Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


3. Home

Carla's POV

In the car we listened to music and sang along. There came a time where I jumped up and shifted into the front and sat on Harry's lap. I played 'How far I'll go' then James and I hyped up I went and sat at the back next to James.

"I've been staring at the edge of the water...." We started and continued sing along. Everyone looked at us like we're crazy idiots. The song came to a finish and James stopped leaving me to sing the ending alone. "How far I'll goooooooooo." I stopped and sat there looking out of the window thinking about how far I might actually go now.

"Woooooop! You go Carla" I heard screaming and shouting from everyone. I smiled and laughed. I sat back down thinking about how everyone is really supportive and caring. I came out of my thoughts with a nudge from James.

"Hey you okay? You seem lost?" He asked

"Yeah just thinking about how things finally have changed for us." I said smiling.

"Okay. Anything wrong come to me or Harry. He's your dad now." He smiled at me. I heard Harry giggle. I smirked but then i felt sick. I wasn't ready to call anyone dad. I was scared now. I started panicking.

"Open the windows. She's having a panic attack!" James yelled.

"Open the doors were here anyways." Harry said with a worried face.

James took me out and sat me on the floor.

"Take nice and slow deep breaths. And can we have water for her." He said. I took me at least 3 deep breaths to get myself breathing properly.

"I feel better. Thanks James." I said hugging him.

"You're welcome and come on take nice strong deep breaths okay just for a while." James said. He helped me up and took me inside. We got into the house.

Harry came to me. "You okay? You scared us!"

"Yeah just my chest hurts. That's normal right?" I asked turning to James.

He looked scared. "No normally you run after me for taking your phone. You're fine after."

Harry got out his phone and called someone. I looked at him questionably. Then he started speaking. "Paul can you send Doctor Sarah. Carla has chest pains and I'm worried about her and I want to know if there's anything wrong."

The doctor came and took me to a room full of doctor stuff. It was a mini hospital.

I asked for someone and the lady came back with Harry. "Sorry I'm just scared never been to a hospital except for when I was born." He hugged me.

"Hey it's okay I'll always be here for you." He said the doctor examined me and then she picked up something from her monitor.

"When did you last eat?" She asked. "I ate um about 1 month ago." I said quietly.

Harry looked shocked. So did the doctor. "WHAT?" They said in unison.

"Yeah... I gave up eating when I found out the real as to why I was in the orphanage." I started to play with my hands.

"I would always tell Miss Laker I woke up early and ate and then lunch I would say that I had snacks so I'm not hungry and she starts in the kitchen at 7:00 so i go in at 6:00 fake eating and she asked me if I have eaten I just say yeah so I'm going to my room" Harry and the doctor went to the side or the room.

I got up and walked out the room quietly. I walked past everyone and went to the back garden and to my surprise I found a garden chair. I lay down on it and looked at the stars and i felt tears drop. It was breezy but I didn't go inside. I turned to my side and fell asleep.

I heard a voice calling me at least 4 maybe 5 times. I turned around and groaned. "WHAT JAMES I WANNA SLEEP! I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAD A NIGHTMARE BUT I STILL LOVE YOU, YOU DUFFER. GOODNIGHT!" Next thing I feel a wave of cold but I still didn't move.

Then I saw Harry coming to me. He reached me and wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped mine around him. "Wanna tell me what wrong?" He asked.

"Promise you won't tell?" I asked. I looked up and he nodded. We even crossed pinkies. "Okay so when I found out my parents didn't want me for no apparent reason I cried. I locked my door and James came and sat outside waiting for me to open the door. He would always wait for me everyday. He keeps me happy and I do the same. I was glad I found James because he kept me safe from the others but then we decided to rule the house but we didn't be rude because I hate being rude. So one day a family come in and I greet them kindly as usual but the lady was rude to me. Just me. She grabbed my hand tightly and squeezed it really hard. I went to Miss Laker and she said that it's bruised and swollen. Then another family came the next dad and the dad was abusive and I found out that he was the reason as to why my clothes were demolished and I had a bruise on my face. I was planning to cut but I didn't. I told James what I was gonna do and he hugged me and slept by me for the night. So now where at this part. I'm scared of calling someone my family because I've never had one. I'm scared. Harry I'm scared." I said putting my head into his chest.

