Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


23. Moving on.

Carla's POV

When I woke up I was on the bus. I didn't know how I got there but I grabbed my phone and texted dad. I saw the time it was only 7am.

C:How did I get on the bus?

D:I carried you there.

C:Oh okay.

D:So the doctors came and you need to have a dodage injected into you every 6 hours. I guess Hanna injected it at 6am.

C:I don't know. I was asleep.

D:Oh okay. Well we're on the way to the Cheshire. We're performing and we've got interviews. Get some rest. I'm going to get some as well. Bye.

C:Okay bye dad.

I couldn't sleep so I got up and walked to the back of the bus. I turned on the TV but killed most of the volume. Then I saw the news and I clicked on it.

"It seems that both famous bands are going to Cheshire and extra security will be there. The bands also seem to be related. It also seems that Carla has broken her foot yet she helped her friends during a crisis. The family have moved and don't plan on returning for a long time. That's all thank you." The reporter said.

"Carla. Why are you awake?" Hanna asked walking to me.

"I woke up and hour ago and couldn't sleep so I came out here. Started watching the news. Hanna have we moved?" I asked. Her face went pale.

"Hanna what are you not telling me." I pushed.

"Carla everyone said you need a new start and a better one so we're moving to Chesire with Anne and Robin." She said. She sat down next to me.

"Anne and Robin? What?" I asked.

"Yeah. What time is it now?" She asked me.

"It's 8 why?" I asked.

"Call me when it's 12." She said then walked back to her bunk. I turned on the PS4 and started playing anything. I looked at the time and it was 12.

"HANNA. IT'S TWELVE!" I yelled. She fell of her bunk and I laughed.

"Dude." She groaned. She went in her bag and took out a box with Injections.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"You." She said.

"Oh no! NO!" I yelled i shot up and ran to the bathroom. I held it with all my strength and she kept on banging the door. Then someone pulled the door open.

"Ross you're supposed to protect me!" I groaned. He laughed and helped me out. They sat me down and pushed the injection in my leg. "AHHH!" I screamed.

"Ha ha." She smirked.

"You should do it when I'm sleeping." I said. I changed the channel and watched TV. I watched a horror film but I found it hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Everyone came and joined me they were scared which caused me to laugh more.

"Guys. We're here at the stadium then we'll head to your interviews." Ross informed. We all nodded and cleaned up the best we could.

"Want help?" I heard someone's voice when I left the bus. I looked up and saw a boy.

"I'm sure I'll manage." I smiled. I walked down the steps and just walked ahead.


"Why?" I asked.

"It could ruin your healing." Hanna said.

"Want help now?" He smirked.

"Sure." I smiled. He helped me walk but then we were far behind. "Can't I just put pressure on it." I said to him.

"How about this." He said lifting me up and carrying me in his arms. He walked and put me down. "I'm Jake."

"Carla. And thanks for that." I said. He nodded and I walked out on the stage.

"So you girls are at two interviews for the start and the boys have a show. You guys will perform at 7pm till 11pm. They will be at interviews. Then we drive to a hotel for the night." Timon smiled. He was another bodyguard. We all nodded in response. I turned my head into dad's direction. I slowly limped to him and tapped his shoulder.

"Oh hey Carla. How you feeling." He smiled.

"Don't give me that bullshit. Dad why did we move here!" I said rudely.

"Don't raise your voice at me. And I done it for you. So you can have a better life." He spat back.

"HOW! This is my birth place. Then I was transferred to the orphanage in London." I snapped.

"JUST STOP! I DONE THIS FOR YOU. YOU'RE REALLY UNGRATEFUL. WHY DIDN'T I PICK ANOTHER PERSON." He yelled then hit me. I stumbled but kept my balance. I held my cheek and tears fell down. He realised what he had done and was coming closer to me.

"Don't touch me. I hate you!" I yelled then ran as fast as I could backstage. They were all yelling my name. I ran outside and didn't stop. While I was running I bumped into someone. She was at least a 30 year old women. I stopped there and helped her up.

"I'm really sorry." I sniffled. I helped her up and gave her her bags back.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "Why are you crying?" She hugged me.

"My dad hit me on the face and he's never done this before." I cried into her chest.

"What's your full name?" She asked.

"Carla Styles." I said.

"Wait. You're my granddaughter. Carla baby girl come with me. My house is just here." She said.

"I can't walk properly." I said pointing to my foot. She nodded and helped me walk. When we got there a women dad's age opened the door. I was still crying.

"This is Carla. Harry's kid and he hurt her. Do me a favour and put these in the kitchen. I'm gonna take her to the living room." Anne smiled at the girl. I guess she's Gemma.

"Sure. I'm Gemma by the way." She smiled then walked to the kitchen.

"Now tell me what happened?" She asked me as soon as we sat down.

I explained everything to her and she looked sad, mad, annoyed then she stood up and took out her phone. "HARRY! HOME NOW!" She snapped. Then she cut off the call. "Listen you sit here okay. I'll go and make us hot chocolate." She smiled then walked out. Then Gemma came in and sat by me.

"Forget Harry. Let's watch a movie and get him off your mind." She smiled. I nodded and we chose to watch a horror movie. Anne bought us hot chocolate, once drank we put it in the kitchen. I leaned on Gemma's shoulder and I eventually fell asleep.

Gemma's POV

I saw that Carla was asleep. Now I was waiting for Harry so I can murder him. I heard the doorbell ring so I gently lay Carla down and opened the door. Harry rushed in and I held him back. I signalled for him to go into the kitchen. I got a blanket out and put it on Carla. I walked into the kitchen as soon as I was done.

"How could you Harry! She's a kid at the end of the day!" Mum snapped.

