Her mother is dead. Her father is mute. She struggled with keeping unknown powers hidden from the Wizard if world. So when Fen strolls into her life, bringing with him adventure and happiness, she blooms.
She journeys through a third year at a Wizarding school she has never been to, struggles with prejudice against her kind... and tries to keep the rest of those she loves safe and sound.


17. The Girl

As she strode to her place on the podium, people gasped and shrank away in fear. The cat swung its head around, gazing at the kids. It bared its teeth a little, giving a little snarl.

Euit calorrken, Frost,” the girl murmured.

Loosely translated from Dark Elvyn, that means quiet. However, it can also mean wait, patience, and/or pause.

The girl had a confident, cocky stride that was more of a stalk than anything.

“This is Cosette Midwinter of the Midwinter line,” said Professor Safiriumnia. “Now go back to your seat. You’re scaring the children.”

“Actually, I’d prefer to stay a little longer, Professor,” Cosette said, grinning like a cat. She had curves in all the right places, with long legs. I’d place her age at about sixteen, seventeen at the most.

Her hair was a dramatic silver-white blonde color, and her up-tilted eyes were framed by long, black lashes. Her eyes were remarkable colors– one was a blue so dark it was almost black, the other a startling ice color shot through with silver shards. Both were bright, rimmed with indigo.

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