Her mother is dead. Her father is mute. She struggled with keeping unknown powers hidden from the Wizard if world. So when Fen strolls into her life, bringing with him adventure and happiness, she blooms.
She journeys through a third year at a Wizarding school she has never been to, struggles with prejudice against her kind... and tries to keep the rest of those she loves safe and sound.


2. Adventure

I walked down the stairs, small duffle bag in hand. I didn't have a ton of belongings, so I could fit them all in the duffle with room to spare. I had scraped up all my money the night before, prepared to have to buy some materials. Before Papa had gone silent, he'd told me tales of adventure and happiness from when he was at Hogwarts. He had been in Ravenclaw, with eyes bluer than the banners.

I didn't have a license, but I was fairly certain I could drive to the train station without anybody noticing that I was underage.

When I got there with minor driving issues (a couple people honked at me for driving a little too fast) I glanced at my letter again.

Platform 9 3/4. Twelve O' clock in the dot.

It was eleven fifty! Shit! I gathered my meager belongings and ran to platform nine– platform ten– wait. Where's platform 9 3/4?! I looked around and saw nobody else with a Hogwarts letter. Ohcrapohcrapohcrap HELP!!! "Blaze Greyback. Do you require assistance, Miss?"

A sarcastic voice spoke from right over my shoulder. "Why yes, I'm looking for-" "I know. Follow me, newbie. Guessing it's your first year?"

A little put off by his slightly mocking tone, I replied with a short "No, third. What's it to you?" As he answered, I got a good look at him. He was about a year, maybe two older than me with tan skin and black hair. When he turned to face me, I saw that (oh god he's so fucking hot) he had purple and gold eyes. "-What about you?" He asked, grinning. Flustered, not wanting h to know I wasn't paying attention, I said "uh... Ravenclaw?" "Really? I want to be in Gryffindor, that'd teach papa down there in hell."

That ring a bell. What was his name? Blaze... Greybeck? Greybirch? No... "Greyback!" I exclaimed. "As in, Fenris GREYBACK!" He looked put out. "Blaze isn't your real name, is it? Fenris was self absorbed. He would have named you after himself." "The real name's Fen. And maybe you should be in Ravenclaw. You've certainly got the brains for her," he said, looking a little sad. He began to walk away. "Where're you going?" I asked, frowning. "My father ate kids for fun, was a Death Eater, and my mother killed Harry Potter's godfather, and you still want to hang out with me?" Fen asked lucratively. "Well, when you put it that way..." I said with a smirk. "But in all seriousness, Fen, I like hanging out with you. Anyhow, my own family's got issues too, so don't go pretending you got it bad." I could definitely sympathize with him. "Thanks, uh... I never got your name," Fen said, smiling apologetically. I don't have one. I'm going to start anew at this "Hogwarts" place. Kendra is gone. Blaze will take her place. "Blaze. Blaze... Monsoon." "Catchy," Fen chuckled. "Your own name isn't all that either, Fen," I snapped. "Sorry, firecracker. Oh, sorry, 'Blaze'" he burst out laughing. "In all seriousness, though, it suits you. Like, better than it suited me." "Thank you."

The I realized...


I shrieked, and looked around frantically for Platform 9 3/4.

"Follow me," Fen yelped, and he grabbed his cart of belongings with one hand and my hand in the other (cue the tingles) and ran straight at the brick wall separating Platforms 9 and 10. I let out a little "merp!" of fear, but he and I went straight through it, onto-


The most beautiful train ever. There was emerald and canary and copenhagen and scarlet hues everywhere. There were large, roomy compartments and wide aisles.

And the best part was, there were wizards and witches everywhere. talking, laughing, joking, dancing, performing minor spells, eating...

"C'mon, Blaze. Let's get a seat before we have to sit next to someone like him." Fen pointed to a blond haired boy with a pinched look on his face. "Okay." I let Fen drag me through the train until he saw a lanky boy with dark hair and green eyes.

"Hey, Sev! Wassup, my man?" Fen and this "Sev" kid did some sort of handshake and chuckled. Sev turned to me. "Hey. Who're you?" I looked at Fen, who nodded. "Blaze. Blaze Monsoon," I said, flipping my hair haughtily. "Albus. Albus Severus Potter," Sev said, doing a fair impression of me and flipping his hair. I laughed. I liked this kid.

"All right, Sev, Blaze, you've met," said Fen, turning to Sev. "Where's James?" "Playing pranks on Vivianne Chang. He's got a massive crush on her this year, which is sort of gross, cause, well, you know." "I don't know," I complained. "Dad dated her mother for a while, they hate each other. Don't know why dad dated her, though. Cho Chang was a bitch then, and she's a bitch now."

A boy with reddish brown hair and blue eyes strode up as the train began to move. "The name's James," he said to me.

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