"Hey it okay whenever you're ready to call me dad I'll be fine okay and I'll always supporting you all the time. I promise that I won't get rid of you or James." He said hugging me tightly.

We tore the hug apart and I started coughing and then I sneezed. He pressed his hand to my head. "Come on you've caught a temperature. Time to keep you warm. And fulfil my promise." He smiled at me.

I couldn't walk so he carried me inside and he took me to a room and the door said Carla. It had a massive TV and everything really. Well not food and I didn't want it. He put me under the covers and went to get something.

James came in and saw the mess I was in. I gave him a weak smile and he sat next to me. "You're first day here and you're ill already." He laughed. "Shut up James."

"And I loved your little scream at me." He laughed again.

"You're welcome James." I smirked.

"Here's your medicine Carla" Harry said. James laughed because he knew I HATED medicine.

"It's not funny James. I HATE medicine!" I said Harry started laughing too. "Now I'm not taking it I stood up and walked off while them two laughed at me.

"Carla? I thought you were sick and in bed?" Zayn asked me.

"I am sick but I don't care I'm just gonna do what I always do. Don't care and forget about it!" I said while sitting down on the sofa next to him.

"At least take a blanket" he said getting up. I wanted to protest but didn't.

"Okay then thanks!" I said.

"I had a feeling you were gonna say no but I'm glad you thought about it." He said putting a blanket on me.

"Girl you're burning hot!" He said feeling my head. "What are them two doing upstairs?" He asked.

"Oh just laughing there fucking ass' off at me because I hate medicine. And I don't even plan on taking it." I said. "I'll be back i need the toilet."

I got up and walked to the bathroom. I felt icky and knew that this was my periods. I didn't sit down. I went to my room and grabbed my suitcase. I opened the case and took out my little bag and went to the bathroom in my room. Done my business and went to set up my closet. "ARE YOU GUYS GONNA SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW OR WHAT!" I screamed.

"Okay we're sorry calm down!" They left the room while I groaned in pain. I got changed and took my dirty clothes to the laundry and put it on for a 20 minute wash. I sat down next to Zayn again and put the blanket on me.

"You okay?" Harry asked. "Yeah i am." I groaned, got up and went to the kitchen searching for something's to get rid of the pain. "What are you doing?" Louis and Liam asked.

"I'm looking for aspirin." I said. I groaned and dropped on the floor.

"Hey hey hey. Come on it's okay. I'll bring Eleanor around and she'll help you. I can tell you're on your periods don't need to hide it from us." Louis said.

"Okay let's got you up." Liam said helping me up.

"You good?" Harry and James asked.

"I'm going to my room and don't call me for dinner. I'm not gonna eat as usual." I said walking to the stairs.

"Hey hey hey. You are going to eat." Harry said. "No I'm not. If I've done it for a month I can do it forever. Now bye!"

"Wait what. You haven't been eating for a MONTH! What the hell is wrong with you?" James asked.


I ran to my room locked the door and everything that needed locking. I threw everything and messed up everything in the room. I went into the bathroom and looked for something sharp.

"CARLA PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!" Harry shouted. "CARLA PLEASE." "Open the door Carla." He sounded as if he was going to cry.

Then i heard a click and then Harry saw me in the bathroom. I dropped to the floor and cried. He came and sat next to me and held me in his arms. "They don't want me Harry. What did I do to them? Why did they get rid of me? I hate them!" I cried into his chest for a long time.

"Hey it's okay listen to me. It was there loss okay. Not yours. They chose the wrong thing and don't cry over them. They aren't worth your tears. So please stop crying I don't want to see you in pain." I stopped crying and hugged him. I closed my eyes and stayed in his arm where I felt protected. "Come on let's get you to bed." He whispered.

He lifted me in his arms and carried me to bed. "So much has happened in one day. The first day." I mumbled. He put me in bed and put the covers on me. "I love you Carla." He said then kissed my forehead. "I love you too dad." I mumbled.

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