Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


44. Seven months

Carla’s POV

“Hanna? Where is the coke?” I asked. I have been so fidgety these few months everyone got tired of me.

“Carla it’s here.” She said.

“Hanna man where?” I asked.

“In front of my face.” She said. I went next door and got it. I said thanks and she just laughed.

“Alex!” I yelled. He came running to the kitchen.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Where’s the gifts?” I asked. He handed them over to me and I smiled. I went next door. “This is from me and Alex.” Hanna and Aiden took them out and slowly smiled at us. It was clothes for their baby girl.

“Alex!” I yelped.

“What?!” Everyone asked.

“They’re kicking.” I said. Alex put his hand on my stomach and smiled.

“I’m gonna throw up on you two.” Hanna gagged.

“Sod you.” I laughed.

“Let’s order food!” Me and Hanna cheered.

“Let’s get a large pizza, garlic bread, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and more drinks.” Hanna smiled.

“Is that for just you or?” Aiden asked.

“Excuse me! Are you calling me fat?” Hanna snapped.

“Things are about to get real.” Alex smiled.

“Shh I wanna see where this goes.” I laughed quietly.

“No I was just asking.” Aiden said.

“You practically called me fat.” She was mad.

“No like I was just wondering if you wanted that...” Aiden tried to speak.

“No listen to me.” She started.

“No both of you shut the fuck up. Can’t you ever be happy and not argue over stupid things. You Aiden order her whatever she want. You Hanna don’t take things the wrong way and don’t let your moods get in your way.” I snapped. “Now Alex order a pizza and chips and a drink bottle for us two. If you want anything else go ahead.” I smiled. I tried to get up and I finally did. I went upstairs slowly and grabbed my phone. Dad called me several times. I called him back.

“Hey!” I smiled.

“Hey. How are you?” Dad asked.

“Yeah I’m good.” I said. “You?”

“Well I could be better. I’m coming down with a temperature.” He said.

“Want me to come over?” I asked.

“Up to you baby girl. If you do in two weeks. I just wanted to check in and see if everything was fine. I got worried when you never answered my phone calls.” He laughed.

“Nah battery was dead, well is everyone okay there?” I asked.

“Yeah. The kids wanna see you some time soon.” He said.

“I’ll come in two weeks with Alex.” I smiled.

“Well foods here for us. Bye love.” He said.

“Bye.” I smiled and cut off. I felt arms on my shoulders. It was Alex.

“Foods here.” He smiled.

“Let’s go and eat.” I smiled. He took my hand and we slowly walked downstairs. I grabbed our food and sat at the table. We talked about tour and everything.

“Do you think we’ll have time for tour?” I asked Hanna.

“Nope, we having kids.” She smiled.

“Well maybe we could take these guys and get two buses us four no seven.” I said.

“That actually don’t seem bad. When shall we go and see Simon?” She asked.

“Wait are you guys cool with that?” I asked.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” They both smiled.

“Oh, I am going to dad’s for a month in two weeks and Alex is coming. When he’s better and you guys are gonna be more kind towards each other okay!” I warned.

“Wait why am I going?” Alex asked.

“You don’t wanna go?” I asked.

“No as in like what’s my point of being there?” He asked.

“Well you’ll be with me and my siblings want to meet you.” I smiled.

“Isn’t it your sisters birthday in like two weeks?” Hanna asked.

“Which sister?” I asked. “No I’m joking yeah Darcy, she’s turning 16. Luke is 14. Joshua is 17.” I smiled.

“You haven’t celebrated your birthday in ages.” Hanna brought up. I smacked my head and shook my head.

“Why?” Alex asked.

“Bad memories.” I said in more of a questioning tone.

“Babe, you need to move on this is the what, seventh year now?” Hanna asked.

“Don’t you get the hint of SHUTTING UP!” I said then rushed upstairs.

“SORRY!” She yelled. I slammed the door shut and got into bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up to some shuffling sounds in the bedroom. My eyes were still closed and I turned around on the bed. “Mm what are you doing?” I mumbled.

“Oh you’re awake. Sorry.” Alex said. I hummed in response and fell back asleep.

“Carla? Where are my shorts?” Alex asked.

“In the bed sheets somewhere.” I sighed. He grabbed them and smiled kissing my cheek. He walked out the room and closed the door allowing me to sleep peacefully.

I shot up groaning in pain. “Fuck.” I looked around and found water to drink. I held my stomach and rubbed it. Alex walked in right then I acted as if he weren’t there. “Calm down you babies.” I moaned. Then i felt another kick. “No!” I cried. Alex came and rubbed my stomach slowly.

“Baby girl and boy, don’t hurt your mummy.” Alex said looking worried. “She can’t handle the pain.” He said. They stopped kicking finally. I put my head back and drank more water feeling better after. Alex got into bed and helped my lie down. I turned to face the wall and he faced my back holding me carefully. Then we both fell asleep.

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