Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


9. Time to rule the school!

Carla's POV

"Guys lets go!" I said.

"Yeah come on." Ed repeated.

"Take care." I said.

Ed and James where talking about girls and I just laughed. James looked shocked when i talked to him.

"You were my best mate and you need to earn that place back." I said.

"Thanks." James smiled.

"What y'all talking about." I heard Joshua.

"We talking about how to murder a dick." I smirked.

"Woah! You can't kill my dick. I wanna have sex." He said.

"Ew. Why the fuck would I want to know!" I yelled.

"Okay. We're at school and It's time to show the people I rule the school." I said.

"Yeah." They all agreed.

We walked in and Cal stepped in front of me and I moved. He came in my way again.

"Not gonna step up like you said." He smirked.

"That was a bad move dude." Joshua said.

Before he could speak I jumped on him and threw him on the floor. Kicked him in the dick an punched him at least 5 times. Cars were pulling up but I wasn't bothered. People where crowding as well.


"CARLA." Dad shouted

"WHAT!" I yelled.


"I TAUGHT HIM A LESSON." I shouted. Everyone backed away.

"MISS STYLES. Don't shout. To the office." I got out of Joshua's grip and started storming off.

"IF ANY ONE OF YOU GUYS TRY WHAT HE HAS DONE I WILL MURDER YOU. I OWN THIS SCHOOL SO DO NOT ACT BIGGER THAN ME. I MEAN IT I WILL DO THE EXACT SAME THING I DONE TO HIM TO YOU." I yelled then punched the wall hard causing my knuckles to bleed a lot. I was really mad that I started to fume and breath heavily.

I ignored the pain and sat on the chair outside the office. I put on my headphones and blasted the music. I sat there for a good 30 minutes. Then I got called in.

"Carla why did you do so?" Mr Bay asked.

"WHY? ASK HIM THAT!" I said pointing to cal.

"We've talked to him. It's your turn." He said.

"HE TRIED TO RAPE ME! IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH." I yelled. Everyone looked shocked and I punched my bleeding hand onto the table.

"Look if you wanna arrest me just do it. I really don't care no more. I've given up with everything. Just do it." I said putting out my hands.

"Carla your hand." Dad said.

"Yeah I have two hands." I said.

"No it's bleeding! A lot! And it's discoloured." Dad said.

"It's fine." I said.

"We're not arresting you. But you will have a bodyguard watching you from now one. Please Miss don't repeat this." The officer said.

"Okay." I said.

"Come on let's go and check out your hand." The officer said.

I nodded and then I was taken to the hospital by the police.

"What happened?" The doctor asked.

"I got into a fight. Then I punched the wall and table really hard." I said.

"Okay well you've broken you're hand and you're gonna need surgery." He said.

"Yeah okay. That's fine." I said.

I woke up at 1am and saw that dad was here. He was sitting on the chair on his phone. Texting someone. I didn't want to talk so I turned to my side. I squished my broken hand.

"FUCK!" I whined.

"You're awake." Dad said. I just nodded.

"Don't wanna talk to me. Fine." He said.

"You can always come to me. Yeah okay you don't have a mum but I can do both things. But it's not easy for me being a celebrity. I get rumours spread. I'm know as a womaniser. I'm not but I can't do anything. But you can talk to me and I will sort stuff out. I don't like seeing you in pain. You should just talk to somebody. I don't care if it's not me just talk to someone." He said.

"Okay dad. I'm sorry." I said. Then i patted the empty part of the bed next to me. He smiled and lay next to me. I cuddle up to him in his chest and slept peacefully. Knowing that dads gonna be there for me no matter how much of a pain I am. Dad fell asleep then I whispered. "I love you dad. I really do." I smiled. Then fell asleep.

Harry's POV

I woke up in the morning because of the light flashing in my eyes. I looked around and realised I was in hospital for Carla. I started get up.

"Mmm." Carla mumbled. She turned to her other side which gave me a chance to get up. I washed my face and went outside to see the boys here.

"Good morning." I smiled.

"Morning." They replied.

"Carla. How is she?" Zayn asked.

"She's asleep but her whole hand is broken because of her punching the wall. They gave her an operation to put the bones together. If it bleeds again then she's gonna have to have another operation because they said that when she punched the wall she must've used all her strength which caused her to crush all her bones and start bleeding." I explained.

