Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


51. Moving houses

Carla’s POV

I woke up on top of Alex who was wide awake staring right at me. I smiled and turned my head around to face the tv. I saw dad, James holding Zayn and Edward holding Delilah. I smiled at them. I turned to face the back of the sofa before I slowly rolled off Alex landing on the floor. I went upstairs to set up a bath. I washed my face and brushed my teeth running back downstairs. I made breakfast and fed the boys and ran back upstairs to check on the bath. It was all done and the bubbles were everywhere. I added some roses and went back down leaving the heater on in the bathroom. The boys were leaving so I said bye and fed Delilah then Zayn before heading upstairs to the bathroom. I took my clothes off and took a quick shower before relaxing in the bathtub. Alex walked into the bathroom five minutes later.

“Oh sorry.” He said as he saw me in the bathtub.

“It’s fine, what ya need?” I asked.

“Nah relax and then I’ll tell you.” He kissed me before leaving the bathroom. I closed my eyes trying to think happy thoughts. I gave up with the happy thoughts so I got out of the bathtub and went for another quick shower. I wrapped a towel around me and went downstairs to see people in the house. It was dad’s lot and James, Edward the girls and Simon.

“I’m gonna go back upstairs.” I mumbled. Then when I turned to walk upstairs there was cries. I sighed running upstairs and grabbed a top throwing my towel off. I obviously had a bra and pants on. I put my hair in another towel and took my dirty clothes downstairs. I put the wash on and sat with everyone else in between Alex’s legs.

“So what’s up?” I asked.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Hanna asked. Great just what I wanted.

“Just leave it.” I moaned. “It’s been ages and he’s in jail for a while!” I huffed.

“So what. You tell us man!” Hailey said. Now I was mad. Alex realised because I tensed up so he rubbed my back to calm me down but it didn’t help.


“We’re part of your life.” Dad said.

“Yeah but you don’t wanna know everything now do you. Wanna know how babies are made? Go to a hospital. If I wanted help I would’ve gotten it. I didn’t want it because I am strong enough. Strong enough to let this go. So don’t bring the past into my life!” I snapped. I was standing up now. “What did YOU wanna tell me!?” I asked Alex.

“I’ll tell you when you’re in a good mood.” He sighed and walked off.

“Goodbye.” I said running upstairs. I got into bed and cried because of all the bad memories floating around in my head. I ended up crying myself to sleep.

I woke with a really bad headache. I looked at the time, I slept for an hour. I got out of bed, hands on my head and walked downstairs. My eyes were hurting probably from all the crying. I bumped into someone which made me open my eyes.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. I drank it slowly. I spat it out on the floor, grabbing another bottle and grabbed paracetamol before drinking fresh water.

“You okay?” Someone asked. I shook my head no and sat down. I groaned and frustratedly threw the dishes on the floor and grabbed some socks and uggs to put on. I grabbed my coat and got into the car just sitting in the backseat. I went to the front seat and drove to the chemist getting myself medicine to get rid of the pain.

“Just hand it over man.” I sighed.

“I can’t you need to be given a prescription.” He said. I groaned and walked out getting into the car. I drove home and went inside. I hung my coat and keys up and went to the medicine drawer.

I found paracetamol and a whole load of tablets. I left everything the way it was and decided to clean up. I went next door and sat on the large heart cushion in the corner of the room. I looked out of the window and saw how happy people are. I was going to cry again.

Alex’s POV

I heard Carla cry herself to sleep so I went into the bedroom and sat next to her. She is in such a mess right now. She’s probably on her periods but that’s obviously not the case right now. Everyone was talking about the girls going back on tour. I turned around to look at her and she was staring out of the window still holding her head. I got up and went to the kitchen to get some painkillers for her. I got a bottle of water and approached her.

“Leave me alone.” She said turning her whole body to face the window.

“Just take the pills.” I said.

“I can’t.” She said. “Can’t for another six hours.”

“Okay well I’ll be back then.” I said. I went and put the pills in the cupboard and made a cup of hot chocolate. I gave her the cup and sat next to her.

“Thanks.” She mumbled.

“You’re welcome.” I said. She started drinking it and I decided to speak. “Would you like to move houses?” I asked.

“Why?” She asked.

“Just asking.” I shrugged.

“Well yeah, the kids shouldn’t be brought up in a house where bad memories lay.” She said. I nodded and took my phone out showing our new house. “By the way, I’m sorry for everything before.” She said.

“On your periods?” I asked and she nodded.

“Carla, how are you?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah I’m calm could be better though.” Carla said.

“I’ll leave you girls and Carla to it.” I smiled. I kissed Carla and went back to my seat.

Carla’s POV

“What’s up?” Hanna asked.

“Nothing.” I shrugged.

“As if liar.” Sophie said. “But we’re going on tour in two weeks be prepared.” She smiled. I nodded and carried on drinking my drink.

“We’re taking two buses.” Sarah added.

“We’re taking the kids and the dudes.” Hanna said.

“We should get going, gotta cook dinner.” Sarah said. Sophie and Sarah hugged me bye and walked out the house. Hanna stayed next to me and we talked about random stuff until everyone slowly left. Then everyone had gone just not Dad, Hailey, Darcy, Joshua, Luke, Edward and James. I decided to get up and cook food for everyone. I made chicken, mash, spicy potatoes and garlic bread. I made gravy for the mash and ever was set out on the table.

“Foods done.” I said. Everyone came in and sat around the table grabbing the food and talking in between themselves. I sat on the counter and grabbed a pair of scissors above me and I jumped down walking into the bathroom. I grabbed my hair and cut it below my shoulders. I washed my hair out and I tied it up in a bun. I walked out and grabbed a towel to dry my neck. I texted Lou that I need my hair done tomorrow and she said she’ll be there.

“Carla come eat.” Alex said from the kitchen.

“I’m fine.” I said.

“Just come eat.” His voice was behind me.

“I’m fine honestly.” I said.

“I’m not so sure about that. You’ve stopped eating why?” He asked.

“Not hungry.” I mumbled. He took hold of my hand and dragged me to the kitchen. “I’m not hungry.” I said.

“Yes you are.” He said.

“No I’m not Alex and I’m not gonna eat.” I said.

“Yes you are! You can’t just starve yourself.” He snapped.

“Don’t you dare yell at me.” I warned.

“What are you gonna do about it?” He asked.



“NO MEANS NO!” I snapped. He was obviously mad at me you could tell. He was burning. My face was now stinging and burning hot. I held my cheek and caught my balance. “YOU DICKHEAD! FIGHT WITH ME WHEN THEY ARE NOT HERE TO SEE!” I snapped. I went upstairs and locked the bathroom door and pulled out a blade and slit my arms a few times before going to bed.

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