Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


28. News!

********2 years later********

Carla's POV

"Tyler?" I asked.

"Yeah what's up?" He asked.

"I want something cold to drink." I said walking to his kitchen.

"Starbucks." He smirked.

"Yeah." I smiled.

"Okay then let's go and get Starbucks." He smiled at me.

"Remember. I need to be home by 10 and it's 9:30." I smiled.

"Definitely." He smiled.

Harry's POV

"Today is the day we tell Carla about us two." I smiled at Hailey.

"Amazing isn't that." She smiled kissing my cheek.

"She should be home in a while." I said.

"I'm really excited." Hailey smiled.

"So am I." I kissed her cheek.

Carla's POV

Me and Tyler walked home and when I got home I kissed him bye. I opened the door to find dad and his girlfriend on the sofa having their moment.

"I'm gonna be sick." I gagged which caused them to laugh.

"Hey." They smiled.

"Hey." I replied.

"CARLA. COME UP HERE PLEASE!" I heard James and Ed yell.

I groaned and went upstairs. "What?" I asked.

"Who do you love more?" They asked.

"That's all? You called me for this?" I asked. They nodded. "I don't like neither of you." I said. I walked out the room and went to mine. I took a shower and came downstairs with my night clothes on because I wasn't planning on going anywhere now.

"Dad?" I asked.

"What's up?" He asked.

"The sky." I laughed.

"Clever. Now what do ya need?" He asked.

"Oh yeah. I need to know what's for dinner? I didn't eat there. I didn't like the food." I said.

"We have your salad and a drink if you want?" He asked. I nodded and went to the fridge. I grabbed my salad and drink, sat on the seat and ate my food. Dad and Hailey came in.

"Carla. Can we talk to you?" Dad asked.

"Sure." I said stuffing food in my mouth.

"What would you do if I said I'm getting married?" Dad asked.

"Congratulations I guess. Because you're moving forward in life to start a new beginning." I smiled. I got up and put my rubbish in the bin then washed my hands.

"Well say hello to your mum." Hailey smiled. I froze. Hailey my mum! "Carla. You okay? Carla!" I heard panic.

"Carla. Carla what's happened?" Dad asked.

"I'm sorry I just sort of blurred out. I don't know why." I explained.

"So..." Hailey started l cut her off.

"I would love to have you as a mum. Just don't expect me to wear a dress for anything." I smiled. I hugged them both and walked off. I went upstairs and jumped into bed. I had plans to meet El and Louis tomorrow so I can see my little nephew or cousin. Whatever. I went on my phone and texted Tyler.

T:Hey :)

C:Hi :`)

T:What you doing

C:Lying in bed. Texting you and Hanna :) you?

T:I'm texting a really wonderful person.

C:Who? Selena Gomez.

T:She is wonderful but this person is also very beautiful. ;}

C:I'm still clueless. :`)

T:I'm talking about you baby. :)

C:Awww you're too cute :) I love you :)

T:I love you too! :)

"CARLA. GO TO SLEEP!" Ed yelled. I looked at the time and guessed I was talking to Tyler for a long time.

"OKAY!" I yelled.

T:What's wrong. You normally reply fast. :(

C:Sorry but I have to sleep now. Everyone was shouting at me :(

T:It's okay I guess. Night baby xxx :)

C:Night babe xx :)

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

********In the morning********

When I woke up Dad and Hailey were sitting next to me and they were kissing.

"GET OUT AND MAKE OUT. NOT ON MY BED. I'M TOO YOUNG TO VIEW THIS!" I screamed. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I could hear laughing and someone banging on the door.

"Carla grow up. We were just waiting for you to wake up but you took like a lot of time and we got bored." Hailey laughed.

"I'm staying here. I have water, a toilet, shower, and clothes. And a washing machine. I'll live." I said.

"Carla get out of there." Dad said.

"No." I answered.

"Fine then bye." They said. I heard footsteps and the door close. I got up and opened the bathroom door. I popped my head into the room and saw them. I wasn't fast enough so they got me out and tickled me on the bed.

"Guys. S-stop Imma pee!" I squealed.

"Okay then." They smiled.

"Just because you guys are getting married and we are becoming family doesn't mean you can kiss in my room. My! Room! I'm only 20!" I said.

"Wait. What did you say?" Dad asked.

"I don't repeat..."I started.

"You don't repeat yourself but now you've got no choice but to." Dad said.

"I said that just because you're getting married. And we are becoming family..." I got interrupted again.

"SHE CALLED US A FAMILY!" They yelled.

"What am I meant to call us strangers?" I asked.

"No I'm just really happy." They both said and smiled.

"Well I have to go meet El and that then go see Anne!" I sighed. I dropped myself backwards onto the bed and closed my eyes. "I'm leaving in 3 hours it's only 7am!" I explained. I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up I had an hour to get ready. I took a shower and changed into my clothes. A white vest and a black shirt with the top few buttons opened. Black jeans ripped from the knees and I grabbed my denim jacket. I got in my car and drove to El's house.