"Can we see her?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah sure." I said leading the way.

"He left me... All because of me... Dad left me." I heard mumbling. Then I heard clattering from Carla's room. I picked up the pace and saw that she was fighting for a hospital tool with the nurse.

"You're dad just went to call the others." The nurse said.

"He left me!" Carla sobbed.

I ran to her and hugged her tightly.

"No Carla. I promised that I would never leave you. And I won't. You are the best thing that happened to me." I said. She hugged me and we sat there for a while. The boys said they'll be back later. Carla fell asleep in my arms and I lay her down and called the others. Carla woke up when they came in.

"Carla. You always like to scare us don't you." Louis joked.

"I love it." She smirked in a raspy voice. I gave her water to drink.

"Very funny." Liam said.

"Guess what. We have a surprise for you. You're going to the X-Factor." Niall said.

"What. Really?" She asked happily.

"Yeah. We signed you up for it." I smiled.

"Thank you so much." She smiled.

We smiled at her and we just talked about nonsense. Then Carla got tired but the doctor said she can go home. So we drove home and Carla was about to go upstairs.

"Carla. You haven't eaten since yesterday night. Come eat. We made food at home." I said.

"Okay." She came and sat with us at the table.

"GCSE's next week." Ed said.

"Thank God." James said.

"I am actually going to revise and work hard. I don't want bad grades." Carla said.

"Wow. I never thought you would say that." Ed laughed.

"Same. But yeah there is a nerdy side to me." She smiled.

"Okay. What's for dinner?" James asked.

"Spaghetti Bolognese." I said. I gave out the plates and Carla just sat there. We poured our food in then Carla did. She only poured a little then went to the fridge.

"What are you doing?" Zayn asked.

"Salad." She replied. She came back with a box that she bought and sat down.

"I have to. I just have to." She said.

"Okay. As long as you eat." I smiled.

We all ate and talked about our next concert. James and Edward were in a deep conversation and Carla was playing with her spaghetti.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Huh. Yeah. It's hard to eat with my left hand soo I'm kinda working on that." She smiled.

"Okay. And don't worry you'll do fine." I said.

"Can you write with your left hand?" Ed asked.

"Yeah." Carla replied.

"Okay because then you would fail your GCSE's." He said.

"I know. I was born like that. But I use my right hand mostly and I also decided to crush it." She said.

"You're fault." Ed laughed.

"Bad move. Did I mention I can punch with my left hand?" She asked.

"Oops." Then he shot up and ran away. Carla ran after him and came back with a grin on her face. Ed was holding onto Carla's hand and walked in pain.

"You know I love you." She smiled and helped him sit down.

"Yeahhhhh." He groaned. She gave him an ice pack and he felt better within seconds.

"I wonder if he would still be able to have kids." Carla laughed.

"Maybe. Who knows?" We all laughed.

Then boys went and cleaned up the living room and front room. Me and Carla worked in the kitchen.

"SOMEONE PUT ON THE RADIO!" Carla yelled. Then our song 'Best song ever' came on me and Carla started singing loudly then the others joined in with us. Once the song was coming to an end we gave it to Carla.

"Best song ever... It was the best song ever." She sang. We started clapping and screaming random stuff and Carla laughed.

"Thanks guys." She smiled.

"Well we have something for you." Niall smiled.

"Okay..." Carla said.

Niall went to the store room and bought out a cake. It was from Carla's 16th birthday party. We all smiled.

"Cake shouldn't be wasted." Niall laughed.

"Okay." We all laughed. Carla went to cake and she was going to cut it until Ed pushed her face in the cake. She had the British flag on her face.

"ED YOU ARE SO DEAD!" She screamed. We all bursted out laughing while Carla chased Ed everywhere with cake in her hand and when she caught him she smashed the cake all over his face and we couldn't help but laugh again.

"Dude. There is no way you can get away from her." James said.

"I don't wanna try next time." Ed laughed.

Carla felt tired and went to set up her bad. She made a higher place with pillows for her hand and came back down.

"Dad medicine." She said throwing me a pack and going to get hers.

"Water please." I said.

She came back with water and gave it to me. She went upstairs and slept. I went to bed 30 minutes after and saw that Carla made my bed. I smiled and got into bed then fell asleep. I couldn't ask for a better daughter.

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