Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


34. The match

Carla’s POV

I woke up after a bad dream and looked at the time. It was 6am. I decided to get out of bed and take a shower. I went to the gym and worked out for 1 hour. I drove home and took another quick shower.

“Carla. You’re home where did you go?” Hailey asked.

“I woke up at six because of the same thing I keep dreaming about which is horrible. I decided to go to the gym and come home for a bit then leave at 9am.” I said.

“Okay. Do me a favour and wake up Harry.” She said.

“Sure.” I smiled. “DAD GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE!” I yelled, I heard a crash and I laughed because I knew dad fell out of my bed.

“CARLA. I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” I heard him running down.

“Nope. Not home at the match. Hurry up you’ve got a long day.” I said.

“Oh okay. Bye.” He said. He grabbed cereal and went for a run.

“HAILEY!” I yelled.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Joshua’s done a number 2.” I said.

“Coming.” She sighed.

“You know you love me.” I laughed.

“I do.” She laughed.

“Okay I’m back and I need to be at the stadium. My mum is watching Joshua tonight so you’ll be there.” Dad said walking in.

“Yeah that’s how today’s been planned out.” Hailey smiled.

“Wait Hailey. Do you want me to call you mum?” I asked.

“Up to you. Don’t want to pressurise you.” She smiled. She went and got rid of the mess and Anne came to get Joshua and left straight after.

“Okay I’m gonna change into my outfit.” I smiled. I ran upstairs and put on my blue and black sports outfit. “Zayn is on his way.” I read out him message.

“Okay I need to go because all the fans know about our match now. It’s gonna be big. I need medical services there as well so bye.” I explained.

“Why do you need medical services?” Hailey asked.

“Because they said that dad’s an amazing boxer and I could get damaged. They don’t want to risk anything.” I said.

“Okay then.” Hailey said.

“Dad. Don’t even think about going easy on me. Give me all you got. Daughter or not.” I said then walked out. I drove to the stadium and the got my gear on. We done some practice punching and training. Then the stage started filling up so we went to the back. I saw Zayn and hugged him.

“About time.” I smiled.

“Guess what?” He smirked.

“You’re gay?” I asked.

“What no!” He said.

“Well you told me to guess. Now tell me.” I said.

“I’m working for you tonight. Like I am your nurse I guess.” He smiled.

“Okay that’s great but let’s go!” Sam smiled.

Harry’s POV

“Hailey. I can’t do this. I’m going to hurt her.” I groaned.

“Hazza just think as if she’s someone who’s tried to hurt her. Like Tyler.” Hailey said.

“Okay. It’s go time.” Jane said.

“WELCOME HARRY STYLES!” The man yelled.

“CARLA STYLES EVERYONE!” The man yelled.

“Today’s fight is the extremist because its between father and daughter. Who knows who’ll win.” The man said.

“Fighter your cause of being here?” The referee asked.

“I’m here because they needed someone to do this match with her.” I said.

“What about you fighter?” He asked Carla.

“I’m here to show men that we women have power and can do it. I’m also doing it to donate the winning money to children’s charity.” Carla smiled.

“Thank you fighters. Now this is going to be a clean fight and I don’t want no bad language okay. Go get your mouthpiece in now.” The referee said.

“Okay fighter are you ready?” He asked. I nodded. “Fighter are you ready?” He asked. Carla nodded.

“BOX!” He yelled then moved aside.

Carla’s POV

I took first hit and ignored everything else. It hit him in the face. He punched back. I got him in the stomach and he fell.

“Can you carry on sir?” The referee asked dad. Dad nodded he got up and start boxing again. He ended up hitting me in the stomach right at the last second. I fell down to the floor in agony.

I felt a pair of arms lift me and take me to my side. I spat out my mouthpiece and drank water. I put in another piece and got up.

“Let’s go then!” I yelled.

Harry’s POV

I realised what I had done and couldn’t back out now. I had to keep going. The bell rang and round two started. Carla just kept going with her punches and didn’t stop. The bell rang ending round two.

“I’m sorry dad.” She sighed. “I can’t hurt you I’m going to forfeit.”

“No don’t. Just keep going. I’m not bothered if i get hurt.” I said.

“Okay everyone we need to take a quick break then it’s round 3, the final round.” The man spoke. “We’re clear for now we have 15 minutes go ahead.” He smiled.

Carla was lifted out of here so was I.

“Harry are you okay?” Hailey asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Can you check up on Carla?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She smiled.

Carla’s POV

“I’m fine guys.” I groaned.

“Carla try and stand.” Zayn said.

“Okay.” I stood up and almost fell.

“Lift your top.” He said.

“It’s just a bruise. Come on what would you expect from boxing?” I groaned.

“Carla.” He sighed. I groaned and lifted my top up. “Yeah just a bruise isn’t it. You are bleeding!” Zayn groaned.

“Carla! Are you okay? Never mind you’re not okay.” Hailey sighed.

“I’m going to be fine.” I said.

“Okay. I will see you in the ring.” Hailey sighed.

Harry’s POV

“So how is she?” I asked.

“She’s bleeding from her stomach and they have extended the break because of that.” Hailey explained.

“Can I see her?” I asked.

“Nope. Strict rules.” Hailey sighed.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” I got up and went to the bathroom. I saw Carla there as well.

“Carla. Are you okay?” I asked.

“Mm oh yeah I’m good. Just a busted stomach. See you in the match.” She smiled and left. Zayn came to her side and helped her walk. I went to the bathroom and it was time to back onto stage.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen. This is the final round. Give it up for the Styles.” The man announced.

“Good Luck Harry.” Hailey smiled.

“Good Luck Carla.” She smiled at Carla.

“Fighter over here ready?” Referee asked me. I nodded. “Fighter are you ready.

“No. I need a bin.” Carla ran out the ring and spat blood out into the bin.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He said.

“Hailey. Go, go and check on her.” I said.

“Okay.” She ran to Carla’s side.

Carla’s POV

“Yeah I’m good. Thanks let’s go ahead.” I smiled.

“Fighter are you ready now?” The referee asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” I said.

“BOX.” He yelled.

At that moment I decided to punch a few times. The same came back to me.

“10, 9, 8...” The crowed yelled.

“Okay I’ve got this.” I said in my head. I me and dad punched each other in the stomach and he fell. I stood my ground. The bell rang meaning I won.

“I won!” I yelled. Everyone smiled at me. “Nope I’m sorry but I’m going down.” I groaned.

“GET THE MEDICAL SERVICES NOW!” Dad yelled. He came to me and took off my gear. Zayn came and held my head still for me and Dad held my hand.

Zayn’s POV

“You’re both in need of medical attention so get in the ambulance.” I said.

“Okay.” I got in the ambulance with Carla and Harry got in his own. As we got there Carla was taken in straight away. So was Harry.

“So... how’s Joshua doing?” I asked.

“Yeah. He is doing good.” Hailey smiled.

“What about you and Gigi?” She asked.

“Yeah we’re good.” I smiled.

“Okay so we have the results of Carla. She will be out in a while. So will Mr Styles.” The doctor smiled. We waited for 5 minutes and the both came out holding each other.

“Hey guys. Starbucks?” I asked.

“Come on then.” Carla smiled.

“Then bed.” Harry smiled.

“Yep.” Hailey added. We done everything and everyone went home. Then they fell asleep but Carla. I still went home.

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