Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


4. Family time

Harry's POV

She called me dad. I feel happy. Happier than ever. I finally have a daughter and I'm already proud of her.

"What's got you so happy Harry?" Louis asked as I got into the kitchen.

"She called me dad. I'm surprised because..." but then I remembered. I made her a promise and she trusted me. "I can't tell you why though because I promised her and she trusts me. Sorry guys."

"Is she okay?" Liam asked.

"Yeah she's asleep now. She was just stressed and I calmed her down and everything." I replied.

"James I don't think it was right for you to shout at her. She was looking for a blade or something." I said to him.

"I'm sorry but like she's my best friend and I love her. I don't want to lose her in any way." James said looking down.

"Okay let's stop now I don't want anything else to go wrong." Niall said. We all nodded in agreement. We sat there and talked about random stuff and then we cleaned up. We went to watch a movie.

"Horror?" I asked

"Yeah. Let's watch Lights out." Louis cheered. We laughed at his love for Lights out. I turned it on and we sat there and watched it in silence. We all fell asleep but woke up due to screaming.

"NO! LET ME GO! I HATE YOU! I HAVE A NEW DAD AND I LOVE HIM! GET LOST YOU HORRIBLE PEOPLE! YOU LOST ME!" I heard screaming from Carla's room. I shot up and ran to her room.

"Carla. Carla. Where are you?" I turned the lights on and looked everywhere. Then i saw movement from the corner of my eye.

"Dad. Save me. He came for me. Please." She whispered. I crouched down to her side and picked her up. I helped her downstairs and sat her on the couch. I got her some water to drink and kept her in my arms.

"What you guys watching?" She asked quietly.

"Lights out, well finishing it ." Liam said.

"I'm going to my room and I'll watch 'The notebook' I don't like horror movies." She said getting up. I got up as well and she looked confused.

"You're watching The Notebook . His favourite movie." Liam replied

"Ohhh okay. It's my favourite too." She smiled at me. I actually just wanted to stay with her because I'm worried about her. And it's my favourite movie. We got to her room and she grabbed the control.

"Dad, can you set it up please." She said handing me the control. I took it off her and she started to clean up the mess that was created earlier on.

"Hey leave that. I'll clean it up. You're already sick." I said getting up.

"No I wanna get my mind off my stupid periods and illness. I've never really cared about myself, it's always been about everyone else." She smiled sadly.

"Carla, look we're all here for you now. I'm gonna support you though everything, just not boys." We laughed.

"It's fine dad. I don't wanna fall in love because I don't want my heart to be broken because of some boy." I hugged her and brought her to the bed and sat her down.

"Carla may seem strong and powerful but once you know her she is weak. I'm strong dad but weak. When things get taken far it get physical and I win." Carla said.

"You know you can be who you are and if you have a fight I'll still support you." "Let's play 20 questions or just questions to get to know about each other." I suggested. She nodded in agreement.

"Okay. What's your favourite colour?" I asked.

"Orange and Blue can't really decide. Yours?" She asked

"Same." I smirked

"How many girlfriends have you had?" She smirked.

"Really? Okay I've had at least 17 girlfriends." She laughed really loudly. "Oh my gosh. You're so bad." She laughed. I felt happy because she's happy so I laughed with her.

She got up and ran out the room. "NO CARLA DON'T TELL ANYONE PLEASE!" I shouted. "TOO LATE!" She screamed back and I shot up running after her. I chased her round the whole house until we got to the living room.

"GUYS!" She screamed. "Carla don't." We were still running in circles. "Sorry dad!" "This seems interesting TELL ME!" Louis shouted. "Dad's had 17 girlfriends. He's soooo bad! And he won't let me have boyfriends!" She laughed. She dropped to the floor, still laughing.

"Carla wants a boyfriend." James teased.


"James what the hell is wrong with you. You're her best mate." Niall shouted at him.

"Shit I'm sorry! I didn't really mean it. Even she knows that." James said.

"I'll speak to her." I said walking to the kitchen. "Stupid idiot. He knows I only get along with dudes as FUCKING friends and here him saying I want boyfriends what if I'm lesbian huh?" She mumbled to herself.

"Carla you okay?" I asked. She jumped with surprise and fell to the floor. "Sorry for scaring you."

"No I'm sorry all I ever do is get moody. Maybe i should go pack and you can send me back. I'm going to pack and then you can take me back or I'll leave." She was speaking to nobody in particular.

