we met Simon then went outside to the bus. We put on one dimension then some instruments around it. We signed the bus and went to look inside.

"This is amazing!" Ellie gushed.

"So amazing! Look at the back!" Sophie ran to the back.

"Wait for me." Sarah laughed.

"Then there were two." Hanna smiled.

"Come on let's decide who gets what bed." I smiled.

"So let's finalise it. Hanna top bunk opposite me. Sophie under her. Ellie under me. Sarah on the bunk next to me and yeah." I smiled. We got off the bus and went to a recording studio.

"We have written you a few songs. We want to record them and you can perform then on tour." Simon said pointing to the papers.

"That's great. When do we start practicing and learning them." I asked.

"You'll be practicing at home most of the time but I'll call you in to record them. But if you record them at home. Put them on a disk so I can produce your album." He said. We nodded in response and left with all the papers.

When we got home we were called to eat but we ignored them and went upstairs to the studio. We practiced and sang. We recorded all 15 songs which finally gave us time to rest. We went downstairs and the boys provided us with Mocha Frappe's.

"Zaynie. Pass me a Frappe please. I don't want it from a person I hate." I said ignoring Ed's attempt at trying to talk to me.

"Yeah. Now tell me the story." He said looking at me. Everyone looked at me and Zayn.

"What. It's our story and updating our lives time." We laughed.

"Anyways. I was sleeping peacefully and then I feel heavy weight on me. I tell them to get off and I couldn't breathe. I took any medicine I found and then I had to kick them in the dick and I said I hate them. That's why I haven't talked to the both of them. Your turn." I smiled.

"You guys! She could've died." Dad said. "You're grounded for a week." I laughed in their faces and gave high-fives to everyone in the room.

"My turn. So me and my Girl. We went for a dinner and I spat water on her. She found it funny but I did apologise a lot. We finished our food and then left. We both got attacked by fans yet made it alive. We got chased by police and then we just stayed at her house for a while." He said. "No I will not tell you what happened."

"EW. YOU DISGUSTING CREATURES!" I screamed then laughed and ran away from him.

"YOU NASTY GIRL!" He screamed from downstairs.

"You love me." I said poking my head through the door. "I want a Frappe!"

"Kid you just had one! Take mine." Zayn said.

"Then I'll feel bad. I'll buy another tomorrow." I said sitting down next to Zayn.

"Alright kiddo." He smiled.

"Let me call Simon. I need to tell him that we've finished the album." Ellie said walking to the kitchen.

"I want food. Be back." I smiled. I went to the fridge and took out vegetables for a sandwich. I made a lot in case anyone else wanted some. I took it next door and I was right they all munched on them with me. I went back to the kitchen and tidied up the mess I made. I looked at the clock and realised that it was 1am

We have been watching movies for a long time. "Night guys. What if Simon calls us in tomorrow." I said then walked upstairs and took a shower and jumped into bed in a crop top and shorts. I done the usual on my phone then fell asleep.

"CARLA! WAKE UP!" I jumped up and fell off my bed.

"Owww!" I rubbed my eyes and saw Zayn laughing.

"I'm dead aren't I?" He asked.

"Run!" He ran off and I ran after him. I caught him then jumped on him. He stopped running so I punched him in the dick and when I felt like we were equal I helped him up and gave him and ice pack.

"Sorry. But now you probably can't have kids. And a frappe." I smirked walking out the front door.

"Ross let's go. Just a quick thing to Starbucks. I don't want you to always do the work for me. Maybe we can get to know each other more?" I suggested.

"That would be lovely Carla. So tell me about yourself." He smiled.

"Okay I'm 17 now. I'm single. I've been in an orphanage my whole life except for when I was 15. James is like a brother to me. Ed is a headache. And I love everyone. Including you Ross." I smiled at him.

"That's beautiful. I'm Ross, I'm 28 I've got a family at home. A son who's 17, a daughter who's 15 and another is on the way. I have been a bodyguard for 10 years but for different people. And I love everyone as well." He smiled.

"That's great. I hope to meet your family." I smiled. We got into Starbucks and I ordered the usual for 15 people. I walked home talking to Ross about anything really.

"I got FRAPPE'S!" I yelled. Everyone ran down to me. I gave the girls first then Ross then the boys except Zayn. Then Ed and James.

"Sorry Zaynie. You woke me up." I smiled.

"I'm sorry." He said. I laughed and gave him one.

"I got you two like me." I smirked at him.

"You know I love you a lot!" He smiled.

"I know you do." I laughed.

"So we have one day free tomorrow thought we could have time together before we leave." Hanna smiled.

"That actually sounds nice." Sarah said.

"I'm in. Wait do we got food?" Sophie asked.

"Of course we will. And I'm always in with my sisters." Ellie smiled.

"Aw and I'm with my sisters all the time." I smiled.

"Okay we're in." Dad smiled.

"Mocha Frappe?" Zayn asked me.

"Definitely. He's in." I laughed.

"Well I'm with them all time." Louis smiled.

"Same mate. Always with the bro's." Liam smiled.

"FOOD! I'm in!" Niall yelled causing us to laugh.

"James and Ed can come too." I said.

"Thanks!" They yelled from the kitchen.

The days passed on. I forgave James and Ed and when it came to the day we were leaving everyone gathered around us.

"Bye guys." I said jumping in the car.

"We're coming with you." Dad said. They filled two cars and we drove to Simon. He lead the way to the airport then we got in and were attendee by bodyguards because of the fans. We thanked them and said we'll see them soon. We boarded the plane and got comfortable. I hugged dad, Zayn then Louis, Niall and Liam. I hugged Ed and James.

"Don't miss me too much." I smirked.

"We won't." They replied.

"Yeah right. You'll be complaining and calling me all day." I said pointing to Zayn and dad. They shrugged and laughed. They gave me another hug and left.

"We'll see you in a while. We're going in the same place for three days." Niall smiled.

"Bye!" We said. I got comfortable and stayed still. Once we were in complete air and high enough, we took off our belts and threw a small party! I fell asleep after the party.

I woke up around 3am on the floor due to the pilot telling we're landing. I got in the seat, put on my belt then I fell asleep again. I kept on waking up again and again because we've had to travel in many vehicles. I got in the tour bus and got comfortable on my bunk and fell asleep peacefully.

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