"It's not my fault.." He started but I cut him off.

"So it's not your fault that she cried, ran into mum, had a throbbing cheek and cried even more. For heavens sake Harry. Look at her. She's been through so much why make it harder!" I said rudely.

Carla's POV

I heard yelling in the kitchen which woke me up. I got up and walked to the kitchen.

"Hey did we wake you?" Anne asked.

"It's fine. What's the commotion." I said looking around. When I saw dad I almost fell back. I grabbed onto Gemma and Anne.

"Carla. I didn't mean that!" Dad said.

"Leave. Her. Alone." Anne glared at him.

"Why would you dad?" I asked as a few tears dropped.

"Carla I'm sorry. I don't know nothing in my world is right and it seems I vent it out on you." Dad sniffled.

"I will do today's plan. Then I'm coming back to this place. A place where I feel SAFE!" I said then walked to the front door. "Gem. Can you take me back to the stadium." I smiled. She nodded and came. She grabbed her keys and jacket we walked out and I heard dad groan. 'I've messed up everything!' I got in the car and we blasted music. We sang almost every song. When we got to the stadium Zayn ran to me.

"Carla. Are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened? Oh Hi Gem." Zayn said. Gemma waved. I answered his questions and hugged Gemma.

"I love you already." I smiled at Gemma. She laughed and hugged me. "I love you more babe." Then she had to get back home. As soon as she left dad's car pulled up. He walked up to me.

"I'm sorry. I will wait for your forgiveness. No matter how long it is." He smiled sadly with red puffy eyes. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. He walked off.

I pushed my head into Zayn's chest and broke down. "I don't know what to do." I cried.

"Listen it's okay just don't worry. Things will change." He said. He kissed my head and he carried me in his arms as I cried into his neck. I stopped crying and went to meet everyone with Zayn holding my side.

"I know you're gonna hate me but injection!" Hanna said. I gave her my leg and she injected me.

"It's okay Carla." Zayn smiled when I groaned in pain. A few tears dropped from dad's eyes which broke my heart. He stood up to walk away.

"Dad wait." I said. He stopped and I limped to him. I hugged him tightly. "I forgive you but I'm still going with Anne." I said sadly.

"I love you Carla." He cried.

"I love you too." I sniffled.

"Girls we've got to go." Timon said. We all got in the van and we drove off.

"Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for One Dimension!" Jonathan said.

"Okay so we're playing Never have I ever. Ready. Never have I ever been in a gang." He said.

Everyone else's sign was Never but mine. "Tell me." Jonathan said.

"So when I was younger I joined a gang. I was the leader and yeah we had to end it because I got adopted and I'm pretty sure the gang still goes on just with a different leader." I smiled.

"Was it like a bad gang?" He asked.

"No we would just hand out sweets but for a high price." I smirked. "You know what. Let me call up one of them and I'll talk to them." I smiled.

"Hello?" Sam asked.

"Hey Sam. Update me on the gang stuff." I said.

"Well we have a sort of leader, we're just waiting for your return and we've started handing out proper things." He said.

"Okay well bye Sam." I cut off. "They're waiting for my return." I said. We carried on playing for a while then we talked about random stuff. Then he asked me a question.

"Carla. How do you feel about leaving London?" He asked.

"What? Who told you?" I asked standing up.

"News spreads fast." He said.

"No. I will not say anything. Bye." I walked off and got in the van.

"Carla. Why did you walk off like that?" Hanna asked.

"My life is my life. People need to stop butting in!" I said rudely.

"Okay. Well I'll head back in and you can wait here. We'll be back in twenty minutes." She smiled then walked off.

I went on my phone and Zayn texted me. I opened it and it said

Z:You are amazing at answering questions.

C:That means so much.

Z:Why didn't you answer it.

C:My life. They don't need to know!

Z:True say! Okay I'll text you later. Bye.

I ended up blasting music on my phone and played games as well. After ten minutes everyone came back.

"Music off." Ellie smiled. I laughed and turned it off.

"So next interview." Sophie smiled.

"Yep." Sarah added.

"When do we actually start?" Hanna asked.

"In 10 minutes." Ross said. We all nodded and drove off.

The interview lasted for an hour and then we went to the hotel we were all meeting at. I got in my own car and drove to Anne's.

"Hey there Carla." Gemma smiled.

"Why are you leaving the house?" I asked.

"Mum and dad are having um time together in the living room. It's scary!" She said walking to her car.

"Well I'm going to the hotel. Wanna join?" I asked her.

"Please. I've packed everything for the night!" She sighed.

"Okay. Just follow my car." I said hopping in. She got in her car and we drove to the hotel.

"Why are you back here. Gemma?" Dad asked.

"They um are having 'Quality Time' together." Me and Gemma said.

"Danger Zone!" Dad yelled.

"Yep so she's crashing in mine and Hanna's room. Or do you want your own?" I asked Gemma.

"I'll share. There's no point of wasting money." She smiled. We nodded and went to our rooms. Gemma took a shower first, Hanna and then I did. I took the longest because of my foot.

"I ain't sleeping any time soon." I said to myself. I got out my earphones and blasted music and watched anything really. I lazed about but when there was a knock on the door I got up.

"What?" I asked.

"It's seven. We need to leave." Dad said.

"How. I haven't slept!" I said.

"I'm messing. I came to check on you. And go to sleep." He said kissing my head after. I nodded and closed the door. Everyone was asleep so I opened the balcony doors and walked to the rooftop. I lay down on the sofa there was and looked at the stars. I closed my eyes sang a few words "How many nights does it take to count the stars that's the time it would take to fix my heart." I decided to give this to dad then I eventually fell asleep.

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