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A collection of images written by yours truly ����‍♀️


1. Choosing Love - Misha Collins

There's a famous saying in a movie, which claims that 'life is like a box of chocolates.’ But Y/N disagreed. She preferred to compare it to a road. A road with many twists and turns, bumps and hills, crossroads and turn offs. Every now and then, the road would split in two. Sure, she had a GPS, guiding and instructing her. But at the end of the day, she was behind the wheel and she could change the path at any time. She thought of this now, as she stared down at her computer screen. All white, apart from one question written in a peculiar black font.


“If life is like a road, what was the most important part of your journey?”


It was august 2017. The sky was a dull grey, glowing every few minutes as a lightning bolt rolled through it. The distinct clap of thunder followed, each louder than the one before. Then there was the rain, a constant down pour from heaven itself. It gathered in the ditches of the roads, forming puddles for little children to jump into. Y/N sat in the comfort of a plush seat, tucked away in the corner of the ice cream parlour. The shop was nearly empty, with only herself and her friend inside. Y/N supposed it was the miserable weather, causing people to rush into coffee shops where they could warm themselves with a hot beverage. But she preferred the dreary days, where she could cuddle into the warmth of her jumpers and not look odd or out of place. She had decided that this perfect weather called for a celebration, so she invited her closest friend to her favourite shop.


“Don’t you think it’s a little cold for ice cream?” Alice mumbled, pulling her sleeves over her hands. She’d always been a summer baby, dancing along with the sun as it reflected off the clear water of their family’s dam.


“It’s never too cold for ice cream.” Y/N responded, tugging a loose strand of her strawberry coloured hair from her black beanie.


Before Alice could respond, the waiter came over with their ice cream. She’d ordered a brownie, topped with two scoops of chocolate and sprinkles. Y/N had gotten a waffle, coated in Carmel syrup, a scoop of sherbet and a scoop of rainbow. As she went to thank the man, her eyes caught on to his, becoming stuck under his gaze. His eyes were so blue, she could swear she was drowning in them. Her heart rate picked up, as her palms became clammy. She had no idea how long she was staring, but she was pulled back to the surface as Alice kicked her under the table, clearing her throat.


“Uh, oh, um, t-thank you!” Her cheeks heated up, covering them in a light red. The words came out as a squeak, as she checked his name badge. “I-It looks g-great, M-Misha.”


Misha smiled, showing his pearly white teeth, as he thanked them and walked back into the kitchen. She hoped it wouldn’t be the last time they saw each other.


Now it was November 2019. The sun rolled off the sand, as the air was filled with the musical sound of laughter. Y/N and Misha sat on a sand covered towel, as they held hands and looked off into the distance. Today was their last day together. Tomorrow, Y/N would get on a one-way flight to America, where she would spend four years at university studying law. Misha would stay here, later taking over his dad’s business and becoming a mechanic. Neither of them wanted it, but their families took the reins and enforced it upon them. ‘It’s what’s best for you’ they said, ‘in ten years you’ll be thanking us’.


To scared of standing up for their relationship, and wanting to take the path their parents stated, they agreed. So, they spent the next 24 hours together, laughing, smiling and having a good time. They didn’t want their last memory of each other to be sad. That night, they slept in each other’s arms, sharing the same air as they intertwining their legs.


When the next day rolled around, Misha drove Y/N to the airport, parking as far away from the entrance as possible. Together, they walked to her parents, awaiting in front of the gate. This was hard for them too; after all, they were losing their baby girl. They all exchanged hugs and kind words, as Y/N's dad, John, approached Misha.


“We’ve been working for this for 19 years, and it’s finally here.” He mumbled, squeezing Mishas arm. “This is the road we’ve always led her down. And we both appreciate you for encouraging her to do so.”


“Thanks, John.” He couldn’t find the will to smile, too crushed on the inside to be happy.


“But you know, love does conquer all. And someone like Y/N doesn’t come along a lot.”


Misha pulled back, staring at him in confusion and shock. “What are you saying?”


“I’m saying to follow your heart.” John smiled, placing a hand over Mishas chest. “Because sometimes the road can change.”


Y/N stayed completely oblivious to the conversation, as she said her final goodbye and boarded the plane. She waited until she was seated before crying, not wanting her parents or boyfriend to see her like that. The tears trailed down her cheeks, as they fell onto her shirt and created a rapidly growing wet patch. She didn’t want this, she didn’t want to say goodbye.


Y/N stared up now, watching her husband of 40 years chasing their nine-year-old grandson around the living room, as he squealed in delight. She turned her stare to her two children, both now grown up, but bickering like 16-year-olds. It turns out, one conversation can make a big impact on someone’s life.


Misha hopped on the next plane, surprising Jess at the airport all those years ago. From there, they built a family and made a life with each other. And what a life it was.


Y/N smiled, as she used her wrinkled up hands to type two words and press enter.


“Choosing love.”






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