Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


22. Feeling better...

Carla's POV

When I woke up Hanna was gone. She probably went for a shower. I sat up and pick up my phone. I had many missed calls so I called back.


"Hello there it this Miss Styles."

"Yes. Why?" I asked.

"We have Miss Kiana here. She has metal issues she was also using your dad for fame and money. Please be careful next time and we've sent an officer for you who will be in a bodyguard outfit. But only for secure security." The officer said.

"Thanks now i need to get ready." I cut off and got up. I limped to the door and walked to the room where everyone decided to have breakfast. I opened the door and everyone looked up.

"You're awake." Hanna smiled. She got up and helped me walk.

"Thanks. And you guys know Kiana right. Don't answer but listen she's got metal issues and only wanted fame and money. They're sending in an officer dressed as a bodyguard only for tighter security." I explained.

"Okay. Well you gotta get ready. We're moving in an hour." They said.

"Where you lot going." I asked.

"We are going to an interview with you guys then we're performing in the same place but different times." Liam explained.

"Oh okay. Well excuse me but I gotta get ready. I'm gonna be taking forever now." I said getting up then walked to the door. I heard someone run after me.

"Let me help you." Dad smiled. I nodded and held on to him. We walked to my room and I got in.

"Okay so you can leave if you want. My clothes are already set up in the bathroom. If I need you I'll call you and Hanna also has a spare card." I smiled.

"Okay be careful." He gave me a kiss on my head then left.

"I thought you loved me. But maybe I was wrong. I fucking hate you! But I'm gonna move away and scream his name right in front of your face. Gonna move away and yell out loud." I sang to myself.

"Okay I'm done." I said and walked out. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. I opened the bathroom door and Loran was there.

"How can I help?" I smiled.

"You need to wear this, I gotta do something to your hair and yeah." She smiled.

"Okay. Lemme dress." I said walking back to the bathroom door.

"Oh no. I gotta pee you change here." Loran smiled. I locked the doors and dressed up. I dried my hair and she came out.

"Okay here." She smiled. I sat down and she braided my hair 4 times. From scalp to the bottom.

"That's actually nice you know thanks." I smiled. She kissed my cheek and unlocked the door. In came Hanna. She grabbed her bag and said we were leaving. I grabbed my bag and walked out. I had everything with me so I got in the lift all alone. Everyone was already boarding the buses.

"Carla. Can we get your autograph?" A kid smiled. I signed the book and kissed his head. I walked out and then Ross ran to me. He lifted me and put me in the bus.

"Why the rush?" I asked.

"We've got the interview like in five minutes." Ellie said.

"One second. Let me call BBC Radio 1. Hello, um yes look Nick is it okay if we're 10 minutes late. We got bombarded with fans and... yeah okay thanks. You're the best." I smiled then cut off.

"Well I've sorted that." I smiled. "They start the show twenty minutes later so we're fine."

"Okay then. Let's play truth or dare." Sophie suggested.

"Dare." Ellie spoke.

"I dare you to wear high heels for the show." Sophie smirked.

"Okay then. Truth." Sarah smiled.

"We aren't doing this right but what are you most afraid of." Ellie smiled.

"I'm afraid of losing my family." Sarah said.

"Dare me!" Sophie said.

"I dare you to wear a dress." Sarah smiled.

"Truth." Hanna smiled.

"Who are you falling for?" I asked.

"Jordan." She smiled.

"Truth." I said.

"Who do you love?" Hanna asked.

"I love my family. If you meant partner wise. Nope. Just nope, nobody yet." I explained.

We played a few more rounds and then we got there.

"Hi Nick." I smiled at him.

"Hey...woah! What happened." He asked pointing to my foot.

"Dad's girl threw a rock and it fractured my foot." I said while limping out of the bus to the building.

"Well your dad needs to stop getting vicious girls." Nick laughed.

"I can hear you man." Dad groaned.

"Okay well here's the plan. We're in the same room just different sofas and the interview will be short then you will perform a few songs." Nick explained.

"Nice." We all walked into the room and the boys sat on the sofa to the left and we sat on the right. I sat on the arm and the others sat on the sofa.

"5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Go!" The director said.

"Hello there and today we welcome One Direction and One Dimension. Hello there." Nick said.

"Hello." We smiled.

"Now Carla we saw your interview with James Cordan and you said something which has increased all your fans." Nick said.

"Oh yeahhh i yelled I'm still a virgin." I laughed.

"Well now you have more boys wanting to get with you." He laughed.

"Too bad. I'm not looking for anyone. But we One Dimension have great news!" I smirked.

"What is it?" Everyone asked.

"You guys don't know?" I asked shocked.

"Nope." The girls replied.

"Well I've been nominated for best style award and we've been nominated for best band and you guys have been nominated for best worldwide tour!" I said happily.

"No way!" Everyone screamed and yelled. They jumped off the sofa causing me to fall.