"Carla no. Look at me. I don't care how you act. It's just teenage years okay so I'll always protect you and keep you safe." I hugged her tightly. "Let's go out today. Me and you to a carnival then we can all go out for a dinner together and have a movie night at home. What do you say?" I asked her?" She nodded and walked to her room to get dressed.

"So me and Carla are going out to a carnival and then we are going for dinner. You know the restaurant for just celebrities there and then it movie night." I explained.

"Dad I'm done leggo!" I heard Carla. James got up and stood in front of Carla.

"I'm sorry Carla that was wrong of me. Forgive me?" He asked. She laughed and hugged him.

"Yeah but NEVER speak shit like that again." She warned. He nodded and sat down. "Shall we go then we'll be home for 5. Bye guys and don't ruin the house please." I said walking out.

We went on almost every ride but it was almost 5 so we were heading back to the car to go home. "That was fun we should make Liam sit on the rides." She said then we laughed.

We played music and little things came on and we shared the song between each other. It came to an end and i gave it to her. "I wanna be a singer like you guys I would always look up to you and still do. But I ain't crazy and that."

"Maybe you can be like us in the future. And hey you can sing with us on a show."

"REALLY? That would be awesome. I love you so much!"

We pulled up and to my surprise the house was clean.

"Wow you guys kept the house clean." Me and Carla laughed.

"Okay let's go and get dressed hurry up!"

Carla's POV

I went to my room and put on pair of blacked knee ripped jeans, a top that said 'Hands off bitches. I'm my own!' I put on a black denim jacket and black trainers.


"What are you wearing?" James asked.

"Clothes!" I replied

"To a restaurant?" He said.

"Well yeah. I don't wear dresses and all that stuff." I said. The boys came and looked at me the same way.

"Whattttttt? There just clothes! I don't wear dresses and all that stuff! So don't expect me to!" I said.

"You look beautiful love don't listen to them. And I'm loving the shirt." Dad smiled. I hugged him. We left the house and filled up the car.

"You know how a normal girl would feel left out I don't. I'm a dude oh and James is a girl." I smirked

"I am not a girl." He said.

"Really is that why I have beaten you in every single fight?" I said.

"Alright I don't wanna start a fight but I would consider you a dude." He smiled. I smiled back at him and hugged him.

"We're here!" Zayn shouted.

We ate dinner well dad made me eat.

"Dad I'm not hungry. Please don't make me eat." I begged.

"Please eat. I don't wanna lose you. Nobody does. Even a salad will be fine." He smiled.

"But... Fine nothing else then!" I said.

"Thank you."

My phone started ringing. I went to the side and answered it.


"Carla. It's me Jo from school."

"Yeah hi. What's up?"

"I heard you're leaving and not returning so i called you to say goodbye and hope we still keep in touch?"

"We will. I might even come round to meet you."

"Thanks. How's tomorrow?"

"That's fine we'll meet at our normal spot."

"Yeah that's great. Bye."


I went back to the table to find everyone looking at me.

"Okay that was Jo from my old school and he wants to meet up. That's all." Dad looked at me suspiciously.

"Is there something wrong Harry?" I asked. He looked a little hurt. "I'm sorry i meant dad."

"Where are you going to meet him?" Dad asked.

"Our spot. It's where the whole gang hangs out. James knows where that is." I had pains coming to my stomach and tried to ignore it.

"I'll be back." I groaned and got up. I walked into the bathroom and felt sick. I threw up and had too pee due to my periods. I walked back to the table clutching my stomach.

"Dad I don't feel too good. I just threw up in the bathroom." I sat down and put my head on the table.

"Wanna go home?" Zayn asked.

"Will you take me home?" I asked.

"Sure I'm not a big fan of this place." He said.

"Thanks. Bye dad." I got up and walked to Zayn.

"Wait. You need to eat." Dad said.

"I'll eat at home." I said

"You better. If you don't Zayn will tell me." He smirked. I smiled and Zayn took me in his arms and helped me outside into his car.

We got home and Zayn sat me on the sofa.

"What you doing Zaynie?" I asked.

"Making you food." He replied.

"I'm vegetarian!" I lied. I just didn't want to eat chicken and that.

"Don't worry. I know you're not. We know everything about you." He laughed

"I will eat. I'm just not in the mood for anything meaty." I said walking to the kitchen.

