Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


5. Hospital.

Harry's POV

We rushed Carla to the hospital as soon as she fell because i knew something was wrong and then she fell from the TOP of the stairs.


"Come on. Sit please you can't come." The doctor said taking Carla on a stretcher.

"But please I can't lose her." I begged.

"We will do everything sir. Please sit down."

"You... You done this. It's all because of you. All you ever do is yell at her then she goes into more pain! It's your fault she's here. You can't see my daughter." I said pointing to James.

"Please let me..." He started.

"NO! YOU WILL NOT SEE HER NO MORE!" I started to fume.

"Sir please come in she's awake and fine. But she called for Edward and her Dad. Can they come first please?" The nurse asked. Me and Edward went in and she sat up.

"Dad. What am I doing here?" She asked.

"You were breathing heavily. Complained about chest pains and your breathing fastened then you fell down the stairs. Then we bought you here because you were having a fit." I explained

"You alright?" Edward asked.

"Yeah. Thanks for coming. I called you two in because I wanted to talk to you." She said. Me and Edward nodded our heads for her to continue.

"I don't wanna see James. He has hurt me too much and has changed ever since we've been adopted. I don't like it. He's the one who put me here. I want you guys to protect me. And promise to never leave me." She said.

"I will always protect you and never leave you. I promise." I smiled.

"Yeah same here. I promise. Now shall we call in the others?" Edward asked.

"I'll go." I said getting up.

"Can Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam follow me she wanna see you guys only." I said.

"She doesn't want to see me?" James asked.

"No she doesn't and I don't want you to see her too!" I said rudely then walked away.

"You good?" Came from all the boys.

"Yeah!" She replied. Then we talked for a while and just hung around the doctor said she can leave today and she got ready but she would have to take medicine.

"Okay let's go home." She smiled at me. I hugged her and we went home. James sat right at the back and said nothing. I was glad. Carla's sat in the passengers seat right next to me and Edward behind her and next to him was Zayn and Niall then next to James was Liam and Louis. We drove home and when 'How far I'll go' came on Carla changed it quickly.

"Edward remember the gang song. Sing it with me and then you guys can join in." I said.

"We ain't playing around. You fuck with him means you fucked with her. I ain't playing around. So bitch listen to me before i grab yo soul and let it go..." we sang. Carla and Edward laughed at each other.

"Yes we know too many swears and that. Don't need to tell us." Carla and Edward said together.

"I'm gonna call you Ed." She said to Edward. He just smiled and nodded.

"Alright we're home." I said.

"ED. You're gonna help me decorate my room." Carla said grabbing Ed's hand.

Carla's POV

I grabbed Ed's hand and ran to my room.

"Calm down. You're gonna trip us over." Ed said.

"Shut up." I laughed.

We got to her room and she took out the sprays.


"COMING. I NEVER SAY NO. YOU KNOW THAT!" I heard him running. We put down towels covered up the thing we didn't want to get covered in paint.

"I want this wall to myself the left one Uncle Zayn. Ed yours is the one next to the door and then the last one we can do some random stuff." I said putting on the mask and grabbing paint.

On the wall i made a middle finger, with a heart in it. I wrote 'Fuck' 'Shit' 'Dick' to finish off.

Zaynie made a batman and superman.

Edward made a "peace" symbol that was used in our gang.

"Okay now on this wall we cover it in our names. Let me go and call the rest." I said walking out the room. I called them up but James.

"Carla?" He asked

"What?" I spat

"I'm sorry. I really am. I understand if you don't want to forgive me." He said.

"Yeah whatever bye." I said walking off.

"Okay Carla now write your name and then make a heart in the middle." Dad said. I just done it and whoever new comes into my life. Their names will be added.

"Done." I said. I started to write James.

"Don't stop me. He is still an important part in my life but I'm not forgiving him not until I'm ready." I said.

They all nodded and we took off the towels and my room looked amazing. I smiled and hugged Zayn. "Thanks for the help. It looks amazing." Then I hugged Edward.

