Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


21. The Mash Up

Carla's POV

"Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad." I kept on mumbling to myself.

"Yep here's dad." I heard dad's voice. I turned around and ran to him.

"DAD!" I screamed and jumped in his arms. He stumbled but he kept his balance.

"I missed you more than you think." He smiled pulling apart.

"CARLA!" I heard Zayn. I turned around and he was running to me. I jumped in his arms and he fell on his back. "I missed you so much. I would buy you a Frappe everyday but you weren't there to drink it." He moaned. We got off the floor and he looked at me from top to bottom.

"What?" I asked.

"You look different...I know it's your hair and your clothing style." He said.

"Nope I had to wear this. We have an interview in 20 minutes. So with all the attacking fans it's hard to move so we got 5 minutes." I smiled.

"LOUIS. LIAM. NIALL!" I screamed and jumped in their arms. They laughed and hugged me properly.

"We've seen you perform and it's amazing." Louis smiled.

"Carla. I'm proud to call you my niece." Niall said.

"I love you bubaloo." Liam smiled.

"You came bold...why?" I asked.

"Hey! It was a movie we recorded. You're at the premiere with us. Just watch out for your dad's girlfriend. She's just lost up there." He said.

"Okay now I've got an Interview." I smiled. "Bye. Let's go then. Oh wait I'm last." I got in the car and we drove off. Dad and them came as well.

"So whatever you do. Try to avoid very personal questions." Ross warned.

"Okay. Sounds fine." We said together. We parked up and got inside through a secret door. They fixed up the others as I told them I'm fine the way I am.

"Okay Ladies and Gentlemen today we have the amazing girl band of this generation. Give it up for ONE DIMENSION!" James Cordon cheered.

"Hello there ladies. So how are you?" He asked.

"Life's great." I replied.

"Carla. Would you come and sit next to me." James said. I got up and walked to sot next to James as the others budged up. "Now tell me how it feels to be a teenage heartthrob."

"So time to time it's fine, but other times it's nerve wrecking. Like I was on YouTube the other day and a fanfic came up of me. I watched it and it's like the complete opposite of me. If you all must know..." I turned to the camera. "I AM STILL A VIRGIN!" I turned back to James. "I get all this stuff like 'oh Carla aren't you the naughty one' 'aren't you the player' but I might have hurt someone that day. Might." I said.

"Carla you dangerous person. Now ladies let's talk about you." He smiled.

"Tell me about your new album." He said.

"Well our new album is about us in general and how we deal with our lives now. It should be out in 3 months toady." Ellie smiled.

"We also have like our love lives included in some songs. We started writing our own songs but together. We express out feelings and use them to perform a song." Sophie added.

"Now you guys will be performing here tonight. We would also like to tell you that you are playing tattoo roulette." James added.

"What!" Sarah blurted out.

"Calm down." Hanna smiled.

"Finally! I hope I get tattooed!" I said. "Dad won't let me." I added.

"Well if he has tattoos you should have one." James said.

"So we will be back after the break and you guys will be playing and performing." James said. Then we weren't live.

"I'll be right back." Ellie said.

"Wait I'm coming." Sarah said.

"Don't forget me." Sophie said.

"Then there we two." Me and Hanna laughed. We just talked until Dad came out.

"Hanna. You can't have a tattoo." He said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because you're fine the way you are." He said.

"Look dad who knows. It's a game. If it bothers you so much. I'll remove it for you!" I said then walked off.

"Carla... I didn't mean it like that." He sighed.

"No dad. Everything has to go the way you want it. Maybe you want me to go change my top as it's sleeveless." I said then walked backstage.

"Give me my punching bag. Right now!" I said. They set up my punching bag and Ross held it for me. I punched hard over and over again. I felt a pair of hands grab me. It was dad.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"Leave it. I'm back on in two minutes." I said then walked off.

"Carla. I didn't want you to get a tattoo because I am scared you would be in pain. But you're tough and I know you can handle the pain." He said.

"Thanks dad." I hugged him then left for stage.

"And now it's time to play a game of tattoo roulette. But I'm not joining. Sorry kids." James said.

"I know how to play. Shall we go ahead. I've explained it to them as well." I said.

"Well you can go right up girls pick any box." James said. Hanna grabbed the first box. I grabbed the second, Ellie grabbed the third, Sophie got the fourth box and Sarah took the fifth. We stood in that order.

"Sarah reveal your box." James said. She opened it and it read safe.

"Sophie reveal your box." She opened it and it was safe.

"Now you Ellie." It was also safe.

"Carla. Your turn." James said.

"That light is very intimidating." I said. I opened the strap. "Come on. I mean look at this." I scoffed. It read tattoo.

"Carla is getting tattooed right here right now." James laughed and took me to the stand.

"Where are you going to get it?" He asked.

"I feel like impulse is the best way to go so here." I said indicating to an area of my arm.

"It's your first tattoo. It may hurt." The man said.

"I'll be fine." I said.

"Wanna bet? $20 you'll feel pain!" He said.

"I won't and fine by me!" I said. I placed $20 on the table and he started my tattoo. I sat there feeling no pain at all.

"It's done. How did you do that kid?" He asked.

"You don't know me so you. So you wouldn't know. And keep both twenties." I smirked then walked off.

"Okay so ladies and Carla." James said. I laughed. "Time to perform a song." He said.

We ran to the stage and the music started.

"I asked you one time. I asked you the second time. Boy look it ain't game time. It's my time. I give you what you want. You just break me apart." Sophie sang.

"I thought we would be fine. Boy was I wrong. You told me nothing and I thought you told me everything. Man was I wrong." Sarah sang.

