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1. On the Train

Hi! Im Abby! This is my first ever fan fiction! All of them will be based around the Harry Potter universe!


Remus Lupin had his head leaning up against the window trying to get his stomach to calm down. He was deep in thought about how he couldn't make friends because they would find out his secret and they would either tell the whole school or beat him up. He was used to it, you see ever since he is was four (almost five) he has been a werewolf. He had been shunned by every one but his family. He still couldn't believe he was actually being allowed to go to Hogwarts. He knew he still would have trouble getting a job after school but he would at least get to go to school!

He was pulled from his thoughts when a boy with messy hair and brown/hazel eyes hiding behind round glasses opened the compartment door.

"Is this seat taken" the boy asked. Lupin shook his head and the boy sat across from him.

"Hi I'm James Potter." He offered his hand to Remus. Just after he took it and was about to say his name a pudgy, nervous looking boy with blond hair and watery blue eyes opened the door and asked if he could sit with us. James nodded his head and the boy sat down after shaking Remus' and James' hands.

"Hi, my name is Peter Pettigrew." The boy mumbled.

"Im James Potter." James smiled at the new boy. The train blew a final whistle and took off. Remus got out a book and Peter and James started talking about Quidditch. A couple minutes later the door opened to reveal a tall boy with shoulder length black hair who was read in the face with anger. He took a deep breath and visibly relaxed.

"Hi I'm Sirius Black." He looked at James just in time to see a look of disdain flash across his face. "Don't worry, i hate the whole lot of them." James' face softened as he laughed. He and Peter introduced themselves and Remus continued with his book. Just then the door opened to show a pale boy with long, black hair that looked like it was coated in bacon grease with a pretty girl with long shocking red hair and green eyes that put emeralds to shame.

"You better be in Slytherin." The greasy boy said.

"Slytherin? I think I'd leave!" James snorted looking over at Sirius.

"My whole family's been in Slytherin. But I hope to break the tradition!"

"I want to be in Gryffindor where the brave of heart dwell! Like my dad" James wielded a fake sword. The new boy snorted.

"What's wrong with Gryffindor?"James looked over at the greasy boy.

"Nothing if you'd rather be brawn than brain."

"Where are you going considering your neither?" Sirius laughed. James burst out laughing.

"Come on Severus." The red haired girl pulled him away.

"Bye Sniveillus!" James shouted after him. He and Sirius rolled on the ground they were laughing so hard.

The other boys continue the conversation about Quidditch, and Remus finished his book. A plump witch who was pushing a trolly full of candy opened the door. Remus was the only one who didn't by anything, the two black haired boys bought almost the whole lot.

"Have a chocolate frog." James said as he offered one to Remus shook his head and in barely more than a whisper declined. He went back to looking out the window while the other boys shared worried looks, and for good reason. He was so skinny it look as if he hadn't eaten in weeks, he was unnaturally pale with a greenish glow, he had dark circles under his eyes, and had only spoken one word. Sirius coughed, "So, lets go around and say some basic facts, I'll start. Im a pureblood."

"Pureblood." James and Peter clarified.

They all looked to Remus.

"Halfblood." Remus croaked. It was so quiet that if they weren't listening they would have missed it. They went like this for a while until Remus feel asleep. They played a few games of exploding snap until they arrived. Peter woke Remus up and they all got off the train together.

"Where do you think we go?" Sirius inquired.

"First yers! First yers! O'er here!" A giant of a man bellowed. They all walked towards the man. "For to a bo't!" James pulled Remus and the others over to a boat. They all started across. James and Sirius started to rock the boat, and Remus being so light was thrown in. His foot got caught on some kind of plant an he couldn't break free.

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