Her mother is dead. Her father is mute. She struggled with keeping unknown powers hidden from the Wizard if world. So when Fen strolls into her life, bringing with him adventure and happiness, she blooms.
She journeys through a third year at a Wizarding school she has never been to, struggles with prejudice against her kind... and tries to keep the rest of those she loves safe and sound.


11. Wherever They May Roam

I ran away from the group of people gossiping and asking if I was okay, choking back fear. Was I becoming a monster, like the old tales of Feonyxes I'd heard? Was I evil?!

No. I would NOT let myself fall into the trap of depression and second-guessing every move I made.

I went to my dorm room, praying that Kaylee wouldn't be there. Thank God. She wasn't. I flopped onto the bed, groaning. I needed a very long, well-needed nap.

Two hours later I was at the top of Gryffindor tower, taping a yardstick to the turret. Why was I doing this? Well, because I am a gullible idiot that loves to one-up people.

Also, Sev wanted to.

See, if that yardstick was at the top, our tower would be the tallest tower in Hogwarts.

That's a pretty big deal.

Well, not really, but still.

Tallest tower.

Damn. I'm way too gullible for my own good.

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