"Thanks guys." I groaned in pain. I clutched onto my leg and got up. I walked out of the room and sat backstage. I grabbed an Ice pack and sat it on my foot.

"Where's Carla gone?" Nick asked through the mic.

"Carla!" Everyone repeated my name.

I walked back to the room and sat down on Nicks lap. "They're dangerous." I explained.

"You okay there?" Nick asked.

"Nope. When they jumped up I fell and hurt my foot. So I'm staying next to you." I said.

"Okay well anyways. Harry, how does it feel to have another heartthrob and is your child." Nick asked.

"It's actually nice but also kinda weird. If you know what I mean." Dad said.

We talked about our next albums and award shows and everything.

"Okay well now time to perform." Nick smiled. He was about to get up.

"Don't move. Let me get up first." I said. I got up and he came. He held my side and we walked to the stage. We stood in a line. Us at the front and the guys at the back. We planned on swapping around for whoever performed.

We sang first. Then they did. My phone started ringing during our next song. I answered it.

"Hey." I said.

"Carla. We've been attacked. You guys need to get home. We need you!" Ed whisper-yelled.

"I'm on my way right now!" I said. "Stay on the line!" I threw the mic out of my way and ran faster than ever. I got in the car and drove to the house. Then dad called me.

"Don't ask just hurry up. We need to get home! Ed and James have been attacked!" I said into the phone. I cut him off and the call with Ed carried on.

"Carla. Hurry please." Ed said. "I'm locked in the closet with James. We're hidden behind everything. Come on." He said.

"Ed listen to me. I'm on the way right now. I don't even need to catch a plane. It'll only take five minutes." I said. I drove faster and got home. I opened the door and there was the people looking for James and Ed.

"GET OUTTA MY HOUSE!" I yelled. They turned around and looked at me. They walked closer to me. "DON'T YOU DARE. ED JAMES COME OUT!" I yelled again. They came out and stood beside me.

"Carla your foot." They pointed out.

"I don't care right now." I snapped.

"All we want is James to come back to us." The women voice said.

"What!" I asked.

"I'm his mum!" She said.


"Come at me then." She said. I went to her and kicked her down to the floor. I held her down and put pressure on her pressure spot which made her unconscious. I got up and went to the man. I grabbed him, threw him on the floor and punched him. He grabbed me and flipped us around. He held me tightly and ran upstairs. I kicked him in the face and he dropped me. I pushed him and he fell backwards.

"CARLA STOP!" I heard someone yell. I stood up and walked closer to James' dad.

"COME ANYWHERE NEAR US AGAIN AND I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" I said. He got up and walked to me. I stood still.

"He is my son and is coming home with me." He said.

"Wrong! He is James Horan now. Son of Niall Horan and you are the man who let his child down. He was ashamed of himself. He hated himself say that he was never good enough for dad. And I was there to help him. NOT HIS DAD! The Niall came and took him as a son. You're not welcome in our lives." I said. I backed up and he came towards me.

"I didn't give him away! She did. I went to work and when I came back she was gone so was all the money. She's only here for my money. She doesn't care. It's her." He cried.

"What...Where is that BITCH!" I yelled. I got out of his hold and walked to the stairs. I jumped on her and she woke up.

"YOU LEFT JAMES. YOU ARE NOBODY GET OUT. AND NEVER RETURN YOU ONLY WANT JAMES' FAME AND MONEY. POLICE!" I yelled. They took her away and she kept on yelling that she hates us.

"WE HATE YOU TOO!" I yelled.

"You." I pointed to James' dad. "You can only see James on weekends. Other then that. Stay away and don't bother us. When you've gained our trust you can see him at least one week every month." I said. He nodded and left.

"Like I said- no- nobody messes with my family!" I said. I clutched on my leg. "Argh." I groaned then I walked back upstairs and got in my bed. My foot was aching so I took off the cast and my socks. My foot was bleeding again. I called the hospital.

"My foot is bleeding again. Can you come please." I said. She said the ambulance is on there way.

They were taking time so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Hanna's POV

I went upstairs and Carla's foot was bleeding. I was about to call the hospital but the paramedics and a doctor ran in. I sat on the side and they told me she would need this dosage injected into her every 6 hours. I thanked them and they left.

"How is she?" Everyone asked.

"Yeah she's fine it's just that she needs this injected into her every six hours. And she's not allowed to be putting to much pressure on her foot." I explained.

"Thanks." Harry smiled.

"We've got a show at 7 tomorrow evening in Cheshire. Will she be okay?" Sophie asked.

"Of course she will. Let's get some sleep and we'll leave in the morning at 5 am. Because we also have two interviews." Ellie explained.

"Goodnight guys." We smiled. They all went to there own rooms and I jumped in bed with Carla. I was texting on my phone, ten minutes later I turned it off and fell asleep.

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