Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


6. School

Carla's POV

"Carla. Get up you have school." Dad said.

"No. I don't wanna go!" I groaned.

"Come on you need to shower." Dad said.

"Finnnne." I said dragging myself to the bathroom.

I came out ten minutes later. Left my hair the way it was and put on black jeans that were ripped at the knees. A shirt that said 'Fucker.' And trainers. Then a black denim jacket.

"Okay let's go." Everyone said walking out the house.

"But. Never mind." I said leaving.

On the way my stomach grumbled.

"You hungry?" Ed laughed.

"What do you expect. I threw up yesterday's food and never had breakfast." I snapped.

"Carla be good please." Dad said.

"No promises." I smirked.

"Goodbye." Niall said.

I groaned and went with Ed to meet his friends.

"Hey. You're the new kids right?" They asked.

"Yeah. Gonna call me fresh meat!" I said.

"Nah. You look peng!" He said.

"I know I do." I smirked.

"I'm Joshua." He smiled.

"And I'm Carla. ED. I like this dude. He's my mate now." I said.

"Jeez Carla don't need to scare me." Ed said.

"Hey. I'm heading to class." James said as the bell started to ring. Then he left.

"I'm gonna say I got lost. I'm new so I couldn't find my class." I said.

"Bad girl. What's Uncle Harry gonna say." Ed smirked.

"I'll say what I just said. And hey. Being new has it's advantages. Use them!" I exclaimed.

"Fine! Imma say that I had to help you. Wait. You have the same classes as me!" Ed said.

"NOOOOOO. Now i gotta deal with you!" I said.

"Don't worry. I'm in the same class." Joshua said.

"Alright. I suppose I'll live. Wait don't you guys have like girlfriends." I asked.

"Yeah. They do. I'm single and I gladly like it that way." Joshua said.

"I'm glad. We are so alike." I said.

"Okay it's been 5 minutes lets head to class." Ed said. I groaned but we walked to class and we talked about random nonsense.

"So would you like to tell me why you are late?" The teacher asked.

"No but would you like to tell me why it's okay to question me on my first day?" I questioned.

"Oh okay well sit down anywhere." She said politely.

As we walked to the back. "I think she's on her periods because she changes her mood really fast." I laughed.

"Shut up." Ed laughed.

"It's true though!" I laughed.

"Alright class..." the teacher started. My mind went blank and I started a conversation with the three of us.

"So Joshua and Ed give me your numbers." I said.

"Alright." They gave me there numbers and i gave them mine. And we made a group and just texted a lot.


J: This class bores me so much.

E: Same.

C: I just came today and I can't stand this place.

J:Shut up.

C: Did you just tell me to shut up.

E: uh oh...

J:What? I'm gonna die?


I turned off my phone and punched him in the dick. He groaned in pain. Me and Ed sniggered. And everyone looked at us.

"What he hurt his leg. Now turn around." I shouted.

"DO NOT SHOUT." The teacher screamed.


"DETENTION!" She shouted.

"FINE BY ME!" I grabbed my bag and left.

"YOU SUCK!" I screamed at her face. I started to walk to the school exit as I threw the paper.

"Not going detention?" I heard Joshua.

"Nope. Never have and never will!" I said walking to the street. I was about to call my dad but realised he would blast me. And I had a key with me to get into the house. So I decided to walk home.

"You shouldn't walk alone in a place like this." He said.

"Okay wanna walk me home!" I said.

"Don't mind." He said.

"Look i only gotta walk a few more streets." I said.

"Alright kiddo bye. And now I know not to mess with you." He smirked.

"Bye." I said turning to the last street on our road.

I reached my road and turned to my house. I opened the door to find everyone home except Ed and James.

I mentally groaned to myself and dad came up to me. Just then Ed and James walked through the door.

"Wanna tell me what happened?" Dad asked.

"I'm pretty sure Ed already told you." I said. He gave me a stern look and I gave in.

"Okay so we were in class and I got bored. So we started texting. Me, Ed and Joshua. Then he told me to shut up and I punched him in the umm area and then he groaned causing everyone to look back. I shouted at them for looking back and the teacher shouted 'don't shout' i shouted 'well you're shouting' then she gave me detention and I threw the paper and left the school. Joshua walked with me for a while then we went our own ways and now we're here." I said.

"Wha-Why? Why did you do that?" He asked.

"Because she shouts at me. Like no!" I said.

"Carla. Teachers are pain but go with it. I'm grounding you for a week and you can keep your phone." He said.

"May I take your leave. You're highness." I said sarcastically.

"Just go." He sighed.

I went to my room and threw off my shoes, bag and jeans. I put on some jean shorts then i put on a top that said 'suck my dick bitch'. I dropped onto my bed face first and lay there. I started to feel my eyes close as I listened to calm love songs. Then it got disturbed by dad calling me down.

"Coming." I put on trainers. As i walked downstairs I tied my hair into a messy bun. I saw a face I thought I would see for the rest of today at least.

"Carla would you like to say something to this lady." Dad asked.

"Umm..." I said. Dad took me to a side of the room.

"Carla just apologies." He said.

"Why. She should say sorry to me. She screamed at me." I said.

"And you screamed 'YOU SUCK' right in her face." Dad said.

"Fine." I walked over to the teacher. "Umm Miss. I never really caught your name. But yeah I'm sorry for being rude and screaming in your face. I shouldn't have shouted at you." I said hoping it was enough.

"That's fine. And the names Miss Dawson." She smiled.

"Okay now I really need to leave." She said. Dad took her to the door and she left.

"That was an amazing apology. I'm proud of you." Dad said.

"I'm starving." I said.

"PIZZA NIGHT!" I said.

Dad ordered pizza and we ate. Then the doorbell rung. I went to answer it.

"Hey Joshua. What are you doing here?" I asked with Pizza in my hand. Then i took a bite.

"Yeah I came to tell you that we are all hanging out tomorrow wanna come?" He asked.

"No can do. I always say yes. But I got grounded. I tell you the rest of the story later. I'll call ya." I said.

"Alright bye." He said.

"Wait!" I said and he stopped. I gave him a slice of pizza and he laughed and took it. I told dad what he wanted and he said 'I'm glad you said the right thing' i was stuffed with the third slice i had and went to have a quick jog in the garden. Ed joined me.

"Are you stalking me?" I asked.

"No. I came to ask you. Why are you gonna call Joshua later?" Ed asked.

"He wants to know why I got grounded." I said.

"Okay then. And you're an idiot for doing that." He stopped and so did I. I kicked him in the dick and ran off while he groaned in pain and walked to the house.

"She's so abusive." Ed groaned.

"I took self defence lessons. I done karate. Boxing. Kick boxing. And anything really." I said.

"Do you wanna carry on boxing?" Dad asked.

"Duh. I'm like the best at boxing. The matches were the best." I said.

"Okay. Wait. What matches?" Dad asked.

"We had these small matches and I'd always use self defence if a guy tried to get too close to me." I said.

"Okay well we'll arrange this later. But bed." Dad said.

"Thank god. I need sleep! Someone ruined it by calling me downstairs to apologise to someone." I said looking at dad. He tried to get me but i dodged and ran to my bedroom. I opened and dad gave me a kiss on the head.

"Night dad!" I said

"Night lovely." He said.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep after calling Joshua and telling him what happened. Then I actually fell asleep.

Everyday it would be school over and over again.

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