"Where's my hug?" Dad said.

"Here you go then you can all have one." I hugged them all one by one.

"Okay I'm going to eat something." I walked out of the room and went to grab a snack.

"CARLA. You're starting school tomorrow." Dad screamed.

"Okay." I said

"We gotta go shopping for your outfits. Come on!" He said.

"Nooooooo! I don't like shopping. I don't wanna go!" I fake cried.

"Carla please. We'll make it quick. I promise." He said

"Uggh fine." I said going out to dad.

"I thought girls loved shopping." He said.

"That's were you're wrong. This girl HATES shopping." I said.

"Come on."

We got me 5 pairs of jeans. 5 pairs of ankle books. 5 pairs of trainers. 2 packs of socks. 3 denim Jackets. 3 hoodies. 5 tops.

"Dad!" I said.

"Yeah." He replied.

"Can I get a haircut. I don't normally get one but can I?" I asked.

"Yeah come with me and I'll take you to my stylist Lou." He said.

"Okay. Thanks. You're the best." I said.

When we got home he called Lou straight away. And she came 10 minutes later with a huge case.

"We gonna need all that." I said.

"That's Lou for ya." Dad laughed.

"Okay I'm scared she might murder me." I said.

"I won't. I promise." Lou said.


She sat me down in a hair studio the boys have and she cut my hair.

"You know I really like my dad's hair." I said.

"Want something like that?" She asked.

"If you can do it?" I asked. She nodded. "Then yes please" I smiled.

"Okay and you're done." I hugged her as a thank you and went to take a shower. I came out and had a towel around my hair and my body.

"Dude." I heard Ed say.

"What!" I said.

"Show me your hair." He said.

"Let me change. I'm the only girl in this house alright." I closed my bedroom door and picked out my night clothes. I dried my hair the best I could with a towel and threw all my clothes in the wash.

"Carlaaaaaa! Show me your hair!" Dad moaned.

"I'm coming!" I walked out and dad smiled.

"SHE COPIED MY HAIR. WAHAY. TRUE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DAD AND DAUGHTER!" He screamed with happiness. I laughed at him then walked to my bedroom. I took a 30 minute nap then screaming woke me up.

"Carla. Wake up Dinner time!"

"Huh yeah okay." I turned to my side and closed my eyes.

"Carla babe wake up. Dinner is here." Dad said.

"Okay I'm coming." I said groaning.

"So we ordered Nando's." He said.

"You had me at Nando's." I said.

I didn't even bother to fix my hair or anything. I was in shorts and a crop top that I only wear for bed.

"Woah. Carla you are a mess." Zayn laughed.

"Yeah thanks. I don't care who's here I'm not changing I'm gonna he my normal self" i said in my raspy voice.

"You don't need to worry. It's just food." Edward laughed.

"Okay." I sat down and put my head on the table.

"I'll make her plate." I heard dad say.

A plate was placed in front of me. "Carla. Eat now." Dad said.

"Okay I'm awake. I'll eat." I said picking up my head and started eating.

"I'm full." I said with half a plate left.

"Carla finish your food." Dad said.

"I can't be arsed to fight so yeah sure okay." I finished it off and felt sick. I jumped off my seat and ran to the bathroom. I threw up what I just ate now.

"STUPID FOOD. I HATE YOU!" Then I threw up again.

I felt someone rub my back and then I threw my head on the floor.

"I hate throwing up." I groaned.

"I'm sorry. If you were full I should've let you carry on." Dad said looking sad.

"It's okay you were just looking out for me." I smiled.

"Give me a piggyback ride." I smirked.

He laughed "Jump on." He said.

"TO THE BEDROOM I GO!" He yelled.

"Woooopeeeee." I laughed.

He threw me on the bed and fell next to me. He put on the notebook and he fell asleep. I turned the TV off and lay him down i lay next to him and I fell asleep.

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