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A collection of images written by yours truly ����‍♀️


2. Pizza express - Misha Collins

Every Friday at 5pm, Y/N would go to the Pizza Express hidden in the corner of Covent Garden. She would sit for an hour, munching on a cheese pizza and sipping a chocolate milkshake, before leaving a $6 tip on the table and making the almost 40-minute walk back to her house. No words were muttered and no conversations were shared, it was rare for even eye contact to be made. Most people would consider it rude, Misha thought it was cute.


The clock hit 5:00, as Misha pulled an all cheese pizza - with extra cheese - from the back of the oven, placing it on a wooden slab. Reaching downwards, he grasped a circular pizza cutter from the bottom draw and put it on the side. He’d already made the Chocolate milkshake, leaving it next to the pizza. On que, the shop door was gently opened as Y/N slipped through, leaving it to close behind her.


“Back again!”


Instead of verbally replying, she nodded as she made her way to the counter. She had her hair pulled up into a black beanie, that was usual. He’d never seen her hair - it always being pulled back into a hat of some sort - but when he thought of it, he imagined it being short and brown, smoother than the quiet ocean and brighter than the setting sun.


Her legs were encased in her usual black jeans, a rip over her right knee letting a little bit of creamy flesh seep through. Every week she came in with a different shirt, last week was ‘Metallica’ and the week before it was ‘Gorillaz’. Today her shirt said ‘Eat, Sleep, Netflix, Repeat.’


“That’s $2.80,” he happily responded, trying not to look at her shirt in fear he’d appear to be ‘checking her out’.


“Oh, I – uh, thought it was $4.60?”


His smile merely widened, “I gave you a 50% discount.”


“why would you do that?” She muttered, nervously tugging at the bottom of her shirt.


“Because I wanted to.”




It was another month before Y/N opened her mouth again. He slipped the pizza on the table, quickly followed by the chocolate milkshake, before turning to walk away.


“Thank you, Misha.”


Shocked, he whipped his head back around. “You know my name?”


“You’re wearing a name tag.” She smiled, pointing to the left of his chest, where there was indeed a name tag.


Misha was in shock, this was the most she’d ever smiled around him. He knew it sounded cliché, but he loved the way she smiled. There were two dimples, one on each side of her softly chapped lips. And there was the way her smile reached her vivid blue eyes, so deep you could drown in them. She amazed him, and he didn’t even know her name.


“Oh, of course.” He chuckled gently.


She found herself giggling at his laugh, causing her smile to get bigger.


“Since you know my name, I think I should know yours.” He stated, desperate to know if her name was as beautiful as her.




It was.




“Hello Y/N.”


Y/N smiled, she did that a lot more now. If she was being completely honest, the visit to the tucked away pizzeria was supposed to be a onetime occasion. But she thought the cashier was cute, and the pizza was to die for, so she came back again and again. At first, she was shy, to scared of embarrassing herself in front of the seemingly perfect human.


Maybe it was something about the way he swooped his chocolate brown hair to the right, or how his eyes were the perfect shade of green, reminding her of a tropical rainforest. Maybe it was his bright smile and heavenly white teeth, or maybe it was just him. She didn’t know, and she didn’t care.


It had been months since she last introduced herself, and it was fair to say they were quite friendly now. She even had his number saved in her phone, under the name ‘Pizza Boi’.


“Sup Diggity Dawg.”


As usual, she paid for her pizza and took a seat at the window. Misha made his way over, food in one hand and milkshake in the other. Carefully, he put it down, before sliding into the booth opposite her.


“So, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came out yesterday and I was wondering if you’d like to see it with me tomorrow?” He asked, leaning his elbows on the table.


“Sure, what time?”




“Hey sweets,” Misha commented, welcoming her to the store.


“Hey Dude.”


Their process continued at usual, paying, serving, eating and talking. Their outing had gone well, causing many more to occur during the past month. They saw movies, ate, hung at each other’s house and even went shopping. Y/N had definitely developed feelings for him in this time, but didn’t want to make a move out of the fear of ruining their friendship. Little did she know, Misha felt the exact same.


“Hey, Y/N?” He asked, lying his head on the table. “What does your hair look like?”


Y/N felt her chest tighten, palms suddenly clammy and heart racing. Her hair? Why did he have to ask about her hair?


“It’s long, long enough to touch my hips. It’s not curly, nor straight, just stuck between. It’s soft, nice to run your fingers between when you’re bored.” She mumbled, stirring her milkshake with her spoon.


“It sounds beautiful,” he smiled.


“It is, it’s one of the things that make me who I am.” She whispered, starring into her almost empty glass.


“Then why don’t you wear it down? Why cover it?”


Misha wasn’t trying to be rude, and she knew that. He was just curious.


“Because,” she mumbled. Stretching her arm up, she pulled the beanie of her head. His reaction was exactly what she thought, mouth open and eyes wide in shock. This is exactly why she hid behind baseball caps, beanies and even the hoods of her jackets. “I have cancer.”

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