"Calm down. It's only Macaroni and Cheese." He smiled.

"Uncle Zayn?" I called.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"Have you ever been in love?" I asked.

"Yeah and I still am in love with her." He smiled.

"What does it feel like to be in love?" I smiled.

"Want me to be honest or lie?" He asked.


"It feels great and when I see my girlfriend I get butterflies and i feel happy. She makes my heart beat faster and whenever she smiles i get goosebumps. Falling in love is amazing. It starts off with you're first heartbreak and from there you can tell who is really in love with you and if they actually mean it. Oh and it's better to get your heartbreak earlier because it will be less painful." He smiled at me.

I let the information sink in deeply. Thinking about how I should maybe just push aside my worry for falling in love. I should let it go and just go for it.

"Thank Uncle Zayn. And you're girlfriend sounds AMAZING! If she makes you feel like that you should be lucky. Maybe she's the one. But please don't do kissing in front of me. I will cry and throw up." I laughed.

"Now I definitely will kiss her in front of you." He laughed. "Here you go foods done." He put the plates on the table. He put the dishes in the sink while I picked up my plate and went to my bedroom. He came after and followed me.

"Why did you come upstairs?" He asked

"I wanted to be comfortable and watch a movie as well. I'm planning to do an all nighter." I smiled at him.

"Alright then. I wanna see if you survive." He smirked.

"Is that a challenge uncle Zaynie?" I smirked.

"Yes. I'm gonna do one too." He smiled.

"Oh you are so on." I laughed.

"Alright. Just eat before you get told off by Harry." He said.

"I'm not hungry though." I said.

"Deep down you are. Look I don't wanna be the controlling uncle. Can you please eat. You're already sick." He said.

"Yeah okay." I said. I ate the Macaroni and it was nice. I finished and went to put the dishes downstairs.

"I'm going to change. Don't come in my room." We said at the same time.

"Creepy ass shit." I said walking to my room. He laughed at me. I went to my closet and picked out a pair of black shorts and a black top that read 'Fuck me? No Fuck you!'

"Wow my tops are really bad. Meh I like them." I said to myself.

"ZAYNIE! Are you done yet?" I screamed walking downstairs. I heard a noise from the front door and knew it was just the boys coming back from their dinner.

"I THINK THERE HOME!" I screamed.

"UNCLE ZAYN! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?" I screamed. I ran to his room to find him in shorts and him looking at himself in the mirror. I started laughing.

"Yes how can I help you?" He asked.

"When are the boys coming home?" I asked.

"Um in 20 maybe 30 minutes." He said.

"Then who's messing with the front door." I said to myself.

"What! Someone is messing with the door. Alright come on lets go check it out. Stay behind me!" He whisper-yelled.

I nodded and we walked downstairs to find a man sitting on the couch. He was around my age and just sitting there.

"Edward? What are you doing here?" Zayn asked.

"I wanted to see my new mates. The new kids that will be coming to our school." He said.

"Wait. Who the fuck is he?" I blurted out.

"He's Edward. My nephew." Zayn said.

Edward walked up to me and held my hand. That's when my instincts kicked it that I pulled him down and sat on him.

"Dude you are tough." He said.

"I know so you don't wanna get on my bad side. If you do you know what the fuck will happen. And you NEVER greet me like that. I was in a gang so putting your hand in front of me is a sign of disrespect." I said getting off him and helping him up.


"Yeah. The one and only. So don't fuck around with me or my family." I said going to the kitchen.

"Yo she was a badass like everyone respected her and knew to never mess around with her. On top if that the group had a crush on her." I heard Edward say.

"YO DUMBASS I CAN HEAR YOU. AND KNOW THAT I DON'T DO LOVE! SO FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER BITCH!" I yelled then started eating strawberries. I walked back out to have a shocked looking dad and James.

"What?" I asked

"You were in a gang!" Dad asked.

"Yeah... and..."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" James shouted.


"CALM DOWN." Dad shouted.

I started feeling dizzy and my breathing fastened and my chest started to hurt.

"Holy shit." I said dropping the strawberries.

"Carla." Edward said coming up to me. I pushed him away and started walking up the stairs slowly and with a weak balance.

"Carla come back." Dad said.

"I'm fine." I made it to the top of the stairs and stopped. I took a step forward but ended up falling down the stairs.

"CARLA." Was all I heard from the room before blacking out.

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