Her mother is dead. Her father is mute. She struggled with keeping unknown powers hidden from the Wizard if world. So when Fen strolls into her life, bringing with him adventure and happiness, she blooms.
She journeys through a third year at a Wizarding school she has never been to, struggles with prejudice against her kind... and tries to keep the rest of those she loves safe and sound.


8. Roomies

The night of the feast I'd been so tired I'd plopped into my bed without even bothering to meet my roommate, Kaylee Jordan. So I was sitting outside the room after my classes, trying to weasel my way out of a new awkward social situation. Fuck.

I walked into the room prepared to face a whirlwind of girl power or glitter or something like that.

Instead, I saw an Asian girl with darkish coloring and long black hair sitting at a desk studying. Huh.

"Sooo... hi?" I said softly, not wanting to interrupt her study sesh. "Shhh," Kaylee snapped, frowning as she glared intently at the stack of papers on the desk.

I slowly backed out of the room and shut the door, walking back to my own bedroom. Well, that sucks. I suppose it could've been worse, but still. She's a little punchy. Oh well.

I decided to go see what Fen was doing. After ten minutes of searching, I found him in Sev's room with Sev and a blond kid with pale skin. "Ah, just the girl we wanted to see!" Fen cheered, laughing a little. "Blaze, this is Scorpio. Scorpio, Blaze."

I had a sudden jolt of memory. A tall blond man with a broken look in his eyes chuckling with my father at a table, mom setting up a movie for us to watch.

This boy knew my secret.

He knew I was a Feonyx.

He would tell.

So I ran.

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