Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


47. Hi baby boy & girl

Carla’s POV

“Deep breaths. In and out.” The paramedic assisted. “Ten centimetres, step on it.” He said.

I screamed in pain. “I’m not ready.” I screamed.

Alex’s POV

I was next to Carla. Her squeezing my hand every time she felt pain. She was already sweating and screaming. We made it to the hospital. I went in with her and she was given a pipe to breath into.

“When we say push. Do that!” The doctor said. Carla screamed in response.

“Push!” Carla pushed and screamed. It took three pushes until we heard crying. It was a boy.

“Born at 12:25am.” The doctor said. They went to clean him up.

“Ready?” I asked Carla. She nodded and they done the process again. Then our baby girl was born at 12:27am. Then the other stuff came out and Carla and I were finally given each a baby.

“Names?” The nurse asked.

“His name is gonna be Zayn Harris.” I smiled.

“This is Delilah Harris.” Carla smiled. The baby’s were now in a cot next to Carla. She finally fell asleep in bed giving time for the other’s to come and see the kids.

Harry’s POV

I went inside and saw my grandkids. I smiled at the sight of them. “He looks just like both of you.” I smiled to Alex. Carla was still asleep so I kept it down. The others came inside and smiled at the kids. I was happier than ever.

“This is Zayn Harris and this is Delilah Harris.” Alex smiled. Then Carla woke up.

“Hey.” She mumbled. She was trying to sit up but couldn’t. Alex put up the bed but she winced.

“Don’t just let her lie there.” I said. He nodded and I took hold of Carla’s hand. “I believe that you can do it.” I smiled at her. She smiled back.

“Thanks. Pick them up.” She suggested. I nodded and Hailey grabbed Zayn and I got Delilah.

“When am I going home?” Carla asked.

“Let me find out.” I smiled at her. I gave Carla Delilah and went to find out.

Carla’s POV

I groaned at the contact made with me and Delilah. I was in so much pain but man I have lost all fat. Just a little left which I’ll lose in a bit. I held her and smiled. She opened her eyes, they were a nice green colour and I realised she took after Alex.

“He’s got your eyes.” Hailey smiled at me. “Nice blue.” She smiled. I smiled and saw that Joshua, Darcy and Luke were in a corner. I handed Delilah to Alex and slowly got out of the bed. I went towards them and walked into the bathroom.

“She’s still upset with us.” I heard Darcy say.

“Well wouldn’t you be upset to know your only family had a go at you for being adopted.” Joshua spat. “I should’ve just listened to her and not have told you two!” I washed my face and and went out. I grabbed all of their hands and bought them around the cots.

“This is Delilah Harris and that is Zayn Harris.” I smiled.

“Are you mad at us?” Darcy asked.

“No, just upset.” I sighed. I got in bed and grabbed my phone. I posted a picture of the kids on Instagram and Snapchat. I was really happy. They tag was ‘welcome the new Harris’ our children.’ I lay down and dad came back with a nurse. “When do I leave?” I asked.

“Firstly, visiting hours are over so please leave. Just the husband can stay. And you are going to leave tomorrow.” She smiled. I nodded and lay back properly. Hailey was going to pass me Zayn but I denied.

“I can’t. It hurts everywhere.” I said. She nodded and put him in his cot.

“What do you mean it hurts everywhere?” The nurse asked.

“As in, any contact made on my thighs up to my chest hurts.” I said.

“If it was just your lower part that would be normal but I think you need a CT scan.” She said. I nodded and they took me for a scan. I came back and Alex was playing with the kids. It warmed my heart to see him so fatherly towards them.

“We have your results.” The nurse said. I nodded and she told me what was wrong.

“As you had a lot of issues during your pregnancy it will affect you. But we are connecting this IV paracetamol to you and then we will see if it makes a difference.” She smiled and left.

“Night Alex.” I whispered and fell asleep.

I woke up to crying, I turned over and it was Zayn. I grabbed him and put him back to sleep. I put him back in his cot and fell asleep.

I woke up to three nurses around me. I smiled at them. “Are you okay now?” She asked.

“Yeah, so can I get ready to go home?” I asked. She nodded and handed me my clothes. I went to the bathroom and got dressed. Alex came back with a pram to fit two kids in. I smiled at him. He put Zayn in on the blue side and Delilah in the red side. I tidied up and grabbed my trainers. I got hold of Alex. He smiled and kissed me.

“We’re gonna be great parents.” He kissed me again.

“I just gave birth a while ago, I’m sore so keep it in your pants.” I said causing us to laugh.

“That’s where it’ll stay.” He laughed. We walked out and dad collected us. I closed the pram up and went to put it in the boot. Once everything was done we got in the car and dad drove off.

“Carla, are you still mad or upset?” Dad asked.

“Well yeah.” I said shrugging.

“Why?” He asked.

“They all just started on me for not being blood. I’m going home tonight.” I whispered.

“What?” He asked.

“I think we need time apart. As in all of us. Hanna and Aiden have returned home. It’s time me and Alex return home.” I said.

“You promised you’d stay for a month.” He said parking up.

“I can’t look at them in their faces. It hurts knowing that my family would do that to me.” I said. I got out the car and went to open the door to dad’s house. I opened it and went back to get Zayn while Alex carried Delilah. We walked together behind dad and then when we walked in I heard a loud scream from everyone. Zayn and Delilah started crying.

“What the fuck is wrong with you guys!?” I asked. I rocked them back and forth making them fall asleep.

“Sorry.” They muttered.

“It’s fine. I’ll be upstairs packing.” I said to Alex. He nodded and took Zayn’s seat and everyone went towards the kids. I started packing all our clothes and around twenty minutes later everything was done. I grabbed the bags and put it in Alex’s car. I grabbed Darcy’s gift and I got it inside.

“Woah! Who’s that for?” Dad asked.

“Me and Alex got this for Darcy.” I said. I put it down and she walked towards it. She looked at me slowly, trying to look in my eyes but I didn’t let them meet hers.

“I’m not gonna open it.” She said.

“Why?” Alex asked.

“My only sister won’t forgive me.” She said. She started to walk to the kitchen.

“Carla just forgive them.” Alex said.

“Why?” I asked. “Gimme one good reason why?”

“They’re family.” He said.

“Yesterday, well a few hours ago! They didn’t consider me family for being adopted. She opens it or not. I’m sorry but I can’t forgive. Ive got a show here then I’m back on tour.” I said. “This is the only family I have but I’m not treated as family. So when I hear an apology from all three of them then forgiveness might happen!” With that I grabbed the kids and put them in the car and waited for Alex to come. When he did I drove home and went to put the kids to bed. I went downstairs frustrated and sat down on the sofa. Alex sat next to me.

“I won’t talk you into anything just stay calm.” He smiled. I nodded and we watched TV. I was so mad that I couldn’t even watch TV. I got up and went to take a shower. I heard the bathroom door open. “I need to pee.” He said.

“There are many more bathrooms in the house.” I said looking at him through the glass. He shrugged and done what he had to. Then he left. I came out to see that he left my clothes there. I smiled and got dressed into my shorts and crop top. We snuggled on the couch and fell asleep.

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