Grace is dead. In her new life... well technically death, Grace is working for D.E.A.T.H, a secret society run by dead people. Their goal is to help people who are still alive. Grace doesn't have any memories of her past life, but when she's helping Evan, she feels a feeling she's never felt before, and then Evan becomes the only part of Grace's past life she remembers. will their separation bring them closer together?


4. Guilty

Evan P.O.V

The only thing I've felt since Grace left is guilt.

Because it was my choice to go out tonight.

Because I wanted to go to the coffee house instead of the restaurant next to the library like she wanted. 

Because I asked out a girl she hates, and I've never had feelings for 1 month after she left. 

I don't know how I asked Angie out. I just saw her in the hallway in school, and remembered all the times Angie called Grace a loser and bullied her. I went up to her prepared to yell at her, slap her, anything to make her pay for what she did to Grace. Angie turned to me. 

"Heyyyyyyy Evaaaan," She cooed as she saw me. "What's newww?" I opened my mouth and prepared to yell, but then an announcement came on to the loudspeaker about the new fish restaurant that one of the kids in the 9th grade's dad just opened. That was the fish restaurant next to the coffee house. I remembered about the comic book store that was there before the fish place, and how much fun me and Grace had there. I smiled at the thought. 

"That sounds fun," I said thinking about the comic book store. 

"OMG, YES!" Angie squealed. I looked at her. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Of COURSE I'll go to the opening of the fish place with you!!!" She giggled. 

"Oh I didn't-" I began. 

"See you Saturday Evy." She wiggled her fingers and walked away. 

"What?" I asked, still confused, but she just walked away giggling. 

I messed up really badly. 

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