Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


46. Darcy’s Birthday.

Alex’s POV

Carla’s been waking up so early these past few days. She said it’s because she can’t sleep or she’s not tired anymore. But today she was still asleep in bed. I got ready and went to make her food.

“Morning Alex.” Darcy smiled. “Did you do this?” She asked pointing to the birthday decorations.

“Happy birthday.” I smiled. “No I didn’t.” I said. I hugged her and went to the kitchen and breakfast was cooked. Everything was set out. Everyone came down and I walked back to the living room.

“Who done this?” Everyone asked.

“So wait it’s not you guys as well?” Me and Darcy asked. They shook their heads no. “Well Carla is still asleep.” I said confused.

Carla walked in just that moment fresh and bright. She was happy and smiling. “Happy Birthday Darcy babe.” She smiled hugging Darcy. “Hope you guys like the breakfast and decorations.” She smiled to everyone mostly Darcy.

“Wait you were asleep.” I said.

“No, I just made it seem like I was asleep. I’ve been awake since, seven.” She smiled.

“Well you have issues.” I said.

“Breakfast awaits!” She said.

Carla’s POV

We all sat at the table and it finally felt like a proper family. Dad and Hailey were being gross as usual.

“So guys, lemme just say you’re gonna be expecting another kid.” I whispered to my siblings. They all gagged which caused us all to laugh.

“That’s disgusting.” Darcy laughed.

“So Darcy! Let’s have a party, eat, cut the cake and presents.” Alex smiled.

“You just read my mind.” I smiled.

“That sounds great.” Joshua smiled.

“Man this is what a real family is like.” I said happily. I felt sad realising that I don’t have a family. It’s just me. I got up and went upstairs to my bed. I cried a little but washed my face before anyone noticed. I headed back down and sat down while they had fun and partied.

I just kept thinking about how them guys would feel if I was just adopted. I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when the door opened. It was Edward and James. I screamed and ran to them both. I didn’t let go until everyone coughed.

“GUYS! ITS ED AND JAMES!” I yelled happily. “You guys came.” I smiled.

“Yeah we came.” They laughed. “Hey guys!” They smiled at everyone.

“Hey.” They smiled.

“I’m James this is Edward.” James smiled.

“Darcy, Luke, Joshua, Alex, Hailey.” Darcy said pointing to the person one by one.

“Your wives?” I asked.

“Business work.” They said.

“Well then. It’s Darcy’s Birthday and we are having a party, come and join.” Harry smiled.

“Okay. Happy Birthday Darcy.” They smiled and hugged her. I went and sat down again and they both joined me.

“So when did you get pregnant?” Ed asked.

“About, nine months.” I said.

“You’re honeymoon!” James added.

“So not long.” Ed said.

“Yeah no more weeks few days.” I smiled.

“Something is bugging you.” They said.

“It’s nothing.” I said forcing a smile.

“Carla, I am gonna count to five no three. You will tell me or I’ll tell Harry what happened.” Ed said.

“You can’t do that!” I snapped.

“Well then...” James said.

“Fine, you know how these three take on after me and everything. What would they do if I told them I’m not their blood sister and I say I’m adopted?” I asked them.

“You still ain’t told them?” Ed asked shocked.

“No...” I said. “I feel bad for not telling them.” I sighed.

“You are adopted and didn’t want to tell us?” I heard Joshua ask. I turned around and he was there.

“No look its not like that. See I was just worried how you would react.” I said standing up. The music stopped and everyone was silent. He looked over at Darcy and Luke. “Please don’t. They’re happy.” I whispered.

“Don’t tell us what?” Darcy asked.

“See! This is why I don’t tell anyone anything.” I said. “Tell Harry and Hailey to tell you.” I said and went upstairs. I got under the blankets. It was now 00:00 on my clock. The door opened and everyone was mad. Everyone was the kids.

“You’re not my sister!” Darcy yelled.

“I am Darcy.” I said.

“She is Darcy. So what if she’s adopted, do you know her story!?” Hailey asked her.

“Fine then! Tell us about you.” Luke snapped.

“I’m nobody, just nobody. They should’ve just left me in that suitcase die.” I cried.

“No! Don’t you ever say that!” Dad said. “You deserve a life everyone does.”

“Wait what do you mean?” Joshua asked.

“When I was born my parents took one look at me and didn’t want me. They packed me in a suitcase. I was found on the side of an orphanage and they took me into care. I was the only kid there since birth. Others joined at the age six or seven.” I said. Darcy looked like she felt bad. “Harry adopted me and took me in his arms. He looked after me and I done the same for him. He helped me reach my goal. Sure we had our ups and downs but we were still there for each other.” I said.

“You expect us to believe you like that?” Darcy asked.

“They don’t believe me.” I cried. “I don’t care what you guys say but I am your sister blood or not!” I said.

“Is she lying or not!?” All three asked.

“NO!” Dad yelled. “Whatever she said is true. Have you even been through what she has? No you haven’t. Carla was stalked. She was in hospital basically every day and the pain just never stopped. She fought to stand where she is right now. She’s also becoming a mother. She didn’t get an abortion because and don’t want her twins to be treated the way she was.” Dad explained.

“It’s about time you guys stop jumping to conclusions. Carla is still your sister.” Hailey said.

“Why does she call you Hailey?” Luke asked.

“She’s afraid of having parents. She just about calls Harry dad once a day.” Hailey explained.

“Sorry.” Luke, Joshua and Darcy said. I wiped my tears and smiled at them. They came to hug me and when they backed away I felt a gush of water come out.


“Call the hospital!” Alex said. He took my hand and an ambulance was here before we knew it.

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