"Hey Carla." El smiled.

"Hey. Can I see little Andy." I smiled.

"Sure come in." EI smiled.

"Hey Andy. Come to me before I go on a long drive." I smiled picking up Andy. He giggled and played with my lips. I smiled and Louis came out.

"I see he missed your lips." Louis laughed.

"Yeah he sure did. And he's gonna miss them because I have got to go. Bye baby." I kissed his cheek and put him on his play mat.

"It's was nice seeing you guys. Especially after that long break." I smiled at El and Louis.

"Bye bubba." El smiled then went to the kitchen.

"Bye El. Bye Louis." I smiled. I hugged Louis then left. I got in my car and dad called me.

"Hey?" I asked.

"So I need you to do me a favour. Take me with you to my Mum's house. It's her birthday and I need to see her but I don't wanna take my car." He said.

"I'm staying for a week. What about you." I asked driving back home.

"A week. I've packed my bags the others are coming in Louis and this car. Me, you, Ed, Hailey and Niall. Louis, El, Andy and Liam. And James is staying at a mates for a week." Dad explained.

"Okay all of you guys have five minutes I'm outside and so is Louis." I smiled.

"Okay I'm on my way." Dad said. He cut off and I played some music. He came out so did the rest. They locked up and everyone got in the cars they were going in. I drove first and we blasted music.

"Just gonna stand there and hear me cry? But that's alright because I love the way you lie." We sang everything and got there about an hour later.

"Okay we've arrived." I smiled.

"Let's go." They yelled.

"No I'm going first." I said. I got outta the car and opened the door to Anne's house. I jumped into Anne's arms and hugged her tightly. Then dad did which gave me the chance to lock my door.

"How are you?" Niall asked Anne.

"I'm good. Come on in guys." Anne smiled. We got inside and Robin was there.

"Hello Robin." I smiled, I jumped in his arms and hugged him. He laughed and hugged me back. Everyone else greeted Robin and I went upstairs to find Gemma.

"Bye. Thanks." I heard Gemma.

"Your favourite niece is IN THE HOUSE!" I yelled. Gemma's door opened and she ran out and hugged me.

"I missed you so much." Gemma laughed.

"I missed you as well. But now I can't breathe." I said. We pulled apart and walked downstairs.

"Dad!" I yelled.

"What!" I heard dad say.

"Can you come here!" I yelled again.

"Okay." He said. I heard him coming to the stairs. Gemma hugged Harry and went to meet the rest.

"What's up?" He asked.

"The sky." I smiled.

"Hahahahahaha." Dad laughed.

"Okay so basically it's Anne's birthday and I wanna do something big because this time I'm actually here with her on her actual birthday. So I need Robin to take her out. Then we decorate the house. You and Hailey can get the cake. Niall and I have hidden the decorations right now and we'll decorate it. Then we start on the food, me, Liam, Louis, El and Niall babysits Andy. When you guys are back just help out in every way possible." I explained.

"Look at you. This girl has planned like everything. The presents are gonna be in a corner." Dad smiled.

"Okay that's fine." I smiled. We both went to the living room and everyone was talking and updating each other.

"It's Simon. It's Simon. Pick up now!" My phone blared.

"Hey Si." I said.

"Carla. So you guys will be back on tour in the next two weeks. Be ready and I need the boys in next week." Simon said.

"Okay. We're back in a week so we'll all come in." I explained.

"Okay bye Carla." Then he hung up.

Well I can relax for a week. I got up and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a cup and poured me water. I needed something strong so I went to the local Starbucks in Cheshire. It took time to find but I got there. I bought 2 large Mocha Frappes for myself and drank them all the way home. I finished them and found everyone looking at me when I got in the house.

"What?" I asked.

"Where did you go?" They asked.

"Starbucks. Took time but yeah." I said.

"Why didn't you tell anyone!?" They asked.

"I'm twenty. I don't see the point and you guys don't tell me everything now do you." I said rudely.

"Carla. It's fine just take a break. I can tell you're stressed for some reason. Go lie down in bed. When you feel better come back down." Hailey smiled.

I just walked past everyone and went to bed. I lay down and took a nap for twenty maybe thirty minutes.

"CARLA!" I heard someone yell. I fell out of bed and hurt my ribs and side.

"Ow!" I cried. "DUDE!" I yelled. I hissed in pain and got up. I rubbed my eyes and saw Gemma.

"You okay?" She asked.

"I'm peachy." I replied. I walked past her and went downstairs. I grabbed some paracetamol and took it.

"I'm going back to sleep." I said and went for a shower. I came out and put on Tyler's shirt he left at mine. I got in bed and fell asleep.

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