" you gonna tear my heart, you gonna act like you care. You gonna show me fake love. Yeah boy you gonna show me fake you gonna tear my heart, you gonna act like you care. You gonna show me fake love. Yeah boy you gonna show me fake love." We sang.

"You gonna get loud. You gonna play bad. You gonna mess me up. You gonna try to fix it up but listen to me. Nothing i working now!" Ellie sang.

"I thought I knew you. Damn was I wrong. You took my heart the you threw it away. You shouted aloud saying you don't care." Hanna sang.

" you gonna tear my heart, you gonna act like you care. You gonna show me fake love. Yeah boy you gonna show me fake you gonna tear my heart, you gonna act like you care. You gonna show me fake love. Yeah boy you gonna show me fake love." We sang.

"You get drunk, you get high. No it's not okay to throw me around. Are you mad thinking I'll forget yet forgive. You threw my heart away and you treated me like a toy. Boy what do you want from me now. I'M STANDING TALL. I'M HIGH ON THE GROUND. I'M DOING BETTER THAN YOU BOY. DON'T THINK IT'S OKAY TO COME BACK TO ME!" I sang softly then loudly. "You don't love me... I don't love you..." I finished. We got in a group hug.

"WOOOOOOOH. Must I say that was amazing. You guys are amazing. But sadly this is the end of the show. Hope to see you all soon." James smiled. Then the show finished.

"God we would love to stay but James we've got rehearsals and then a Mash Up show. We must leave right now." I said. We hugged him then left. We got in the car and drove off. When we got to the stadium I took a shower and put a long white shirt that I took from dad's clothes. I put on shoes then I walked out and we started practicing.

"Carla. What are you wearing?" Dad asked. "Get something else on." He said.

"Harry trust me this is the best she'll do because last time she was just in her underwear. Be lucky." Hanna laughed.

"Yeah feel lucky." I said. We practiced and then it came to our break. I took another shower. And took a nap again. My alarm went off and I got up. I went and grabbed the outfit I was wearing.

I got into them and they fixed me up. I was wearing a black buttoned up top but I had a black vest underneath so I opened the top few buttons. Then tight black jeans and Chelsea boots. To finish off I wore a scarf around my head. Then I grabbed my mic and walked to my spot. They threw us out on stage.


The song started and I just sat down. While they performed me and Hanna talked while the other three just moved around and talked to some fans.

"Thank you everyone now time for One Dimension." Everyone screamed loudly I thought I would go deaf.

"Hey guys so listen. We will be performing 6 more songs in total. Then we will be doing Twitter Q and A. So let's sing." Hanna said.

We sang another 5 songs and the last one was us.

"Here we go now. Listen up yeah. Boy I never thought I'd see you again. I really thought you'd be out there kissing another girl again. Why did you come back to me." Hanna sang.

"Boy I ain't taking you back. I ain't listening to you. I know what you wanna do. You just wanna break another girls heart again. I really loved you. But I heard about you. So I left you and I'm glad I never experienced. Argh-" I fell to the floor. "The pain..." I finished.

"CUT THE MUSIC!" Hanna yelled. She ran to me and helped me to the sofa.

"No turn it around. I don't want the fans to see." I panted.

"Okay. Now sit." Hanna said. Everyone came running to me.

"Someone threw a rock at me I guess it should still be there." I groaned.

"Take off your shoe then." Louis said.

"Move Lou. You're supposed to help her." Zayn said. He helped take off my shoe. I rolled up my jeans and took off half my sock. I was bleeding and it was swelling up.

"Call an ambulance." Dad said. "And I'll call the police I picked up the rock with a bag so the DNA marks should be there." Dad said.

"ARGH!" I yelled i put my ankle sock on properly and got up. They were yelling for me to sit down.

"KIANA! This was you. When I was on a video call with dad and he had to leave for the toilet I heard you say to someone that you want dad all to yourself and want to get rid off me. If you're that desperate TAKE HIM. NO NEED TO ABUSE ME!" I screamed. "Clark go get her." I said then walked backstage. I went bathroom then took off my shoe and my sock. I washed the blood and limped back to the main area. I sat on a chair.

"Can I get an Ice pack please Loran?" I asked.

"Yeah but why? HOLY COW what happened?" She asked pointing to my bleeding ankle again.

"You'll see soon just pass it. My foot kills!" I groaned. I put an Ice pack on and relaxed. Five minutes later the police and ambulance rushed in. Then everyone else came in. They assisted my ankle and Clark came with Kiana.

"Officer she's the one who done so. We also have a DNA match from the rock. We done the analysis on our machines here." Clark informed. They nodded and took her to the car.

"Owww!" I hissed in pain. They apologised. I felt tired and I fell asleep.

Hanna's POV

They ambulance put a black cast on her foot as it was fractured and Harry broke up with Kiana. Carla was asleep because they gave her sleeping medicine.

Carla's POV

"Mmh." I groaned. I got up saw everyone sitting in a chair.

"What happened that everyone's dead?" I asked.

"CARLA!" They yelled.

"What." I said.

"You're awake that's enough. Come on let's get you to the hotel. Be careful with your foot." Hanna smiled. I looked at my foot and saw a black cast on it and then I remembered. We walked to the bus and I got in my bunk. Hanna got in hers. I closed my eyes and slept for a while. Everyone was leaving for the hotel.

"I'm staying here." I said.

"No baby come on." Hanna said. I groaned and got up she helped me in the room and I got straight in bed. Hanna took a shower. She came out and got in bed. I hugged her and fell asleep.

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