Carla has been in an orphanage and she wants to get adopted already. When one direction came to adopt kids she was never prepared for what was going to happen.
Carla still lives a rough road but fights her way through it. Does she become the person she wants to be.
#OneDirection #firstbook


10. Carla and Joshua time?

Carla's POV

"DAD! Joshua wants to meet up. Can I go?" I screamed from upstairs.

"SURE. Be back for 8 please." He screamed back.

"Thanks. I love you." I said walking to my room.

I went to my wardrobe and took out a shirt that said 'I'm taken dicks', black jeans that are ripped from the knees and my Chelsea boots that dad bought for me.

"Okay I'm leaving." I said walking down stairs and grabbing my jacket.

"Be careful with your hand and take care." Dad said.

"Love ya." I kissed him on the head and left the house. I found Joshua at the top of my road.

"Hey." Joshua smiled.

"Hey. Where we going?" I asked.

"To a place you've never seen. Nah it's a surprise." He smiled.

"Okay. It better be close. And I have to be home by 8." I said.

"Awww. I wanted to spend time with my baby." He pouted.

"What the flip did you call me? Baby? Please NEVER again!" I said.

"Okay then what can I call you." He said thinking to himself.

"Okay. I have an idea. We make nicknames for each other." I smiled.

"Yeah okay." He said.

"I have one for you." He said. I turned my face to him. "Baby girl." He said.

"Nope." I said.

"Okay how about... Sexy mama." He said.

"I actually like that." I said.

"Well yours is done. Mine now." He smiled.

"Boss Josh." I smirked.

"I approve of this. And we have arrived at our destination." He said.

We walked a little further and there was a view to the whole area. With the starts and the moon. And the sky in different shades if blue.

"This is amazing." I laughed.

"I know." He smiled at me.

"This is amazing thank you so much." I hugged him tightly with my left hand.

"Now we relax. And talk about nonsense." He smiled.

"Okay. That's fine by me." I said.

"One day. When I'm older. I want to be married and have at least two kids. I want a family and I want to live happily. No trouble no issues." He said.

"When I hopefully pass the X-Factor and win. Single or band I'll be happy. I just want my dreams to come true so I can show that I am strong and I can do it even though my life has been hard." I smiled at Joshua.

"Can I come and see you perform?" He asked.

"Definitely." I smiled and hugged him. He pulled out of the hug and attacked my lips.

Joshua kissed me. He lay me back on the grass without willing to break the kiss and he was on top of me holding himself up so he didn't squish me. I leaned up a little and he smiled in the kiss, pushing me back down. We broke the kiss to catch our breaths and just lay in the same position looking at each other in the eyes.

"You're so beautiful." He smiled.

"And you're very handsome." I said and gave him a quick peck. Then my phone bleeped.

I saw the time. I had 10 minutes to get home.

"Crap. I gotta get home." I said.

Joshua got off me and gave me a hand and pulled me up. He walked me home while our hands were hand in hand. I done the doorbell and dad opened it.

"I had fun Joshua. And I normally don't say that." I said to him.

"Hey dad." I said.

"I'll see you at school." He laughed.

"Bye Harry." He smiled.

"Bye." Me and dad said.

"I'm gonna change." I smiled.

"Okay hurry back." He said.

I put on jean shorts and a crop top on that said. 'Love me? Hate me? Don't bother me.'

"Okay we need to get to the studio." Dad said.

"Okay let's go." I smiled.

We got to the studio and I listened to dad sing.

"Whoop. You go dad." I whispered. We weren't allowed to shout or speak loudly. I was sitting there and started singing along but to myself. I lay down and closed my eyes for a bit then I saw a shadow above my head.

"What! Who's dead." I shot up. Zayn was in front of me.

"They want you to sing." Zayn smiled.

"Why?" I asked nervously. Zayn pointed to someone. It was Simon Cowell. Oh crap! "I'm sorry. I'll go home." I said.

"Just sing please." Simon begged.

"Okay..." I said quietly. I walked into the booth and put on the headphones. I was going to sing '18.'

"I got a heart and I got a soul

Believe me I will use them both

We made a start

Be it a false one, I know

Baby, I don’t want to feel alone

So kiss me where I lay down, my hands press to your cheeks

A long way from the playground

I have loved you since we were 18

Long before we both thought the same thing

To be loved, to be in love

All I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you

I wanna love like you made me feel

When we were 18."

I opened my eyes and saw dad smiling proudly. Simon was standing and clapping so where the others. I smiled and took off the headphones. My chest started hurting and I realised I haven't eaten nor have I taken my tablets.

I went up to dad and leaned on his chest. "Dad. I haven't eaten or taken my medicine. Can you get me something so I can take my pills to get rid if my chest pains." I said.

"Here sit down and we'll sort something out. Don't worry. Louis and Liam get her medicine please. Zayn and Niall get her something to eat. And James and Ed get her water." Dad said sitting me down.

