The Love Story Of Issac And Chloe

A Girl Gets Kicked Out School For Being Late Because She Was Bullied By Her Family, A Boy From Her School Comes Over And They Fall In Love!


1. The First Time We Met..

The third day of school I had to go in my class, After hanging up my stuff on my peg.

I walked in with a smile on my face but All of a sudden my jaw dropped.

There was a new boy in school and everyone was bulling him and I ran up and protected him. I said, " Stop bulling him it's his first day and don't make it the worst ".

All of a sudden, without warning they were hitting me and bulling me.

Then the worst thing possible happened... The principal walked in and grabbed my shoulder because i was protecting myself.

Everyone but me ran to their seats and the principal shouted, "Stop hurting the kids Chloe ".

I tried saying it wasn't me but he said, " No buts ".

He took me to his office and in the distance i heard " Stupid Chloe she thinks she's so smart ".

He groaned " I will need to call your parents in to pick you up and your now Suspended! ".

 My mom and dad walked in with a frown and cried. " what has she done now? ".

The principal explained " Chloe was hurting the kids ".

They took me home not talking to me.

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