Her mother is dead. Her father is mute. She struggled with keeping unknown powers hidden from the Wizard if world. So when Fen strolls into her life, bringing with him adventure and happiness, she blooms.
She journeys through a third year at a Wizarding school she has never been to, struggles with prejudice against her kind... and tries to keep the rest of those she loves safe and sound.



This takes place in an alternate HP universe. I fucking HATED Curse Child, so I made my own version of the story. Please don't hate on this story. I made it because I felt there could've been so much more than what was presented in Curse Child, but that DOES NOT mean that I don't think that JKR is a bad author. I revere her and love her stories, I just didn't like Curse Child. I don't want to replace Curse Child for those that liked it. This is a fanfic, guys. Not a replacement.

Also, this fanfic takes place when a new Hogwarts system has been put in place. Kids third-year of younger can join Hogwarts so long as they have magical talent. Thanks for reading!

Love all Ya'lls,


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