Skeleton Rose

A skeleton can love if it wants can be felt in death and life.

(The cover was made by BadassJem)


1. No name...

Dear Journal

I have been dead for twelve months now and I've already fallen in love with a human man. I only hear him but I still feel his love when he comes by my grave everyday. I feel like I'm finally alive again when he's here. I remember when I was alive. But I can't remember my name, but I remember how I died, I think I died of drowning but I can't remember the details, all I saw the day I died was blue, and a face, it's eyes were black with one little red dot in the center. Then I died that was twelve months ago. And I still want to send a letter to Mama, but now that I'm dead, I guess the post office doesn't let dead people deliver letters.

Yours truly,

No name 2/31/1860

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