Grace is dead. In her new life... well technically death, Grace is working for D.E.A.T.H, a secret society run by dead people. Their goal is to help people who are still alive. Grace doesn't have any memories of her past life, but when she's helping Evan, she feels a feeling she's never felt before, and then Evan becomes the only part of Grace's past life she remembers. will their separation bring them closer together?


11. popping

Grace P.O.V 

I popped into a random alley. I looked around. It was empty, with a few dumpsters, and apartments above. I put my finger to my ear.

"Hey Kate!" I said. 

"Hey." She said. "So... does the place you popped into look... familiar?" 

"What?" I asked. Did she know something I didn't?

"Just answer me." She said flatly. 

"I dunno," I said glancing around. "I'm in an alley." 

"WELL GET OUT OF THE ALLEY!" She shrieked. 

"Ok god!" I said and hurried out. 

"Ok now does it look familiar?" She asked. I looked around. It felt... comforting. The way the shops and restaurants were placed, the way the streets curved, I felt happy.

"Yeah..." I smiled. "It does." 

"Oh, god..." I heard Kate mutter on the other side of the line, and I frowned.

"Kate what's going on?" I asked. 


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