Grace is dead. In her new life... well technically death, Grace is working for D.E.A.T.H, a secret society run by dead people. Their goal is to help people who are still alive. Grace doesn't have any memories of her past life, but when she's helping Evan, she feels a feeling she's never felt before, and then Evan becomes the only part of Grace's past life she remembers. will their separation bring them closer together?


10. Plan

Evan P.O.V

Here was the plan: 

We would just walk up to the restaurant and at exactly 12:32, Lewis would call me and I would escape. 

Simple and easy. 

I was too scared to turn Angie down. If I did, she would use her popularity abilities to send rumors about me throughout the school. 

I was not ready to be humiliated like that. 

At 12:00 we met at the park as planned. 

"Hey Evannnn!" Angie said wiggling her fingers when she saw me. 

"Oh hi, Angie." I said flatly, maybe trying to hint that I wasn't interested, but it didn't go through to her. She smiled a huge fake smile showing off her bright white teeth, and just stood there looking at me. I stared back for a few seconds in silence, before realizing she was fishing for compliments. "I... uh... like your... shirt...?" 

"Aww," She said and giggled. "Thanks Evannnn!" 

"No problem." I shrugged. "Wanna leave?" 

"Sureeeeeee!" She giggled again, and we began walking. 

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