"Okay." I said. I took nice and slow deep breaths waiting for them to come back. I ate some salad and the took my medicine. I felt better thanked everyone. My phone started ringing, I excused myself and went outside the room.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey. Are you Miss Styles?" She asked.

"Um yeah why?" I asked.

"Well we are calling to let you know we have found your parents and we want to know if you and your dad would like to meet them." She asked.

"Can- Can you give me a minute?" I stammered.

"Yes I can." She said. I put the phone on mute and cried.

"I don't wanna see you. You left me the moment I was born. I hate you." I said to myself. I wiped my eyes and went inside.

"Dad?" I whispered.

"Yeah what's up?" He asked.

"My birth parents want to meet me and you. I don't know what to do." I said wiping my eyes again.

"Let's meet them. Then you'll see what you're parents seem like." He smiled.

I nodded then went back on the phone.

"Yeah me and my dad will come and see them." I said to the lady on the phone.

"Okay thank you. Please come tomorrow to the court at 4 pm." She said.

"Okay bye." I said then hung up. I went to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I sat on the floor and stayed there.

My phone started ringing and people were texting me. I ignored them and stayed still. I didn't move for a good hour. Then I realised that I wasn't at home.

I walked out and pretended to be on a call. "Okay thank you. Hope to see you soon." I said to nobody.

"Carla. Where did you go?" Louis asked.

"I went to the bathroom and I got a call. The women wouldn't stop talking." I said.

"Okay come on Harry is looking for you." He smiled putting and arm around me.

"LouLou?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"Never mind." I said.

"You sure." He asked.

"Yeah." I smiled. He nodded and we got back to the recording booth. Zayn was singing. He was so passionate and singing really strongly. He made sure he got every part right.

"Thank you Zayn. Amazing job. Take five then you, Liam come up." Harrison said. He was the recorder of there songs. He was nice and a jolly person. He would always want to see the positives of things. Not negative. Then my phone blared out loudly.

"Sorry." I said then walked out the room. "Hello?" I asked.

"Hey Sexy Mama... I need to talk to you. Can we meet tomorrow ?" Joshua asked.

"Yeah we can." I said.

"Okay bye. Stay safe." He said then cut off.

"Weird." I ignored it and went back to the room.

"I'm going out tomorrow. Sorry." I smiled.

"It's fine. But you got to start revising for your exams." Dad said. I nodded in response.

"Okay. Let's go home be back tomorrow." Liam smiled.

"Okay." We all got up and left. Everyone sang in the car but me. I was trying to work out what Joshua wanted.

"Night." I said as soon as I walked in the house.

"Night." They replied.

I changed into fluffy shorts and a fluffy top. I closed my eyes got comfortable and fell asleep.

I woke up due to my alarm. I groaned and turned it off.

"Time to get ready." I said to myself.

I put on blue jeans, a top that said 'Hipsta Please.' And my trainers. Then i grabbed a jacket and put it on. I told dad I'm going he said okay then I left.

I walked to Joshua's house and he opened the door. He smiled and walked out.

"What's up then?" I asked.

"Don't hurt me please." He said.

"What is it!" I pushed.

"I'm breaking up with you." He whispered. I stopped dead in my tracks and froze.

"Why?" I asked.

"I like someone else." He said.

"Okay...bye Joshua." I said. I walked off and started crying a little. I done the door bell and Zayn opened it.

I went straight to my room. I locked every single door and blocked it with anything heavy I had. I changed back into my same night clothes and got into bed. I cried my eyes out and hugged a pillow. I skipped breakfast and lunch. It was 8 pm

"Carla... Dinner is here." Dad said.

"I'm not hungry." I said. "Goodnight."

"Carla please. I won't eat if you don't." He said. The I heard him slide down the door. I had a minute of hesitation but then I unlocked the door and went back to bed.

"What's wrong?" Dad asked.

"He broke up with me." I cried hugging the pillow again.

"I didn't do anything. I was kind. I treated him right and everything. I don't see why!" I punched the pillow with my broken hand and I felt pain.

"I hate him!" I said.

"Come here." Dad said. I hugged him and closed my eyes with him protecting me. I held him tightly then found myself sleeping the next 10 minutes.

Harry's POV

Carla fell asleep so I went to Joshua's house.

"Why?" I asked.

"My mum said she doesn't like me dating her." He said with red puffy eyes.

"We'll work something out. Can I see your mum?" I asked.

"Yeah." He let me in. Joshua left.

"Why can't they date?" I asked.

"I don't want him to date a strong girl like her. I want my boy to protect his girl." She said."but I've seen how broken he is without her in just a day. I'm willing to let them date."

"Thank you."I smiled.

"I need to get home." I left and went home. I changed into my night clothes and slept next to Carla. I didn't want her to cry again.

"Goodnight lovely. Tomorrow will be a better day. I promise." I smiled then fell asleep.

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